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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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My Final Words To You

I have done what I needed to do for WW, in less than a month we owned the number 5 army NW, when we weren’t even in the top 10, and then we owned the bot using army, they practically gave up in the middle of the battle, that’s how bad they were getting owned.

I have brought WW back 3 times, NOT single handedly but with the help of awesome friends, especially you Bri, without you WW and I would’ve gotten no where, you are a true legend and deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. You were one of best friends and I thank you for that.

Bringing back a dead army 3 times…. and all 3 times getting that army back to the top 5 that is really an accomplishment no other major army leader has done.

I would like to thank All of my friends and enemies even if we fight a few times, I never forget what happens and we will still be friends, this goes to people like Wgfv, Harv, Commando, Josh, Dryvit, and even Vic, and lets not forget Lotsofpie. Without you guys I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere.

As for WW I leave it in good hands, Taking my leader place will be Lje, I know you will lead this army to great things. As for my list of friends, I am not doing that I just want a short post, my friends know who they are and that’s what’s important.

I really enjoyed my 2 years in WW, but sadly it’s time for me to move on, Im just getting to old for cp armies. Don’t let anyone tell you that they made me retire because they didn’t, I’ve been planning this actually for quite a while since school starts up for me in a few days. And I WILL NOT come back or even go on chat anymore, so if there’s another luc pretending to be me… they are probably fake, unless they answer question only the real luc would know =o

There is one last thing I would like to say. I would like to thank Wii Mountain. He is the one that tought me absolutely EVERYTHING I know about leading, from battles, to arguments, to tactics, and almost everything was taught to me by one of the greatest leader… Wii Mountain.

I guess that’s it, don’t be sad that I leave or anything, im just another random person retiring to you guys right? And Like I said, I don’t want a long post, just a short one and no I will not be returning to chats when I leave forever. I have also Un-Admined myself and made myself an author only, If someone could remove me from the site… that would be great.

If there is any advice I would give to another small army leader or a leader trying to bring back a dead army, it would be this. NEVER. GIVE. UP. and always aim to make yourself better, because if you make yourself a better person you make everyone around you a better person 😉

-This is War

-Luc ex-WW Leader

28 Responses

  1. First, I meant every word of this

  2. It was great being a soldier underneath your command Luc. You may not be appreciated ALL the time, but there is appreciation.

    You made some great accomplishments with WW. It would’ve been great if you had with NMA, but WW was worth it.

    And you better mean not coming on chat ever again. I don’t want to see your name pop up anywhere on WW chat (D)

    But good luck where ever you’re heading.


  3. One of the best leaders WW has had. To all WW: We were lucky. But let’s not let what happened last time when Luc retired happen again. We are a rising army. Just because Luc retires, doesn’t mean we give up hope.

  4. Luc, you we’re a great leader, In and out of battle. Thank you, Luc, for helping WW become what it is. You are and have always been my CP Army inspiration ever since I was a n00b.
    Good luck in what you choose to do with your life.

  5. Luc, you will be missed, I hope you have a good life ahead of you.

  6. Luc you will be missed, we will not let that stop us! We will keep WW alive! WW Forever!!

  7. What the hell is this? I was planning to retire again <_<.

  8. Hm. Again?? Don’t worry, it’ inevitable that you will come back. I know these things. You just can’t stay away. Bye’ for now.

  9. im not one for sappy anything so dont expect a “miss youu so sad” from me anytime soon. so im just gonna leave you with. I LOVE THAT YOU HAD A PURPLE PARAGRAPH

  10. I really enjoyed my 2 years in WW, but sadly it’s time for me to move on, Im just getting to old for cp armies.
    Okay, your retiring from WW and not ACP? Your stating that CP Armies are getting old but your still in ACP…

  11. Wow u tell me that ur in a coarmyp and ur gonna delete all cp armies O.o

  12. The best leader WW has ever had.
    If there’s one thing we can’t do now, it’s give up.
    @Anti- I wish I shared your optimism.

  13. Words that describe Luc: Awesome, positive, fun-loving, curious, a bit tempered (I rarely see him mad >>>^_^<<<), quick-thinking and a whole lot of words that I don't know.
    You'll be remember Luc. Good luck in in the Outer World of CP ;'(. :cry:.
    Let WW Spread Wings to Power!

  14. Goodbye and good luck, luc.

  15. Also, congratulations to Lje, our new leader 😀

  16. Luc was the next best leader right behind a chain of great WW leaders. Although I can’t say he was the best WW leader, I can say he was the best leader of his time.

  17. Luc, I’m really glad that you’ve been WW leader ever since I joined this army.

    The main reason why I joined this army was not because Vic really forced me, but it was really because of how funny you and some other people like Bleu were.

    Although we had lots of arguments in the past, we were still great friends. I remember how that when I joined WW, you couldn’t spell my name and you put it as “Wexfex”. Also, I remember when you made a profile picture that said “Wex owns Vic and Sai”. Those were good times.

    Another thing I like to say is that I learned how to lead by watching you. You’re a really great leader and I hope everyone can follow your footsteps.

    Lastly, I’m glad that you picked Lje as leader. You probably didn’t think about me when you were thinking about who should replace you [lol] but Lje can do a lot for this army.

    So thanks, Luc, for being such an awesome leader.


  18. How much do you want to bet that lots of the WW footsoldiers are gunna quit and then WW is going to overwealmed by people that want payback?

  19. You were a great leader Luc. We will not give up and we will make WW rise even more. If this IS your true retirement, I’d like to say goodbye. I hope you will come on chat once in a while.

    We are very lucky to have you as leader. if you didn’t join ww, we would not be here.

    I hope you will have a great life.

    -Kenni Tram

  20. It’s sad to hear,if we ever manage to get to major,I CALL THE FIRST ONE TO EMAIL YOU 😀

  21. Luc, I wish you the best. You and Vic helped me a lot, and I’ll miss you. You were one of the oldest leaders…and were great. I will help to do my best, under your name. I guess no one can say anything to stop you… because you have to move on. I wish you great things in your future. In my mind, Wii, Dialga, and you will be the leaders I will aspire to be. You knew how to motivate, through a reckoning force of intelligence, cleverness, and pure power. Without you, we would be another noob army…I wouldn’t join either. I thank you my entire WW career, and most of my penguin’s life. I hope you the best…Lucario.

    Farwell, and I hope you have the brightest future in your upcoming life.

  22. And good luck to Lje. Though you can never fill Luc’s shoes in my head, you are more than capable of making WW and Luc proud.

  23. Al miss you Luc

  24. Yet another comment from me.

    It’s sad to say this, but you are the last leader to retire from the time of Wii and Spacey. Hopefully, this shall start a new era, a great one.


  25. All shall miss the great Luc, for he was a great leader, and a friend of all Watex Warriors out there, let his retirement open a new door in his path of life.
    He kept the war going, and never let us die down, he was a leader, of leaders. But there were times when we all had bits of anger twords him, yet this time isn’t a time like them. this is a time of praising for what Luc has given us, and not for what he has taken. i have only been here for around two months, but Luc has been there for them times to help noobs, and old member, and great soldiers for all of the time i have been here, and more. all more i have to say is, fare well great leader, great soldier, and great friend.

  26. Luc, Thank you for being that WW leader, the one veryone knew. Im a little dissapointed u went to ACP but thats me. And finnally Thanks for mentioning me second 😀

  27. I meant that he was actual leader during that time Vic -.-

    You know? Wii, Spacey, Santa and Luc…


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