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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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WW Gone Forever… In Your Dreams

Vic: Medals Page is back. I’m being being serious this time, if you do not comment your Medals, you will NOT be promoted.

First off I would like to address everyone that was in WW. What were you guys honestly thinking? What kind of person do you think I am? Do you honestly think I was going to shut down the greatest army on cp? Do you honestly think Me or Any of the leaders would just throw everything to waste, EVERYTHING THAT HAS BEEN WORKED FOR, FOR OVER 2 YEARS. One of the best armies out there, one of the oldest. WW?


Me and the other leaders did this because we care about the army, because we love WW. We put up with people constantly talking shit about us and cussing at us every other minute, no second. Now to make that sacrifice is what a true leader would do. I would like to thank Bri and Vic for dealing with this type of behavior, but they did it because they cared and they KNEW they would have to SACRIFICE in order to make WW the best it could be.

WW was never going to be shut down, in fact the strictness of Myself, Bri, and Vic this past week was not us, we aren’t like that. We don’t shut down armies or yell at people to get in a line. We were acting like that because we knew this had to happen if we wanted WW back.

It was a big risk… no the biggest risk in WW history, but we did it because we care so much about WW we don’t care if we get CURSED AT, or THREATENED TO BE HACKED. And I know this risk will pay off.

Also there were a few individuals (Who will not be named) other than the leaders who knew about the plan to make it more realistic, I would also like to thank those few. You know who you are.


Now that im done with that lets focus on “The Plan”.

The plan was to “shut down” WW for a few days so we would be able to break it down and re-build it again, As you can see we have a new theme, and a few new WW widgets. Comments have been deleted, Pages edited a bit.

We will be having a fresh start Just as Wii and Spacey did when they brought back WW. And we will make sure WW one of the FUNNEST armies out there before the end of the summer, I mean isn’t that why were here? To have fun.

Ranks have been re-set, If you wish to join WW then I have something to tell you.

When you make that join comment, it’s not just a comment for teh lulz. NO. You are leaving that comment and saying that you will stick with WW through BOTH the good and the bad. You will go to every battle/pb/war wanting to WIN. Because that’s one of the reasons we even have battles, to win, and the other to have fun. And you will be respectful of others. And the most important one. You WILL NOT BETRAY WW or REBEL. You will stay true to the army no matter what, I would rather see someone quit and go to another army before they betray WW.


-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

17 Responses

  1. YEs i did. That was a ver CRUEL trick. I almost killed you. You’re lucky i’m on vacation.

  2. It wasn’t a trick, there’s nothing tricky about it

  3. You’re lucky he’s on vacation Luc, he would’ve done something awful (smirk)

  4. Luc, at least you know I can keep secrets.

  5. I can name one of those individuals who helpled

    WW forever 🙂

  6. can i help lead i was about to re make ww my email is spaacp@gmail.com ill be really active

  7. I had some doubts about you closing WW, but this plan worked. It got WW soldiers to really think about their relationship to WW and how much it really did meant to them. It sure helped me realize that WW was not something that could go down without a fight.


  8. that was a cruel trick … but i think u will gain some troops(even though u have lost some) because Fever’s Army is bak

  9. Can we invade marshmallow, permafrost, snowcap and rainbow back now?? We need those servers.

  10. I am very dissapointed at some WW member’s for telling lies and um……for me saying some stuff which have better not be said (Looks in guilty people’s directions >.>). Anywyas if WW is starting fresh a’l be happy to join since I’m getting a new PC in 5 day’s that should help me with lag problem’s.


  11. can i be advisor? PLEASE (A)

  12. No I’m the Advisor (D)

  13. Oh and Luc, I’m not gonna care that I’m still author till I need to be an editor. And I want you to know that the only thing I did on the ranks was add Pinkey and that it was Bri who added everyone else -.-

  14. Please add me to the site. Edit this comment for my email.

  15. OMG, it all makes sense now. Well… well done guys, good plan! I’m definately rejoining. It’s awesome!

  16. lol, i feel like a noob when i wrote the last comment xD
    Can you guys pleaase remove that? It’s really embarassing :P. Still, it was a VERRRRY risky move because lot’s of people are gone, but only us the active ones remain. Just us. Wohoo!

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