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Chapter 4 of Lje’s Story

IT’S HERE! FINALLY! *switching to a different viewpoint* LJE! HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WRITE A CHAPTER!? D:<

Anyways… here you go…

Chapter 4-Never swallow hospital food

Ads rounded the last corner, and to his relief, he saw the waiting helicopter. As he had sprinted through the streets, various people could be heard to be saying ”What’s that nutter running for?” and, for the more ”in fashion” people, ”Sombreros- sooo last year”.

Ads jumped onto the helicopter, and collapsed into a chair. ”Thank God that’s over,” he muttered.

Meanwhile, whilst that second phone conversation took place (yep, we’re travelling back in time- kinda)…

”Good job. A helicopter is waiting at the agreed location,” Billy said. The door opened, and he swivelled in his nice comfy chair to see a shadow at the door. Billy screamed as he recognised the ”shadow” as the ”shadow” came through the door. ”I’m so sorry I can’t afford to talk to you, Billy. I have a Energy Hub to destroy,” Bri said.

”Oh really?” Billy responded.

”Yes, really,” Bri responded. She pointed the gun at Billy’s head, and fired. Billy crumpled to the floor. ”That was fun,” Bri smirked slightly. She ran out into the corridor, and towards the Energy Hub…

*that paragraph was leading up until the present- so therefore, when Bri shot Billy, that was the present*

Meanwhile, whilst Bri was shooting Billy, in the main hangar on the East bridge, Mgm ducked quickly behind a crate. She took her kitbag off, and opened it. ”Aww, there you are,” she whispered as Doom Puppeh jumped out of the bag. ”Go on, go help Bri” Mgm whispered, looking around her. Doom Puppeh barked, and ran off down the bridge. Mgm muttered an almost inaudible prayer, put her kitbag back on and continued shooting Nachos. She laughed as she saw the Doom Puppeh almost trip up Vic. Further up the bridge, the Nachos were slowly retreating.

Bri ran up the corridor, secretly hoping there were no guards. Suddenly, she saw Doom Puppeh leap past her. She grinned, but her smile faded as she heard guards. She stopped running, and crept towards the wall. Doom Puppeh raced round the corner, and barked. ”Aww… isn’t she cute?” one of the guards said. Bri grinned. ”There’s a good doggy… there’s a good doggy.. no, no, down doggy, down, no, bad do- AGGHHHH!” came the yell. Bri laughed. She sprinted around the corner, and into the energy hub. ”Where to plant the charges..? Aha, over there!” she said. She ran to what looked like the core processor, and planted the charges. She sprinted out, and back down towards the main hanger, with Doom Puppeh following her. ”Guys, get out of here!” she yelled. Everyone followed Bri to the exit, and as they looked out of the window, they could see Ads stepping out from a helicopter. Swemaj didn’t hesitate, and 360 no scoped Ads. ”HA! EAT MY UB3R 1337 360 N0 SC0PE N00B!” Swem yelled.

”Anger issues,” Anti whispered to Mgm. Mgm smiled slightly. Swem turned round.

”Don’t make me ub3r 1337 no scope you, Anti,” he said.

”:(” was all that came from Anti

”ROFL” Swemaj said.

”Guys, the charges are about to go..” Bri said.

”:(” Anti said.

”Anti, don’t just stand there and make sad faces! RUN!” Bri shouted.

”:(” Anti said, before running to the waiting helicopter. Everyone else was on board. As they lifted off, the complex blew to smithereens. ”That was.. close,” Mgm said. Mgm nearly caught Anti staring at her…

I had to cut the end of this chapter out, so that’ll be in the next chapter.

Oh, and please vote in this poll:


21 Responses

    And 1st 😀

  2. 2nd 😛

  3. Sorry Anti, but the peoplez on chat made me D:

  4. WTF?!? Where the heck did that come from…

    No romance, at all, that includes me -.- And I seriously will puke if more of that shows up.


  5. ROFLMAO xD Omg Lje can’t wait for the next chapter (hehe)

  6. Mgm, having fun? (hello)

  7. Dang it, why are more people voting for yes .-.


  8. Thanks Bri, but it looks like the so-called “romance” will still be in the story -.-

  9. Bri voted no because Lje will probably make the romance between me and Bri xD

  10. No Swem, you wish you could go out with Bri (no)

  11. I knew this would cause problems (wary)

  12. (ono) I can see where you’re going, and i don”t like it. It’s funny anyway xD. How come all i said was 😦 though? On the plus side, feature mai Antimatter Rifle and Magma Boy’s Lava Cannon please! Ooh! And gve Chaos a Chaos Lightning Generator! Coolness weapons ftw. EAT MAI UB3R N0 SC0P3 N00B!! XD DOn’t worry i voted no

  13. I think yes and… can it be me and… uh… I dunno. But I’m willing to be humiliated 😀 So GO AHEAD AND HUMILIATE ME LJE!!!

  14. Fine, Mgm rejects Anti, and Nicko sees his chance *wary*

  15. _Mgm_

  16. PROFESSOR CHAOS! A cookie if you get that reference.

  17. Once I get into the story, I don’t really care what happens to me. I can take some pressure. Go ahead, do ya thang and torture me xD.
    I picked yes since the story isn’t getting anywhere. No offense Mgm.

  18. I wanna eat concrete. *8BALL*

  19. ”Yes, really,” Bri responded again, a slight smirk finding a way up to her face. She pointed the gun at Billy’s head. “Please, noo,” pleaded Billy. Bri mercilessly pulled the trigger, and immediately blood exploded from Billy’s head and hit the ground like rain. Billy crumpled to the floor, body limp, eyes open for 15 seconds. For that amount of time, Bri savored the warmth of human blood dripping from her face and didn’t bother to wipe her gun. ”That was fun,” laughed Bri to herself. She ran out into the corridor, shoes clicking, and towards the Energy Hub…

    I haven’t read any other part, so yeah, I don’t know what it’s about, really.

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