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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Epic Bots : A Comedy by Wex

Poppy made me make this story so thank him I guess…

If text is like this, it’s an edit made, it does not show emphasize.

It was a clear, sunny day. Bri, Wex, Green, and Mgm were talking about Green’s and Mgm’s wedding in the conference room. Vic was… not here, Lje and Nicko were sleeping, Brave was Working On A Blog While Writing Like This, Zap was on the computer [he’s been on for a really long time], Wolf and Swem were busy putting whipped cream on Lje’s hand, and Magma was working on graphics. Disco and Matty were at TG base, Dark was working on his army, Uga was in the Nachos base, Etac was calling every base to ask for people to join her graphics contest, Pring was tasting Pringles while working on his graphics, Kenni was at the lookout stand [get a frikin life Kenni….] talking to Anti, and everyone else were playing soccer. Kenni suddenly cried out, [wait, does this get boring? Oh well, live with it.] “UMA is recruiting on Tundra….” Bri cried out with a megahorn, “Everyone to Tundra now!” Lje woke up stunned, while putting his hand [which was filled with the whipped cream] on his face.

When WW arrived, they were outnumbered 40-25. Lje yelled, “Fire!” WW started firing their guns at UMA, while UMA fired back. Swem saw Alfy holding a remote in his hand. Swem fired his UB3R SC0PE at Alfy. When Alfy looked up, he screamed, ran away, and threw his remote in the air. The missile that Swem fired hit the remote. Suddenly, the bots started to go haywire. Wgfv, the leader, yelled, “Everyone retreat!” Five UMA people ran away due to the fact that the other 35 “people” were bots. Right then, the bots exploded. Wolf cried, “Let’s party!” WW ran into the Nightclub, partying their butts off, while Bri [again] got drunk off of alcohol Maple Syrup. When WW came out, Flipper and Sai ran towards them, yelling, “There was a battle?!”

It was evening. All of WW were at Green’s and Mgm’s wedding. Right when Wex [who took the place of the priest] said, “You may kiss the bride,” yellow uniforms sprang through windows after Poppy sprang through, who was leading the TG members. Wex said, “Leave Poppy.” Poppy replied, “Okay.” And TG left.


Will I make another one? Well, maybe later on.

That was then, this is now.

[Was written via mobile so will be edited possibly. Is on plane to Florida.]

14 Responses

  1. Next enemy is NW? Who knows? Comment on what you thought about this story!

  2. Seriously, the wedding -.- Wow Wex…


    That was the most recent happening in WW. You’re lucky that I wouldn’t post it on the site.

  3. Lmfao

  4. This.



    The thing funny is that this was supposed to be a comedy =/. Its nothing but a grudge against someone who got their ass whooped.

    How would you even know a thing if you’re not even in WW? >.<

  5. None taken jerk xp

  6. I’m in New York. So I’m neither on WW or TG Base ^_^

  7. I know comedy when I see it (WARY)

  8. And by the way Wex, you are in no way certified to take the place of a priest (D)


  9. I miss the battle guys. Sorry being to late. By Fever5121

  10. Awesome story Wexief plz put me in ur next story.I won’t be offended by anything.u can make my character do anything,if u do put me I’m the story this is what u cam call me: dirt or dirt55 it doesn’t realy matter

  11. Ugh, I get so bored up here… ._.

  12. Me two. By Fever5121

  13. UB3R SC0P3 Ftw?

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