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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Results/The Final Step

First of all I would like to post the results we had on saturday and sunday. We won both battles and now have 2 new servers! Lets start with Saturdays invasion results. 

War vs. Dcp for Snow Angel, WW – around 14 people, Dcp – Zero 

Nice line and army chant

full chat at a point

Brandon (Dcp Leader) saying that the server was unimportant and didn't care if WW invaded

The Snow Angel invasion was pretty much a success and we had pretty good numbers, now on to Sunday’s invasion of IT, which was also a success since no IT showed up… no one has been on IT chat for a few days etheir 

Nice line in the town


WW in the plaza


Our joke bomb


Nice line at the cove


Those are all the pics I could take if anyone has pics please leave them in a comment. 


So I give you guys a point for saturday’s invasion but not a point for sunday’s, on sunday we did not have 15, our max was 13 and we needed to have at least 15 to get the point for an event so WW’s total was….. 

2/4 and the total needed to stay alive was 3/4… This was a tough choice to make but me and Vic and Bri had a meeting and we have decided… 

To shut down WW… Yes that is right, we will keep our word and since WW did not meet what was expected We have decided to shut down WW. As of tomorrow the WW site will not be viewable anymore and I guess that is it…. WW was always a great army and we want it to be remembered as a great army. As for our servers we will be giving them away to the following armies. 

WW Nation 

  • Permafrost – Given to Dcp
  • Tundra (Capital) [Shared with Acp] – Given to Acp
  • Bobsled – Given to Nachos
  • Crystal – Given to RFW
  • Fjord[Shared with ACP] – Given to Nachos
  • Freezer[Shared with HSA] – Given to RFW
  • Half Pipe[Shared with OA] – Given to RFW
  • Marshmallow – Given to DCP
  • Matterhorn – Given to RFW
  • Mountain[Shared with OA] – Given to RFW
  • Rainbow – Given to DCP
  • Mittens – Given to UMA, DCP, and RPF (since WW was the official owner after the clearance of mittens)
  • As for Snow Angel and Polar Bear, they will also be given to RFW. 

    I would like to thank a few people for Making WW one of the best armies out there 

    Watex – For making WW the number one army at a point 

    Dialga – For creating this site and keeping WW alive even after Watex abandoned the army 

    Wii Mountain and Spaceybirdy – You guys did so much together and made WW the second best army at a point, if it weren’t for you guys WW wouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. 

    Vic – Some random guy

    Bri – Thank you for coming back in WW’s time of need and helping me out you are truly one of the best and awesomest people on chat 

    Everyone else – Thank you for sticking with WW for this long if it weren’t for you guys WW would have never come this far. 

    As for WW chat, it will stay as a memorial I will not re-set it everyone is welcome to go there and talk about WW or anything else, personally I will not go on WW chat often but anyone can go if they wish, the link is http://xat.com/wwofcp

    For the last time 

    -This is war, -Play the Game Right, -Wooooooooooooo, -Stay cool, Stay young, Stay WW. 

    -WW Leaders

    2 Responses

    1. Elite Romans and SNow Fighters own SNow Angel.Your not keeeping it (d)

    2. N00b

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