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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Updated Things *READ*

Luc edit – We ow own Tundra again! It’s true I did say WW surrendered at 11:32 am pst but acp invaded it at 4:30 pm pst which means you are no longer the owners of tundra, try again next time 😉 . Acp invaded it on saturday at 4:30pm pst and that invasion was a sucess so now the only 3 armies that own Tundra are, Acp, WW, and RPF. EAT IT UMA.

Okay, well today the WW Nation gave our half of Tundra too UMA. Also, Luc has made peace with NW and the NW vs. WW war is over. So the invasions that were scheduled are now turned into PB’s.

The Orange Alliance and past WW leader Zap have both come back as well.


PB With NW

When- Saturday, July 10th

Where- Ice Palace

Time- 4:30 pm PST/7:30 pm EST

Who- WW vs. NW


Invasion of Mittens

When- Sunday, July 11th

Where- Mittens

Time- 11:30 am PST/2:30 pm EST

Who- WW vs. UMA (no allies or bots)


 Those are the only events now this weekend. The PB with NW was originally the invasion of Ice Palace, just switched event.

19 Responses

  1. 1st!


  3. 2 failz by me

  4. P.S. I can come!

  5. Guys, don’t panic about giving Tundra away. It’s quite a smart choice, actually. You’ll see what I mean soon.
    And I can only make the invasion, and that’s a maybe.

    Zap: I wouldn’t be so sure.
    Lje: I would.

  6. awesome

  7. Wow, we lost to UMA? .-. By how much?

  8. I’m trying to come to both events.

  9. I’M SO CONFUSED!! Yeah I can make them.

  10. UMA will pull out cause they cant win without NW, but we are going to kick their ripe fat *censored*

  11. I can’t come to either. You guys should really make more UK-friendly events (ono)

  12. Omfg !u idiots u dont own tundra!!!!!! u surrenderd and u ddint invade it even only acp did but that dosent matter we still own it u were to scared to show up yesterday cause uma had 30 troops and u surrenderd
    Do you not understand that ACP invaded it successfully and gave us some of Tundra? It doesn’t matter that we didn’t invade it with them..

  13. @Dude above me- /facepalm
    Maybe I can make teh mittens one

  14. Leave it behind ww to hind behind acp. 🙄

  15. im coming today

  16. @Teh Moose: 1. More like it to Luc. 2. We did not ask for any parts of Tundra, ACP offered.

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