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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Lje’s WW Story- Chapter 2

Hi everyone. This is Chapter 2 of my story, so enjoy…

Link to Chapter 1: http://wwofcp.com/2010/06/30/ljes-ww-story-chapter-1/

Chapter 2- Bloodbath

[…], bleeding to death was… Luc! Vic instantly called for a medic, and 5 medics came running over. Lje turned to the Nachos, and saw the Nacho convoy retreating towards the gates of the compound. He turned to Swemaj. ”Take the convoy out. We can’t allow them to escape”. Swemaj simply nodded, and aimed his rocket launcher at the vehicles. ”Adios, Nacho. Try dipping yourselves in this sauce,” he muttered before firing a rocket at the convoy. 2/3 vehicles were destroyed, and the third crashed into the fireball which the convoy had become. Immediately fire-fighters raced towards the growing inferno. ”Is everyone OK?” Bri asked. There was a chorus of ”Yes” and Bri nodded. ”K then, everyone back inside,” she said. Everyone walked slowly back inside, and into their bunkers. There was only one thing to be sorted out- and Bri had already made her mind up. The Nachos would pay. Pay dearly, they would…

*The next day*

”OK guys, listen,” Vic said. Bri, Mgm, and all the other girls in WW coughed loudly, and simultaneously. ”And girls,” Vic said, rolling his eyes. ”Now, today is a big day. Destroying the Nacho base won’t come easy, and I don’t expect it to, but we’re more than a match for them. So here’s the plan: We take a few helicopters to their base, we’ll infiltrate the facility, and Bri will plant the demo rig charges somewhere. Meanwhile, while Bri is laughing whilst setting the timer on the charges, we’ll head towards the leaders’ offices, and see what exactly is up with those blueprints. Once the timer has been set, we get the heck out of there. All clear? Good. Let’s go”.

Meanwhile, in the Nacho base, Pie was talking to Billy Mays. ”I was talking to Ads just now- it appears Gamer is dead,” Pie said. Billy nodded, no hint of remorse on his face.

”I was fearing that after this assignment his duty as a Secret Operative would outwear its use. Ah well, if that won’t infuriate WW to attack us, then I’m not sure what will”.

”Are you sure that Luc saw the blueprints?” Pie asked.

”Yeah. The look on his face was priceless,” Billy responded. Pie laughed. Just then, the alarms in the main base went off. ”What in the name of my sombrero was that?” Pie asked. Billy ran into the command room. ”Uhh.. it appears our plan is working,” he said to Pie as he ran into the room. ”And this is where it can all fall apart,” Pie muttered. Billy nodded in agreement.

At the main entrance, Bri looked up at the giant sombrero that rested on top of the roof. Swemaj saw her looking at it, and raising his rocket launcher slightly, asked ”Can I, like, shoot that sombrero? ”. Bri nodded, smiling slightly, and Swemaj aimed at the sombrero. He was about to pull the trigger, when a bullet whizzed by his head. He ducked, and looked in the direction the bullet had come from. He saw the Nacho who had tried to shoot him, and muttered ”Oh no you don’t”. He aimed his rocket launcher, and fired a rocket at the Nacho. The Nacho exploded, and all that remained was a sole sombrero lying on the floor. Swemaj followed the rest of the WW into the Nacho base.

”K, they’ve got inside. Now they’re going to feel the full force of this plan,” Billy said to Pie. Pie laughed. ”Hang on,” he said. ”Who’s that running towards the Energy Hub?”

Billy looked at one of the monitors, and swore. ”Bri will pay. She will not succeed. Send a squad to intercept the route to the EH”. Pie nodded in response, and ran off towards the bunkers.

”Me, Anti, Mgm, Danny and Chaos will take the East Bridge. Playa, Kenni, Matty, Nicko and Magma take the West Bridge. The rest of you, take the central bridge,” Vic ordered.

”I just hope this works,” Lje said as he lead his squad down the central bridge..

I hope you enjoyed Chapter 2! As you can see, LUC is the dude bleeding to death. But does he die in Chapter 3? You decide!


12 Responses

  1. I say he eats a waffles then dies (wary)


  2. 😎

  3. Same Mgm. This was awesome Lje! Thanks for putting me in it somewhere 🙂 can I be in it again in chapter three pwease?!

  4. I want my Doom Puppeh to eat several Nachos in the next chapter… Just cause the Doom Puppeh was once the mascot for WW.


  5. Where were my 1337 quick scopes?
    Damn you Lje!

  6. Instead of a written story, why not a movie? That would be really dramatic. Although, how are we suppose to make a bloody effect when Luc is dying to death? Beats meh.

  7. @Mgm: The Doom Puppeh may well be in the next chapter.
    @Swemaj: Rofl. Remember, no scoping is way more fun.

  8. I had a dream where i killed luc so I would love to see him die. Also make me do something noobish that seems to make us loose but helps a little. Maybe you can work with other plz on the story

  9. I’m retired in the story so I’m useless? Can I be a GM? (NME)

  10. I love me yelling orders :D.

  11. Atleast Im in the story :mrgreen:

  12. Lol Lje, I don’t have to be a GM. Leave me as how you put me in the first part

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