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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Most edits in a post?

Luc second edit – I talked with NW leaders and the NW and WW war is over, they have given us snowbound and we have returned Fog, all scedualed battles with NW have been made into pb’s, This doesn’t mean it’s the end of WW’s battles, we have a whole new war to get into… More info on that tomorrow.

Luc edit – OA is back! I was just talking with GT leaders and they have agreed to bring back the orange alliance so be ready 😉 oh and Halfpipe still remains shared with all OA members.

Zap Edit: I’mm Backk 😉 For those who don’t know me I’m a former WW leader and now I’m back as co-leader.

Lje edit: Don’t forget the two defenses of Tundra *TODAY* and the invasion of Mittens *Tommorow* check the two posts below for more info.

Luc edit – Actually we have to deal with 3 invasions tomorrow so why not make it 4, it’s almost the same thing. THIS IS YOUR 24 HOUR NOTICE NW

PB with NW

When – Saturday, July 10th

Where – Ice Palace

Time – 4:30pm pst/7:30pm est

Who – WW vs. NW

Why – They keep being hypocritical and bugging us and insulting us.

Comment if you can or can’t come! http://i940.photobucket.com/albums/ad246/LucDahWaffle/24hourproof.jpg

Well I got to say, it was a pitiful performance by NW, I mean give them credit at least they just didnt give up, they tried, but 10 people and the same 2 tactics won’t wi you a battle 😉 every time you got in a room you would moon bomb every time we made a line you jbombed it was pretty predictable and we easily countered with line charges 5 motes and bomb, drunken maniac, cross roads, might of the fail, and many other tactics and of course you stayed with those 2. If you want to win a battle, against anyone you might want to get different tactics. At this point even UMA and SF can beat NW so start stepping it up.

I cannot stress how small NW was compared to other battles but I will let the pics speak for themselves.

exactly 1 min after the battle starts we claim plaza with no resistance

We then went to the forest and had little efforts by NW

We had Wayyyy more and NW had few ad suckish tactics

We then claimed the room

We then moved to the cove and after resisting more night bombs we claimed the room

We do own

and we did have more

Yay 🙂

We claimed a room and someone in NW winked which must be that they agree XD

I was surprized with NWs same tactic again =o

Day owns Night, nothing even happens at night except sleep lol unless your oagal (WARY)

We claim the room after our ownage

We then moved to the dojo and were there for a good 8 minutes and it looks like NW stayed behind at the lodge attic so we had no resistance at the dojo

Be mad all you want, just because you cant admit defeat 😛


We then went to bioler room, NW night bombed us as usual, we then made up the tactic might of the fail, and then it looks like they were going use a NEW tactic ZOMG?!?!???!?!!??

But they didn’t, it was only one person 😦

We weren't impressed with NW at all

We were impressed by NW's.... well nvm nothing special there

This picture is kinda sad, we claim the room and NW are happy about it XD

We then went to the iceberg, still had better tactics, more people, and decided that the winners were obiously WW

We claimed MORE THAN ENOUGH rooms to win this battle, I’ve seen better from NW and this was sad maybe? They claim to be the number 4 or 5 army. Well the 4th or 5th army can’t have size like you guys, or tactics like you guys. We even gave you a 50 hour notice before the battle. But anyway Nice job to everyone. The clear winner of this battle is….


Comment for your medals! And be prepared for tomorrows battles!

-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

30 Responses

  1. I was busy x] Good job!

  2. Second, and I second that!

  3. Oh nooz, damn you McHappeh!

  4. Nice job WW! I was eating lunch at that time since I had summer school. But I finished it. Also, I am moving tomorrow so I cant come tomorrow.

  5. Tomb is really at his last resort. Asking for allies ? Thats not the might of night, thats whimpy. What large army uses allies to make themselves seem manly 🙄

  6. This was an awesome battle. Lol WAFFLES OWN.

    BTW I am there tommorow at Tundra

  7. This was an awesome battle. Lol WAFFLES OWN.

    BTW I am there tommorow at Tundra!

  8. we never jbombed

  9. If I dont come Saturday, that means I’m moving.

  10. Nice job owning them 😛
    I’ll try to come to the invasion, also could someone please add me back to the ranks?
    Lje: ^_^ Welcome back!

  11. i can come to invasion of ice palace

  12. I’m way coming to that Invasion. NW was a bit too original. Moon Emotes? They should be a medium army by now.

  13. i can come!

  14. Ohh idk It all depends on bri *nme*

  15. Can comes!!!!

  16. Can’t make it.


  17. That was an awesome battle 😀 ! I loved it! And I can come tomorrow 😉

  18. Is Fog very foggy?

  19. Btw I can come to Tundra on Sat and Mittens on Sun but maybe not Ice Palace. Not sure yet srry.

  20. Oh come on, really? The Might of the Fail? Luc think OUTSIDE the Box.

  21. Hey at least it makes sence right?

  22. Can’t make Ice palace :/
    I also have around 50-60 pics of proof of us pwning.
    NW lost Fog, I can tell you that.

  23. Can’t come to Ice Palace invasion- but you guys can own nonetheless.
    And don’t forget the two defences of Tundra, and the invasion of Mittens.

  24. @Luc: *sense

  25. I sure hope i can come. And funny thing, a day or two ago, we were all missing you zap! What a coincedince!

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