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Lje’s WW Story- Chapter 1!

Hi.. Lje here, and.. well.. yeah. As you may know, I’ve been writing a WW story, and I’ve decided to post the story Chapter by Chapter. Don’t worry, you’ll pick up the plot sooner or later.. I hope. Anyway, here’s chapter one. Enjoy! Note that whenever I post these chapters, the actual story will be in black, and emboldened, and anything that’s not in the story will be in red, or some other colour.

Chapter 1-Revelations

The soldiers looked on at the leaders as their whispered discussion continued. ”Are you sure?” Lje asked Luc. Luc nodded.

”Yeah. I saw it for myself in an ACP raid of their base. Believe me, if we let this go un-noticed then it could be a.. catastrophe” Luc replied.

”So what do we do?” Bri asked, rubbing her eyes. Luc sighed.

”I don’t know. That’s just it. I don’t know” he replied. Vic frowned.

”So, let’s see… the Nachos are developing a bomb similar to a nuke, but instead of killing everyone, it just brainwashes them?” he asked. Luc nodded.

”Well, we need to think of a way to stop them- call me narrow minded if you wish, but the most effective way to stop them would be destroying a vital aspect of their plan, surely?” Lje suggested.

”I guess, but is there any other way? Like, a spy stealing the blueprints?” Mgm asked. ”Not as fun,” Lje replied. Suddenly, the security alarms went off. Luc looked at Wex, who had retired from WW but remained as technician. ”Wex, what’s going on?” Luc asked. Wex’s hands flew over his keyboard.

”It appears Planning Room 1 has been infiltrated.. someone, or something, must have triggered the tripswitch,” Wex replied. Luc sighed.

”Bring up the live feed from the camera,” he requested. Within 5 seconds, the screen in front of them was showing live footage of Planning Room 1. Bri gasped. ”That’s.. Gamer!” she said in shock horror.

”Send a squad down to investigate Planning Room 1,”Luc said before turning around to the troops gathered on the other side of the room. ”Prepare for battle, we’ll tell you more on the way there,” he said. There was a flurry of activity, and 30 seconds later the soldiers were all ready. ”Good,” Luc smiled. ”OK everyone, listen. We need to intercept a Nacho convoy that may contain some of our blueprints, so do not destroy the vehicles unless we say you can. Yes, Swemaj, that includes you,” Luc said. Swemaj groaned slightly. Bri led the way outside to where the waiting Nacho convoy was. ”I don’t think they’ve seen us,” Mgm said.

”There’s Gamer.. and who’s that guy running towards the main entrance?” Lje said. ”STOP HIM!” Bri shouted, and Anti instantly aimed and fired at the Nacho. The Nacho fell to the ground, and the Nachos had seen Anti. Suddenly a hail of bullets flew towards the WW. Luc and Bri simultaneously ran out from their shelter and returned fire. This meant the Nachos’ fire slackened off, and soon all the WW were able to fire short bursts of bullets at the retreating Nachos. Lje and a few others moved forward, towards the Nachos, when suddenly there was a cry of ”(Censored), I’m hit!”. Lje turned around, and gasped at what he saw. Lying on the ground, bleeding to death was…




So, as you can see, someone is in trouble. But who? Well, you get to decide! Just vote in this poll!

Mkay, there’s some restrictions to voting- for the story to make sense, you can’t vote for me, otherwise I’d have to hear someone go ”(Censored), I’m hit!” , turn round, and then realise I’m bleeding to death. Not gonna make sense, is it?

And just because one of the ”candidates” gets chosen to bleed to death, don’t instantly think ”ZOMG THEY’RE GUNNA DIE!!”.

Until next time,


7 Responses

  1. in the next chapter can Nicko do something?

  2. Soo funny though. “Luc sighed.” “Luc sighed.” “Luc sighed.” lmfao, Luc sighs alot doesn’t he?!

  3. I’m that old?

  4. Random Nacho been Sniped 😎

  5. Put me in the story and make a noob!

  6. haha lol. What about me.. ._.

  7. I’m sure the people not in the story yet will be placed in later chapters.. (tipsy)

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