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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Easy Victory on Mittens

Edit: Okay, the pictures that UMA have put on their site of Luc and I are clearly fake. For one, Luc does no go by the name “Luc Norris” and in my Xat name, the R in Bri is not backwards. They, are clearly trying to frame us and are failing badly at it. Honestly, this is just pitiful of them to do.

Well today it was the easiest battle we had in a long time against who? UMA, also known as the bot army, and you know they of course use bots to win thier battles because they have no dignity as an army. A REAL army takes time to build up it takes time to create and every soldier is special with their own characteristics and are fun to talk to, but you guys replace that with bots, that is just sad.

Now on to the battle pics (Taken By Danny and by luc) not in order.

WW dominating

At this point UMA left claiming victory, Lmfao you CAN’T claim victory if you are defending a server. So we just claimed a few more rooms to assure our victory.

Now UMA is claiming an auto victory, but their claim of an auto victory doesn’t even make sence here are the reasons why –

  1. If Acp would come to a battle they wouldn’t be 3 Uma bots saying acp winz!?!?Sh1Ft?!? Acp would’ve come in great numbers noticable throughout the whole battle but the only pic uma got was of their bots saying uma win.
  2. Here is proof of UMA using bots, which if you remember on the invasion post there was a rule that said “If you use bots it’s an automatic loss” well hey guess what? YOU USED BOTS. Just sad, the 2ic using bots to make it look like acp was there.
  3. You lost tundra and mittens get over it.
  4. You guys claim we used Acp during the battle well here are pics of ACP ad WW chat during the battle.

As you can see, no one on acp chat was on WW chat at the time of the battle so we didn’t use acp.

So, We actually had a double win, first oe was we claimed 5 successful rooms and the second is you used bots automatically making uma lose. And you BOT USING army want to be number 5? please.. you shouldn’t even be on the top 10 because of your actions and pitiful performance.

The clear winner of this battle is…………


As for mittens we now own it completely congrats guys.

-This is War

-Luc WW Leader

30 Responses

  1. FIRST
    Nice job guys.

  2. I was there 😀

  3. I was there here are some pics

    UMA using “Multilogin”

    UMA Trying to send a spy

    Proof of UMA using bots

    Both Chats during the battle
    UMA Chat:

    WW Chat:

    Pics are property of Danny9632 :mrgreen:

  4. I was there, that was an epic war. It was foolish of them to attack us an hour before it started. They might have won if they didn’t do that.

  5. That was so epic. The WW are on their top game!

  6. I wish I was there but I had church! Lol this is TOO funny.

  7. Epic, Just Totally Epic! We Rocked ! 😉

  8. Nice of you to flame UMA, WW leader.
    Edit: As if they never flamed us.

  9. Ha Ha! Take that!

  10. ok i admit it i have to agree with you on the acp thing… but now what i dont understand is how youre troop numbers could of spiked from 6-18 within at least 2 minutes of JUST SITTING IN THE PLAZA.If you can do that in 2 minutes(which is impossible) then something is definetly up. explain that logicly and make me beleeive it then ill admit defeat T_T

  11. and oh yes.almost forgot. we were using bots for recruiting ONLY.which was BEFORE the battle started.Then we took them away.Ill admit that

  12. @wwewwfwcw Well, our troops don’t show up an hour and a half BEFORE the battle, they come on when the battle actually starts. Look at the pictures, then look at the ranks. We did NOT and will NEVER use bots.

  13. Sorry I couldn’t make it.

    Great job though. We need to keep it up!


  14. BTW we now know you guys sent a spy on us and dont even try saying “we didnt send a spy on uma” because take a LOOKIE HERE->http://i973.photobucket.com/albums/ae211/wwewwfwcw/spy.jpg now THATS solid hard proof.and these pics were taken fromt eh cpac site and your very own site.

  15. Luc, How do we know you dindt tell ACP to get on Mittens to help WW o_O. After all you are there 2ic next one to be leader too. Ignore Alfy, hes a douche bag TH emmber ( Noo Offence to Fiddyy) The multilogin thing was a joke by Explo and you dont have pics of UMA at its strength, which when it was it was pretty strong. Im not trying to offend you, I’m just defending UMA. We will let CPAC the “Rightful judging system” to decide I guess. And if you edit this comment you are a fag…
    Houndy:If you haven’t heard something called noobs on cp or framing then you sure must be behind….. Cmon man, just admit defeat and this crap will end -.-

  16. Okay. If you didn’t use bots and we didn’t bring ACP, we still won. We outnumbered you during the battle for most of the time anyways.

  17. @wwewwfwcw Do you actually have any proof of anyone ordering someone to go spy on UMA? No. And why were you on WW chat. 😆

  18. first of all why didnt u put on tthe pictures when we are owning you??? Cowards and luc you are a dumb fuck and scampi explain your 2 ww spys when we talked about you they said wtf and took a pic and spammed ww ww and how did u get the pics from our chat?? Idiots ofcorse u spyed on us and luc you say uma is an bot army your wrong uma once has ben the most powerfull army of all witho no bots and it still is u guys just cant admit the fact that you losed tundra and mittens!!!!!!We own tundra and mittens and if we have to defend it again WE SHALL!!!!!!!

  19. @Gamer- We “losed? Learn to spell. Uma isn’t strong. They just use bots.

  20. I feel like a broken record. For the last and final time, WE. DID. NOT. TELL. ANYONE. TO. GO. SPY. ON. UMA. CHAT.

  21. yea like you said you didnt get acp ut it looks like yu lied on that too T_T http://umaofcp.com/2010/07/12/fail/

  22. WW, you lying dipshits.Why is one of your mods on our chat?We clearly won.You just used pics when you were strong.And try going “@:~[//σ1σ2]~: : your some fag who doesnt have a life” thats just chopped carrots o.O

  23. WW, you lying dipshits.Why is one of your mods on our chat?We clearly won.You just used pics when you were strong.And try going “@:~[//σ1σ2]~: : your some fag who doesnt have a life” thats just chopped carrots o.O

  24. ok why dont we just let teh poll on cpac decide….THAT will end it T_T

  25. There’s so much of a fight going on over this. I mean, CPAC have put up a poll, right? Well, just let that decide. Just leave it there, guys. Seriously.

  26. @wwewwfwcw Haw, nice pic. Too bad you didn’t take a picture of the color of the pawn, or the picture. Also, the R in Bri isn’t backwards in my Xat name.

  27. @Bri/wwewwfwcw XD Lolz. It just shows up as a square on my thing Bri.

  28. CPAC poll says we won….

  29. Wait ’til the poll is closed.

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