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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Invasion of Blizzard *helping ACP*?

Lje edit: I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about us helping ACP. I’m not going to name names, for you guys know who you are, but seriously- cut it out. I appreciate none of you have point-blank refused to fight, but some of you are EXTREMELY reluctant to. If you aren’t willing to fight just because we’re helping ACP, then you need to think about that join comment you made, and the answer you gave to the question ”Will you remain loyal to WW?”. Stop complaining, just quit it. It’s not nice for us owners when we’re moaned at for making a choice that benifits us.

Update- The UK time was incorrect, I’ve updated it now.

Hola everyone, Lje98 here. Now, I noticed that ACP are invading Blizzard, as part of this big war.. if you’re a new recruit and you’re not quite sure what I’m on about, then here goes:

Well, a bunch of armies decided they want to bring down ACP, so they declare war on them. Several armies (including us, the WW) decided to help ACP. More information is available on CPA Central.

Anyway, back to this post-

Invasion of Blizzard

Server: Blizzard
Room: Town
When: Tuesday, June 29th


10:00 AM Pacific
11:00 AM Mountain
12:00 PM Central
1:00 PM Eastern
6:00 PM UK

Other information: Be on WW chat and Club Penguin, and listen to orders on chat given out by the owners. Information on who is taking part in this whole war (not just this battle) is below.

Note: Bri or Luc can delete this post if they do not want us to be involved with this event, otherwise we’ll help ACP as I said earlier.

So, I mentioned I’d put in the information on who’s taking part in this war, and here it is-

Mammoth Defenders:

ACP/Green/Army of Club Penguin/

WW/Orange/Watex Warriors/

DCP/Orange/Doritos of Club Penguin/

SF/Dark Blue/Snow Fighters/

Mammoth Confederation:

Nachos/Orange, Yellow, Red/No acronym needed/

NW/Black/Night Warriors/

IW/Light Blue/Ice Warriors/

TG/Yellow/Team Gold/

There are many more armies in the Mammoth Confederation, so I will not list the rest of them.

Anyway, comment if you can come to the Invasion of Blizzard.

-Lje98, WW 2ic

21 Responses

  1. 1st and maybe

  2. Probably.

  3. Probably.

  4. im pretty sure the invasion is just DCP vs nachos 😐

  5. I can probaly make it.

  6. YES!!!SHIFTZOMG!!!!!1111

  7. i can probably make it

  8. I shall be there.

  9. Won’t be able to make it, I’ll be working.

  10. I’ll try to come.

  11. Probably. And I’m glad we’re helping ACP instead of siding with IW and TG 😀

  12. Nvm I can’t come. I read the EST time by mistake. I have summer school from 9-11 AM PST

  13. Eh, CW is with the Mammoth Confederation.. Sorry

  14. I’ll try to make it.


  15. list me on the dont-want-to-help-ACP list 😀

  16. I’m coming with the Invasion for Blizzard. I’m in TG, sorry. That means I’m in the Confederation.

  17. I can, but this will mostly be practice for WW since half of the people won’t be there (we will still probably own)

  18. i will try to make it. this will be my first invasion ever!

  19. hey. RPF is helping ACP

  20. I went to try to go on the invasion of blizzard but it was full! Then the people on the chat said we are not helping ACP and then tolled us to go to tundra and we did nothing! And when i went on blizzard I tolled them that it wasnt full but there were no battles!? So i am kinda off confused. Are we helping ACP or not!?

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