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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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First of all to all who says the plan didn’t work, well it just did. We have successfully defended mammoth and we made our mark on cp armies. We maxed 23 at this battle, something we haven’t done since march, so I am proud, I would like to also take this time to award an extra 2 medals to Uga for siding with WW in this war, it was a tough choice for him but he did side with us.

Now on to the results!

Which line is bigger? Ours

Notice the bots chanting IW on the right?

Nice L

Huge line at snowforts plus a waffle bomb

This is my favorite picture its worth a million words, WW is clearly back... worth a million words

Thank you for all that came! Don’t forget the other events, Comment for your medals, if you have pics please leave them in a comment on this post

-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

25 Responses

  1. Guys, that was amazing.

  2. I luv u all. ❤

  3. I better get a promo (WARY)

  4. 8-)xA millon

  5. I came again! Hope I get on the HOF when I retire (WARY)

  6. LMAO I loved how the Preztel Army got OWNED by ACP at the town xDDD

  7. Pictures of Ice Warriors using Bots

  8. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole thing guys. 😦 Hopefully I can coem to the other two events though… 🙂

  9. I was there but on my other penguin since I was fighting for ACP and WW. I was fighting for ACP on my computer logged on as Danny9632 and fighting for WW on my laptop on as my brother’s penguin Jackmandang. :mrgreen:

  10. It figures we would side with ACP

  11. Very sorry for not coming to Defense of Frozen. I was at the beach but my parents wouldn’t let me stay home.

  12. I was there for the first part, then I had to go. I was 1699 numbers etc on chat, and Flipper7706 on CP ;D

  13. That.Was.Awesome.
    I have pics, could I email them to someone as I don’t have a tinypic or anything like that.

  14. @Nicko: For Tinypic you don’t need to have an account to upload pics.
    Also, could I be added to the site please? Thanks.

  15. Although I’m not all to pleased with siding with ACP, this seemed like a really epic event, and I’m sad I wasn’t there to be a part of it.

  16. Im Waddles0 master General i was there a the battle so do i get a medal

  17. New domain 😯

  18. Aw man! I always miss a good battle. I’m really proud of WW, I hope it only gets better.


  19. @Waddles0: Yes, comment on the Medals page stating your penguin name and which event(s) you’ve been to.
    @Wex: Indeed.
    @Vic: It’s side with ACP and not get pwned, or side with the ”Mammoth Confederation” and get pwned. Learning from our mistakes (siding with the Anti-ACP group last time) has helped us now. And yes, it was an epic event.

    Also, I’m thinking of writing a story for WW.


  21. Good to see you guys are back

  22. Get off mammouth ACP owns it
    Lje edit: Lol.

  23. Thanks for helping 😀

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