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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Moving On





Lje edit #2: There was an incident on chat earlier today, and chat was reset a number of times- come on chat to get membered/modded (if you aren’t already).

Luc edit – We will continue with the invasion, if we win, we will give 50% of tuxedo to Rpf

Lje edit: Luc, RPF wish to offer us this deal- they still own Tuxedo, but we are allowed to recruit on it, train on it, ect- but we’re not allowed to have any battles on it unless RPF give us permission. This deal awaits a leader’s approval.


Invasion of Tuxedo

When – Friday July 2nd

Where – Tuxedo

Who – WW vs. NW

Time – 4:00pm pst/7:00pm est


Luc edit – All I have to say in responce to Vending machines post over there is, you must seriously have no life to take the time to make that huge post on why your right XD. I’ve seen people on here run their mouth, but you beat them by a long shot.

GP: I have a few things to say, or rather, lol at. So, first off, COLLEGE? LMAO. I did not know that Vend/Sergie was in college. Well, since he is, I’d like to inform him that I’m sure there are laws against cursing out kids. Second of all, for serious, get a life. While you’re in college, we’re in middle school, and you have a lot of problems if you’re playing this game. Second of all, I’m not going to rant about how bad NW is and how good we are. The matter of the fact is, we all know that NW is off it’s game, and that we are about to make a huge comeback. So, this will be (I assume) a half hour battle, and a big one. If we defeat NW, we’re in the Top 10 automatically. So, in order to make it, don’t go on the computer a lot the day of the battle so you’re parents can’t pull you off. I think I’ll be there, so, see you soon!

Lje edit: Don’t bother responding to NW’s childish taunts. They say that we would be no-where without Luc- they can ridicule us all they want, but the fact is they cannot destroy one of the oldest armies remaining, and the fact is it’s gonna take one hell of an army to do so. In the days leading up to the second invasion, we have some unscheduled training and recruiting to make sure you are fuly prepared for what I suspect will not be a short war. And yes, Vendetta, we share our capital. Why you ridicule us over that I fail to understand. Is it because we are allies with ACP, and you wish to be as well?

Luc edit – Lmao you guys are more afriad of us than we though. Well that’s just pathetic. Read this ” I challenge WW to demand full custody of their acclaimed “capital”.” So now you want to tell us what to do? You messed with the wrong army. At the right time.

We did what we had to do at  the mammoth war, and now we are moving on if this war continues on, sure we’ll be there if we are needed but for now, it’s time to focus on ourselves.

Over the past few days College boy over there (Venn NW leader) has been going on chat and insulting bri and the rest of WW. First of all your in college GET A LIFE SERGIE. If you think were just going to let you run your mouth all day then you have another thing coming. So let me tell you what were going to do. We are taking back Tuxedo, and we are taking back Ice Palace. 2 of our closest allies servers.

But im feeling rather nice right now so I will give you another chance, you may come on WW chat apologize to Bri, give us Tuxedo, and leave with the little dignity you still have, Or we can do this the fun way 😉

Actually we need fun.. so that sucks for you guys.

Invasion of Ice Palace

When – Wednesday June, 30th

Where – Ice Palace

Who – WW vs. NW

Time – 1:30pm pst/4:30pm est

Invasion of Tuxedo

When – Friday July 2nd

Where – Tuxedo

Who – WW vs. NW

Time – 4:00pm pst/7:00pm est


Comment if you can or can’t come. Don’t forget promo day is THIS SATURDAY; THURSDAY!

-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

45 Responses

  1. Coming to all. Although, I might be on vacation on Friday.

  2. (awe)

  3. lmao What a no lifer. Green AND Santa quit a long time back and they’re 15,17. And I’ll try to come to both.

  4. you did not give any proof that ven is sargie.

  5. *16, not 15 (WARY)

  6. Wait your asking for proof? Because when people usually say “Where’s your proof” that means that they are guilty or know something else, which means that ven is infact sergie and we all know it.

  7. And Venn was on my xat friends list and I never remembered adding him, when I clicked sergie on my list, the name changed to venn about 4 months ago around the same time venn appeared. Isn’t it weird how this venn person came out of no where and knows so much. He also hates Rpf, sergie hated rpf as well because he was fired. When you tie it all together. Venn is sergie aka college boy 😆

  8. i can probably make it

  9. “So now you want to tell us what to do? You messed with the wrong army. At the right time.”

  10. WOOP WOOP!

  11. I can come to both I think.


  12. Deleted for multiple ads

  13. I can come.

  14. coming but could be a little late

  15. ill try to come to get my medals 😀

  16. I can make it 😀

  17. 1st one yes, 2nd one no. I wont be able to make anything from friday- saturday the next week, sorry.

  18. Ill Be There For Sure 🙂 Just Remind Me When It Is Time 😛

  19. i can make the one on Wednesday as far as i know, but i cant make the on Friday, my army has stuff going on, invasions and all… anyways i cant make the second one, but the first i can

  20. i can come

  21. I can come

    No, can’t make any.

  23. Edited for gramatical errors


  25. Can’t make any.

  26. I’ll be there for both of them.

  27. @Luc

    The sad part is that every time we fired him we practiclly let him walk back in. I swear, he reset our chat, deleted archives, and tried to piss off everyone and he STILL is probably allowed to rejoin RPF. =P

  28. Pics from Ice Palace


  29. NW dont own tuxedo,and emperer,who?

  30. We own……. Nw has done nothing this week,

  31. Oh flame, Sergie was this really old guy in RPF. He kept getting denied things or getting insulted or wanting to switch sides and did everything I said he did really. I know he even started a few rebellions.

  32. RPF owns tuxedo

  33. I realized that I think I’m going to Dorney Park for the whole day on the whole day of the Invasion of Tuxedo.

  34. Luc, we’re offering you 90% access to one of the most valuable servers in CP without having to give us anything.

    Whenever someone gives you a gift, is your first impulse to demand more?

  35. I might be there tomorrow

  36. Wait, I’m going on Saturday. And I’m going to the Beach instead of Dorney Park.

  37. I’ll be there all of them expect on Sat I’m going to San Fransisco.

  38. Hey! I was wondering if you could put my website on your blogroll. It isn’t Club Penguin related, its about Lakers and NBA but I could put you in my blogroll or your banner on my sidebar. Please Repond back at my website (listed below)! Thank You!


    -ATM Entertainment

  39. Editing for failing

  40. Actually, I CAN’T come today. I’m going somewhere

  41. can someone unbann me on chat because lje banned me for no reason 🙄

  42. DUN DUN DUNNNN! Lol, there’s all of them


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