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Chapter 6

Yes, I know, you’ve had to wait. OW! WHO THREW THAT? Was it you? Was it? Hmm..

Anyway, I KNOW you’ve had to wait an extraordinarily long time, but here it is.. Chapter 6.

Chapter 6- Rouge

”…yes.” the answer phone went dead. Anti smiled, and then realised he was really tired. He yawned, and fell asleep..

*The next day*

”OHAI! MAI NAME IS BRAVEBOY, And I Like To Talk Like This!” the new guy shouted. Everyone looked at each-other. ”Well, I’m Your New 2ic! Hi!” he said. Lje stood up.

”Everyone, meet Brave. He’s our new 2ic, from the Pretzels merge. Anti and Mgm, pay attention!” Lje said. Mgm and Anti quickly payed attention. ”Good. Now, as I was saying, this is Brave, from the Pretzels merge. You guys be nice to him, and all the other Pretzels,”

”I LIKE PRETZELS! What flavour are these ones?” Anti asked.

”Anti, you aren’t paying attention are you?” Swem said.



”We must not let them learn of this plan,” JZ said.

”Agreed,” was all that came from RS…

Back at the base.

”Brave, oversee the new recruits’ training. Bri, make some new graphics,” Lje ordered. Just then, Bri interrupted. ”What’s wrong with the current graphics?” she moaned.

”They’re old.”

”But I only made them yesterday!”



”Strike quickly we must,” RS muttered, ‘Yoda-Style’. JZ groaned. ”What?” RS snapped.


”In which case, prepare the helicopters. We’re about to show the army world just what it means to mess with the Nachos,” RS ordered. JZ nodded, and walked away to the Control Room. RS smiled. He looked out onto the helipad, and at the sleek black Tactical Attack Helicopters- TAH for short. Soon, 10 of them would be causing hell across the army nation.

*several hours later*

”What was that?” Lje asked.

”No idea. Sounded like an earthquake,” Uga said.

”Wex, report,” Lje said, turning to the technician.

”Uhh… it appears an unauthorised helicopter has landed on the South East helipad,” Wex replied. Bri muttered something in Tagalog, and started ordering people about. ”Brave, you take a squad out onto the South East bridge and make it secure for another squad to pass through. Zap, you go take a squad to the Sniper Tower overlooking the South East bridge and helipad. The rest of you, follow me.” Another crash.

”Uh, Lje, not sure you guys are gonna get onto the bridge that easily,” Wex said, staring at one of the monitors mounted in front of him. ”What do you mean?” Bri asked.

”Well, take a look for yourselves,” Wex said. Lje looked at the monitor.

”What the heck? That looks like RPF! Wex, contact RPF and ask them just what the hell they think they’re doing,” Bri screamed. Wex nodded. He contacted RPF.

”Hello?” Commando’s voice came through the phone.

”Just what the hell do RPF think they’re doing?” Wex demanded.

”Excuse me?”

”A whole regiment of your troops has just landed on our South East helipad! How do you explain that?”

”What are you on about?”

”You damn well know what I’m on about! Get those troops off of our helipad or pay the consequences.”

”I think you’re mistaken. They’re not RPF troops, and we haven’t got any helicopters on duty at the moment.” Another crash came from outside.

”Uh… OK.. thanks anyway,” Wex muttered, before hanging up. ”It’s not RPF,” he confirmed.

”Then who the heck is it?” Bri asked.

”No idea.” Bri ran outside, and immediately ducked as bullets were fired at her.

”Who are you?” Bri demanded of the black-clad warriors.

”We are the Elite Rouges, and you are no more,” a dark-suited man said as he stepped from the helicopter…

Oh so dramatic! :O

Anyways, I know- not the best Chapter, but trust me, there’s more action in Chapter 7.


16 Responses


  2. lololol.

  3. Nice story Lje but next Time plz include me in it

  4. You’re not paying attention are you? Nope ROFL. Ask em what the hell are they doing. Wex: RPF WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? Lmao. Can I blowz up teh heli with mai Antimatter cannon (goo).?

  5. @Matty: *shoves food in face*

  6. Meh #100 rofl.
    Very good story. Plus the fact that Brave types like that xDDDD

  7. It’s pretty good.

  8. I only say one sentence, but it’s ok, Swemaj was pleased with pwning Ad’s.

  9. You fail at making stories D=

  10. Uhh, how exactly?

  11. a decent and exciting story

  12. lmao with the Braveboy part xD

  13. You didn’t include me in this chapter D=

  14. Vic, maybe if you were more active…. *wary*

  15. @Vic If I put you in the chapter, THEN it would be an epic fail (wary)

  16. great job i cant wait till chapter 7

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