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Our New Server, Tuxedo

Another OMG performance by WW, I am truly impressed by the power and size of WW, we have grown over the past month and we continue to grow. But I want to focus more on our enemies. These wars on cp are begging to be flame wars instead of fun. Here’s my clear example.

Isn’t cp suppose to be about fun? I mean that’s what its all about. But today was truley fun for the WW. We invaded the server sucessfully with at least 8 or 9 rooms. A 1 hour battle that was truley something you just had to be at, despite the flame from Rpf representatives. Here’s some battles pics. All credit goes to Mgm.

Here is WW at the begging of the battle

Battle starts, at exactly 4:00pm pst we claim plaza

We then charge the NW and Rpf at the snowforts

Seeing as how we out menuvered RPF and NW, we claimed the snowforts

We then moved onto the mountain, nice Money bomb

Nice Heart bomb

We then switched to ET

After our dominance on the mountain, we claimed the room

Orange does rule.

We're happy they finally showed up

We are un-happy with our enemies performance

This picture is worth a million words


Dojo... good times

As we get bigger, they get smaller

we claim the room with our huge size

lol at the 2 on the top left

Joke bomb

We claim the room

Soccer time, Go URGUAY!

Blue is our line, Red is theirs

There's no escape when we block their exit in the mine O:

claimed teh room

If there were any doubts about snowforts, we went back just to make sure 😉

The final battle pic

Overall a great performance, By looking at these pics I belive we truley deserve to be in the top 5.


Now what happend after the battle was Rpf left Acp’s allaince and then we had a meeting and agreed to give Rpf back tuxedo if we were able to use it oh and did I mention that we kicked NW out. One way or the other I am still proud of everyone and WW. Now get ready because we have two major battles tomorrow. Which will be edited in to the top of this post.

Comment for your medals.

-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

14 Responses

  1. It was so fun, CP started to froze :lol:.
    I haven’t had a good battle for a while and this is a present I get =)

  2. I took some good pics 8D Even though 25/33 showed up, it still proved that we are worthy for the top 5.

    WW FTW!


  3. Pure Anti (Awsome) 😎 XD

  4. PWNED!

  5. I was Danny9632 for half the battle and Jackmandang for the other half I wonder why?!?!?! Oh I remember HOUNDY made me say “ORANGE CLAIMS MINE SH*T

  6. My favorite is the one in the boiler room where I’m shouting ‘white fails’

  7. :O ZOMG!!1!!!!!111!!!
    Viva la waffle.. si, mi amigos, viva la waffle.
    For those of you who DON’T speak Spanish, this translates as: Live the waffle.. yes, my friends, live the waffle.
    Another pwnage performance from the random dudes in orange.

  8. I was there! Had to use Chase50 though, because my Non-Member was all glitchy. WW as grown big time. WW Forever :mrgreen:

  9. Amazing job WW. Like my previous comment, I was busy going somewhere an hour away. And no Luc, Netherlands will beat Uruguay lol

  10. Me 100,000,000,000,000,000,000.

  11. NW did not even own tuxedo guys they gave it back to RPF.

  12. I was there!

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