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Chapter 5 of Lje’s story

Hola everyone! This chapter is packed with comedy, fail romance, news channels and even a random noob gets in on the act! At least, that’s what I think happens- if the comedy is a fail, blame my vocabularial(?) restrictions. No, blame my creative restrictions. Tell you what- if you want to blame me for anything, call the Anti-Lje Hotline at.. wait, is there even such a thing? No? There’s a relief. But by now, you guys are thinking ”LJE STOP TRYING TO MAKE US LAUGH AND LET US READ THE CHAPTER!” Oh right, you are actually saying that? Eh, OK then. *clears throat* Ladies and Gentleman *gets hit by rotting tomatoe* Hey! What was that for? *hears crowd chanting ”WE WANT CHAPTER 5”*. Fine:

Chapter 5- Because if you do swallow hospital food, you’ll end up being poisoned by a Nacho leader

As the helicopter flew over the ocean which separated the IW nation and the RFW nation, the co-pilot of the helicopter walked into the main cabin. ”Uhm, Ms. Bri? There’s a message for you. Here,” the co-pilot said, handing Bri a piece of paper.

”Thanks,” Bri said. She read the message, and gasped. ”No..no.. no, this isn’t right..” she said. She re-read the message. ”To- Bri (WW Leader).

We are sorry to inform you of the death of your fellow leader, Lucario564. An autopsy has confirmed he died of food poisoning. His funeral is to be arranged.

My deepest condolences,

-Dr. Das.” Bri shook her head. Something was oddly familiar about the name ”Das”. She knew that she had heard it before, when she was introduced to him, and she knew that he was in charge of Luc’s recovery.. but other than that, she had the nagging feeling in the back of her head that she’d heard the name ”Das” a long time before.. ”Is there something wrong?” a voice came from behind her, making her jump. She turned around, to see a concerned Mgm. ”You could say that,” Bri muttered.

”What happened?”

”I’ll tell you later, along with the others..” Bri said. Mgm nodded. She turned around, and saw Swemaj and Anti having a whispered discussion. ”Really?” Anti asked. Swemaj nodded. Anti looked up, and saw Mgm looking at him. He blushed slightly, and quickly started talking to Swemaj again. ”OK everyone, EAT (Estimated Arrival Time) is 5 minutes,” the pilot’s voice came from the many speakers on the wall. Lje looked out of the window, and suddenly the WW base came into view. ”We have reached our destination. Thankyou for flying with WaffleAir, the nation’s tastiest airline,” the pilot said. They landed in the hidden helipad in the forest, and everyone got off the helicopter. Bri immediately made to the hospital, and to Luc’s ward. The security guard stood in the way. ”Let me in, please,” Bri said.

”We’re not allowed to let anyone in, not after what happened with Ads,” the guard said.

”Ads?” Bri asked.

”What? You mean you don’t know?” the guard replied, shocked.

”I mean just that. What happened?”

”Well, Ads applied for a job here, and managed to get the job being in charge of Luc. So he poisoned Luc’s food, but Luc didn’t eat it,” the guard said.

”I KNEW something was up with the name ‘Das’. Now let me in,” Bri said. The guard shook his head. ”You’re going to have to do better than that, Person,” Bri smirked. The guard’s face changed from shock to horror. The resulting gunshot echoed in the small corridor, and it could be heard in the dorms.

”What was that?” Uga asked.

”Sounded like a gunshot,” Lje said. Anti nodded.

Bri pushed the doors open, and smiled in relief as she saw Luc sitting up in bed. ”Hi,” Luc said. ”Hi. I was dreading having to tell the others about you dying,” Bri said. Luc frowned.

”What?” he asked.

”I thought you died,” Bri said.

”Why?” Luc asked.

”Long story,” Bri muttered. Luc nodded. ”So when are you going to be discharged?” Bri asked, sitting on a vacant chair. ”Tommorow, I think. Or I hope,” Luc replied. ”So you managed to like totally destroy the Nacho base?”

”You knew about that?” Bri asked.

”Yeah. It was on the news,” Luc said, pointing to the TV mounted above the door with his remote. He switched the TV on.

”And we’re still hearing more reports of casualties as a result of that explosion at the Nacho’s base. Live inside the now destroyed compound, our reporter Jerry Arnold. Jerry, over to you,” the news guy, Harry Yrrah said.

”Thank you Harry. Well, it’s a scene of total chaos here at the Nacho base. Reports and rumours have flown about all over the place, but nearly all of the more credible stories seem to involve the Watex Warriors invading the base, and planting a bomb which destroyed the base. Everyone inside the base was, as far as we know, killed, and this COULD mark the end of the Nachos. I’ve managed to grab a couple of witnesses, Penguin145560098 and Billybo- wait! BILLYBOB??!!” Jerry yelled. Billybob blinked, and walked away. ”So, Penguin145560098, what did you see?”

