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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Chapter 7 :O


Lje here, with CHAPTER…… *counts on fingers* 7(?)! Yeah, 7! Lucky number, amirite? Well, for one character, this chapter DOESN’T prove to be so lucky. Who, you might ask? Read on, and find out! :O

Chapter 7- Destruction (almost)

..the man took a pistol from his jacket pocket. He looked at the gleaming metal, surveying it with the air of a man who has all the time in the world. The only reason that he had not been gunned down is for the fact that a mass of soldiers, all clad in black, were now spread out around the bridge and helipad. It seemed like the man took an age to speak, but when he did, his words were those of a maniac. ”Naturally, you are scared. You do not know why you are being attacked, you do not know who is attacking you. In other words- your knowledge of this situation is zilch. Before I explain what is going on, may I advise you not to try anything as stupid as attempting to kill me or my men,” the man said, with a lazy gesture behind him. Lje noticed that not only were there men in the general direction of the man’s gesture, but that WW were hopelessly surrounded. He decided it was best to listen to this nutter, and see what he had to say. ”My name is RS, and I am one of the leader of an organisation named ‘Elite Rouges’. Our objective is to ensure that Club Penguin armies fall, and fall quickly. No-one will stop us,” RS said, still examining his pistol, glancing up occasionally as he spoke. ”Our chiefs, our chain of command, are made up of Nachos that survived the demolition of their base. Our head chief, that is, the person who runs this organisation and controls it completely, as you see, me and the other Nacho leaders who are out to avenge are simply in charge of the individual operations, is anonymous. There was an elite bunch of soldiers that were on a special assignment, to destroy the ACP. However, they only got as far as infiltrating the base before they were called by me. You can guess what the call was about. But anyway. We, the Elite Rouge chain of command were originally going to re-start the Nachos. But it would take a long time to get to the proverbial parapet of power that we were once at. It would be far easier, far less time-consuming, far quicker, and far more satisfying to destroy CP armies,” he said.

”Why?” Lje challenged. RS looked up at him.

”Because I came to realise what a waste of space these armies are. The world will be a better place without these squabbling, fighting, useless excuses for armies.”

”Is RS your actual name? Or is it some code name because you’re too scared to reveal who you really are?” Zap asked.

”Ah. I was coming to that in a minute. But as you raised the subject, I’ll tell you now. You see, you have probably guessed I am an ex-Nachos leader, yes? I am one of the most prestigious leaders there has ever been. I am Person1233,” RS, or Person, said to many gasps. Person looked at his pistol. ”And there ends my little speech. Now, I will kill your leaders, and my men will have the pleasure of over-running your base, and killing the rest of you,” Person looked up at Lje. ”You first, Brit,” he said. Person aimed his pistol.

Up in the Sniper tower, Zap and his squad were watching and listening with horror. When Person pointed the pistol at Lje, there were gasps. Magma quickly aimed his sniper rifle at Person.

The bang from the gun was quite remarkable, and as the body lay crumpled on the floor, there was shock. And relief. Suddenly, everything was chaotic. WW had taken advantage of the Elite Rouge’s shock at their leader being shot, and suddenly WW had gained the upper-hand. ”Fall back, fall back!” Zippy yelled. The mass of Elite Rouges followed the command almost instantly. Lje led a squad of 5 or so soldiers back into the hanger. ”What are you doing?” Sparta asked Lje.

”You’ll see,” was the reply as Lje got a grenade out of his holster. He gripped the pin of the grenade in his teeth, and pull the grenade away from his face. [Wow, I never knew talking in the 3rd person was this fun]. ”What the..?” Sparta asked, before Lje ran back outside and towards the helicopter. ”He’s not gonna make it!” Wex screamed.

”It’s as if he’s trolling on Transformice,” Swem said. Lje was now near the helicopter, and the grenade was surely about to explode. He neared the helicopter, and dived through the open door. As he was, it seemed, flying through the air in slow-mo, time stood still. He was now in the helicopter. BANG! The grenade exploded and the helicopter exploded into flames. Several soldiers near the now flame-engulfed helicopter were taking cover, and others were committing suicide because Swem had somehow managed to get an anvil god from Transformice and had set it loose. Brave saw the flame engulfed, burned-black figure of Lje and screamed, ”MEDIC! MEDIC!! MEEEEDDDIIICCCC!!!!!”.

”Why did this happen? What is going on?” the shadow on the screen demanded.

”I-I-I, d-don’t know s-sir,” Zippy stuttered.

”Make sure that next time, your operation is not a catastrophic failure,” the shadow said, before the line was cut dead.

The ‘shadow’ slumped back into his chair, and stared at the floor. Suddenly, he heard the office door open. Icey looked up, and his mouth dropped open in horror.

What does that mean? Those of you that are more intelligent than others will know who the ”Shadow” figure actually is. Those of you who don’t know.. well, you’ll find out in the next chapter.



18 Responses

  1. First.
    I do actually troll on Transformice though, when I’m Shaman. 😀

  2. Oi, roll out my Antimatter Cannon so I can annilihate Elite Rouges.
    Lje: You and your cannon.

  3. same 2nd

  4. Good chapter.

  5. Avil God <333

  6. Don’t add Transformice plox *dhat*

  7. But great story Lje. Can’t wait for part 8. You must finish by Friday :mrgreen:

  8. Put… me… in… the… story…
    Lje: NO >:O

  9. Anvil god -.- Wow…

  10. Wow. People here are really getting addicted to Transformice…

  11. you’ve been a good leader so far lje

  12. @Dragon it’s because of Swem. Blame him.

  13. Put me in the story somewere and i figured out who shadow is.


  15. If I’m the mysterious shadow, can you give me my awesome adamant sword (goo). It’s stronger than steel 😛

  16. Good story

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