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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Promotion Day


Yep, you read the title right, and am I right in thinking that you’re not reading this, and you’ve skipped to the ranks part already? I thought so.

But anyway, here are the promos. Congratualations if you got a promotion!

Key: Bold=Promoted.  Normal=Stays the same

Army Ranks: 

Leader(s): Scampi Bri, Lje98, Vicxyz 

Co-Leaders: Zapdos255, Braveboy24, Nightwolf 

——————-Owner Line—————— 

Third in Command: Mgmbl311, Swemaj11(WW4ever),4455ashpie, Kingfunks4, Fivestartaco, Disco70s, Mattybon, Uga77, Kenni Tram 

Head Warlord: Poppymelt, G Crocousci, Waddles0, Antimatter2 

Warlord: Saiyaman, Etac14, Chaos42

Major General: Zayer, Flipper, Danny9632, Khimo98, Pringle64, Master Kyl 

General: Panthers Bas, Klimster, Danthemanr1, Speed 79, Mrtchy, Billy Mays, Icecicle5000, Rachie, Magma Boy, NickoCP, Beast 

——————-Mod Line——————- 

Field Marshal: 123callum2, Thano9,  Rjse1, Jet Nugget,  Waaffles, Jet Nugget, Todd3646, Skater123412, Ice Partyer, Cewan 

Brigadier: Lollowilla, Radar77, Gem566, Trogthegreat, Scythmaster9, Itz Jazz, iluvpuffles5, Popcorn31336, Logn3, Turtpip, Dino68270, Indytig10, Number10Pen, Sea, Darkrider90 

Commander: Imaboss77, Super Boy137, Immaclarkeyy, Sharp Ninja, Joshua9999, Talex831, Hulkstir24, Flames181, Flameguy36, Hamie111, Bluesockwa2, Dirt55, Side Kick 

Colonel: Willalexande, Jps541, Ninja15536, Monkeybob12, 123callum2, Eitak13, Raymondsix, Mttt7, Zeered, Lizzy0611, Sparta00 

Major: Cryo5, Wabbles754, 81 closter, Boulder 66,  iluvpuffles5, 81 Closter, Boulder66, Splashbud556, tydog1999, Rockhillrock, Macita23, 

Captain: Gator 894, Chatosush, Erici98, Club boy1 2, Timmy6118, Tap Dancer36, Aswsome J, Miley4140, Todd3646, nicolas65432, Fluffyboy3, Greg2002, Ship30, Rasberry7896, Slipnslushy, Samrocks

Lieutenant: shelltoucan, Indytig10, downes2, 2344blakie, Puffle Man22, funrookie, Qjx2b, DUNNOANYTHIN, Bubbles66382, Clappy 09, Diggly123, Bawhop, Scotty9100, Mew6,Sergeant: 


——————-Member Line——————- 


Other Ranks 

WW Janitor(1): Chaos42 

WW N00b (1): Wabbles754 

WW Super Advisor(Top Advisor)(1): Greenday9991 

WW Head Waffle (Advisor)(1): Wexfief 


So, if you didn’t get promoted, and you feel you should have, then talk to one of the owners and we may promote you if we feel you have been active enough in the month of July. 

For now? Adios.


21 Responses

  1. Awesome I got promoted

  2. And first

  3. TRHIRD i did ent get promoted but theres always next time

  4. ha ha i just joined..

  5. Yay! Thanks! Also, Lje, please change my “WW Janitor” rank to a mod rank, since I’m a mod, and I’m the only person that can be janitor(i hope) (wary)

  6. Thanks so much for the promo! (hugs)

  7. Thanks, I needed that. AND WHY THE HELL IS MATTY A HIGHER RANK THAN ME!!?? (chew)

  8. Mr. Leejee, I bet these aren’t related to the medals.

    Anyways, I’d like to say that there’s too many 3ics. I wonder what would happen if the 3ic rank was an owner rank again 😆

  9. Thankyou and Anti so what if im a higher rank. Does it matter? Just work hard. and maybe it will happen but i think you have a good rank dude

  10. Thank you! and Anti so what if im a higher rank. Does it matter? Just work hard. and maybe it will happen but i think you have a good rank dude. 😀

  11. Promo ;P

  12. Congrats to all those who got promos! I’m sure it was well deserved.


  13. Mgm, you’re gonna get a promo to 2ic and you’re gonna like it *dhat*

  14. Shaddup Wex. If you’re gonna wait for me to become 2ic before you retire, it ain’t gonna happen.

  15. I’m retiring in another year lol so I can become leader [*wary*] and help WW much more just incase someone like Bri retires. Also, I’m going to ask Bri if we can do 2ic elections this month and if we can reform the ranks a bit. So, why don’t you want to become a 2ic? :/

  16. I do want to become a 2ic, but I hate leading, well not hate, but strongly dislike. For example I’ll take up the duties of 2ic, but if it comes to a battle, I won’t take the lead. I’ll help out, reenforce the tactics, but I honestly don’t know how to lead in battle. If 2ic elections come up, I’m a candidate, and I somehow win, I’ll take up the job. But not without learning a thing or two first. Does that sound reasonable?

  17. Bri and I can teach you (: And I do know how to lead; don’t underestimate me.

  18. I never said you didn’t. Just give me a 1-3 weeks before you start the elections, I should know a few things by then.

  19. 124 penguins are in this army right now i counted

  20. I need to be promoted I have been on for weeks or months!plz shell toucan is my name

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