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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Another “Ha Ha” Comedy

I really have to make another for WW since I’m retiring in less than a month.

I know some of you remember when I made a comedy post in January. It may not be as good but a story is a story.

Also, if text is like this , it’s an edit I’ve made just to make the story better, bold does not put emphasize.

One quiet day in the Watex Warriors base, a new “generation” existed. Luc was trying to put 30 Seconds to Mars on the WW radio with waffles, Vic was eating a Chinese Taco, Bri was yelling at Anti, Matt, and Uga, Lje was yelling because England lost to USA 15-0, and Wex was making a trivia in the same room Vic and Mgm were in and Vic were getting all the questions right while Mgm was thinking “wtf”. Disco was…… not here… cause she was working on her CP Cheats site, Matt was spamming WW Chat while Bri yelled at him, Klim was making perverted smiley faces, and the rest were playing hockey outside [WW changed Tundra’s Soccer Pitch to the Ice Rink]. Kenni, who’s in the lookstand at the Lighthouse of Tundra (again? wtf ), looked and yelled, “Team Gold is invading Snowcap!” Swemaj replied, “We don’t own Snowcap -.- .” Kenni looked again and said, “Oh, wrong server. Team Gold is invading Tundra!” Luc yelled from the base, “GET ON TUNDRA NOW OR VIC WILL CLOSE WW AGAIN!” Matt and Anti replied “YES SIR!!!!!!!11”

There were 9 TG at the Town of Tundra, but sadly, all were owners as there are about 30 owners in TG. WW quickly ran there, bringing 32 soldiers. The war began. WW and TG played a football game threw snowballs at each other violently. Five minutes later, Spice yelled, “RETREAT!” The results were devastating. Snow was everywhere fail. Lje yelled, “PARTY!” So WW partied at the Nightclub all night while Luc Bri got drunk off of maple syrup.

The next day, WW was playing a hockey game at the Ice Rink. The teams were Luc, Wex, Lje, Bri, Uga, and Wolf vs. Vic, Kenni, Swemaj, Anti, Brave, and Klim. Disco was the referee but she looked at her CP Cheats site through her computer the entire game. Luc’s team was winning 8-1. Vic stole the puck and skated down the ice. Suddenly, Wex came out of nowhere and checked Vic in his own team’s bench. After the check, TG people were coming in the Ice Rink. Uga said, “Uh, what are you doing here?” A TG soldier replied, “WE INVADED TUNDRA YESTERDAY SO LEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!111111” Wex yelled from the other side of the ice rink, “No you didn’t! You got ‘murdered’ yesterday!” Another soldier from TG hollered, “NO YOU DIDNT!!!!!!!” Bri mumbled, “I’m sick of this,” and she threw a bomb at TG. TG fled the server.

Well, the morale of this story is noobs are noobs and never like Sai. that was random….


[No offense to Disco, Team Gold, Bri, or anyone offended.]

[Btw, TG isn’t much of a noob army now. I was talking about how you were in the past lol.]

So how was the story? In my opinion, the first one was better but this one is as good.

If you never read the first one, here’s the link : http://wwofclubpenguin.wordpress.com/2010/01/02/a-war-of-fail-comedy-made-by-wex-some-other-news/

That was then, this is now.


20 Responses

  1. Do you like the first one or the second one better?

  2. I like the first one better. But that’s so true about the trivia. Pretty good, pretty good…


  3. i still hate TG *wary*

  4. I love spamming the WW chat! I have to do that more often!

  5. Also Wex I never listen to orders XD

  6. I’m AZN at trivia. Don’t try me.

  7. Sure Vic, but you looked up practically ALL the answers.


  8. And the snow was fail? Whhhhaaat? Nice Bomb-omb throwing Bri XD. Although I should made Gold BBQ By lighting a fart of mine XD.

  9. I liked the first one better.
    In another one can I be in it?

  10. I wanna be in it again *Awe* Sai can come back for a random last battle because the WW force was too strong… And I try to help him in his mission to find WW and battle again :O

  11. Next time, make Bri talk about her Exclusive *cough*P0RNZ*cough*

  12. I also have Pandanda news on my CP Cheats Site O___O.
    You sorta offended me even though you said no offense. I’m 3ic of TG!

  13. @Mgm

    Who said I couldn’t do that.

  14. What about me i was supposed to be leading that battle Wary

  15. This is BEFORE BFA merged with TG 🙄

  16. Roflol.. Wex, you must make 20 more stories (d)

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