ZOMG IM ON A NEWS CHANNEL ZOMG!!1!!!!111!!” Penguin14556098 shouted. ”WELLZ, WUT HUPPEND WUZ SUM ORANGE DUDEZ RAN INTO TEHH NACHOZ BASE AND THEY RUNZ OUT AND TEHH BASE JUSTZ EXPLODEDZ AS TEHH ORANGE DUDEZ WENT ON A HELICOPTER AND FLEWZ AWAY!11!!” Penguin14556098 said. ”OK.. thankyou, Penguin14556098, for that impeccable explanation, which, by the way, contained no spelling mistakes, and didn’t require subtitles,” Jerry said.

”Well, it seems our rumour is confirmed- by perhaps not the most reliable source, I may admit, but he was there… and as they say, a witness is always right. No wait, that’s something else..” Jerry trailed off.

”Uh, thanks Jerry,” Harry said.

Luc switched off the TV. ”I guess even noobs can tell we’re orange,” he said.

”Noobs are many things, but this scientific research conducted by us proves that at least SOME of them aren’t colour-blind,” a passing doctor said.

”Well, I better get going,” Bri said. Luc nodded. Bri stood up, and walked out of the hospital ward.

Meanwhile, back in the dorms…

”What’s going on?” Lje asked Nicko.

”Not sure,” Nicko replied.

”Guess we’ll find out,” Magma boy said. Lje nodded.

In the middle of the room, Anti and Swem were talking- again.

”When Bri gets back,” Swemaj said. Anti nodded. Just then, Bri walked into the room. Swemaj and Anti looked at each other. Swemaj watched Bri as she walked over to the coffee machine on the far side of the room. ”Now,” Anti said to Swem. Swem nodded, and gulped. He walked over to the drinks machine (next to the coffee machine) and pretended to be interested in getting a can of coke. As Bri got her coffee and went to walk away, Swem spoke up. ”Uh, Bri…” he started. Bri turned round.

”Yes?” she asked.

”Uh..uhm..well..er..uhm..erm.. wiyogooutwimme?” he stuttered.

”What?” Bri asked. Although, in her mind, she thought she knew the question. Swemaj gulped. ”Will..you..go..out..with..me?” he asked. This time, Bri understood the question perfectly. She blushed slightly, and walked away. Swemaj groaned as he saw Anti laugh at him. He walked over to Anti. ”Well, what did she say?” Anti asked.

”Just walked away,” Swemaj replied.

”Damn..”Anti replied.

”Your turn,” Swemaj grinned. ”Good luck,” he said.

Anti groaned. ”I think I’ll need it,” he said as he got up and walked to where Mgm was talking to Kenni. ”Uh.. Mgm.. can I talk to you..?” Anti asked.

”Sure,” Mgm said. Kenni nodded and walked away to get a drink. ”Well?” Mgm said to Anti.

”Uh.. eh.. well.. er.. will.. you..go..out with..me?” Anti mumbled. Mgm blushed slightly, just like Bri(?), and walked away to talk to Bri. Anti sighed, and walked back to Swem. ”I guess we’re both going to have to wait,” Anti said.

”Yeah,” Swem muttered. ‘I’m tired..think I’ll go to bed,” he said.

”Same. ‘Night,” Anti replied. They both walked to their respective bedrooms.

In Swemaj’s room, there was a message on his answering machine. He walked over to it, and pressed ”Play”. The computerised voice said ”Message from Bri (WW Leader) received at 7.23pm. Message: ‘No’.” Swemaj sighed.

Meanwhile, in Anti’s room…

Anti saw his answering machine had a message, and pressed ”Play”. The answering machine said ”Message from Mgm (WW 3ic) received at 7.26pm. Message: ”Well.. the answer is…”

Well..uh, yeah, like… awkward right?

Now, originally I was planning on both Swem AND Anti having to wait until teh next chapter (wary) but then I remembered Bri would edit it unless she said no in the story (or something like that). So, to determine what Mgm says, vote in this poll:

Heh heh.



11 Responses

  1. ROFL!!!

  2. I wasn’t in this chapter at all (UN).

    Good chapter though.

  3. LMAO but Mr. Leejee, mind adding me in another chapter?

  4. fail Swem Bri didnt even say sorry she just said …. No

  5. @Vic Well, if you want to be humiliated in the next one.. (wary)

  6. Wow… Nicko is in the story but im not! I WANNA BE IN THE STORY AND HUMILIATED!!! 😥

  7. Thnx for putting me in Mr. LeeJee 😉 Lol joking awesome chapter Lje 🙂

  8. Matty, you are in the story, you’re the noob according to Lje.

  9. No comment……………………………………………………………………………………………..XD

  10. Anti and Swem look like noobs in this story rofl

  11. I have to admit, it’s making the story funnier.

    I feel so bad for Swem xP Bri rejected him.

    I can’t believe you’re making WW choose what happens (no)… Ah well.


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