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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Nachos Battle Results.

Bri’s Edit: Comment on this post if you made the Nachos and TG battle for a promo!
Wex’s Addition: Well, this tourney is now officially fail. The ACP vs. NW battle proved to be a tie, making a three way battle in the semis, WW vs. Nachos failed at the result [might as well be a tie instead of a biased result], and GT vs. RPF is having a rematch. Really, what is this?
Wex Edit: That battle was really biased as we were winning for 17 minutes. Also, from what I heard, Ias just wants the top 4 armies to move on to the semis. But this battle was amazing. I have never seen WW this big before. Even when WW was 3rd place, we weren’t as big as this. It hasn’t been a successful tourney anyways, so just ignore it and move on!
Lje’s very unhappy at Ias but happy with you guys edit: This whole tournament’s organisation was a complete, utter, and total disgrace. Biasgae over there clearly didn’t want us to win, so he just puts Nachos through. Good luck Nachos. But Ias, the fact that younger kids will be reading this means I won’t say what I want to say to you and your pitiful judging skills. But everyone who turned up, you guys take away some of my anger. That turnout was brilliant. I wonder if Ias will change his decision.. nah. CPAC- next time, get a good judge. Because I feel we should have won this.
I admit that I wasn’t at the battle, but from what I have heard we deserved to win.
So keep this up guys. We definitely deserve Top 4 or 3 after this turnout.
Watex Warriors in a nut shell.

I am, extremely proud of all of you. In the picture above, that’s not even ALL of our soldiers. That was just the beginning. IF any one got pictures, please comment this post with them.

Although, the out come of this battle was that the Nachos won doesn’t take away the fact that this is the best turnout we have had in a while. Even without some troops. Imagine what we could do if EVERYONE showed up to an event.

The Nachos, you put a good fight, it was fun too. I congratulate you, and wish you luck in your future battles in the tournament.

(We had more on later in the battle. That was just the beginning)



-S¢aмρι Bяι-


36 Responses

  1. I made it I was in the cp pic but not in the chat pic *hmm* maybe I came on chat later?

  2. Haha, that battle was biased.


  4. I made it that battle was ******* biased. We totally won we dominated for 17 min.


  6. i so want to get nachos back for making us lose ps i think we won

  7. Yeah, this was a totally unfair decision.

  8. That was majorly epic. We deserve to be higher on the Top 10 once it’s released!

  9. Dang, I can’t believe I missed it =/


  10. I’m away from today the 15th to he 29th of August on vacation so don’t demote me promote me! :O

  11. We won for sure….Just gay

  12. Guess what? We lost, even though we had 37+ on chat, The hell?

  13. we won… if you went on cpac and look at the pictures, we overpowered them a lot!!!!!11!!!!

  14. swem? your on? lets have a comment chat

  15. I couldnt go, but i left my computer on on WW chat but i wasnt on cp. Do i get a promo? LOL

  16. i was on the battle i think the judges were against WW

  17. We won. CPAC Fail.

  18. ^ Agreed, let’s let Wii make his post, I think it is needed 🙂

  19. I made it to both this battle, and the TG battle! However, I had to leave a little early from the TG battle

  20. i made it to the nacho battle but i didnt make the tg battle

  21. i was there for both but my bro was here for the nachos battle

  22. I was there for both battles :mrgreen:

  23. IM MADE IT :mrred:

  24. i was ther at the Nachos battle for a while

  25. I was at both. Why am I commenting when I can’t get a promo anyways? :mrgreen:

  26. Lsund was at both 😛

  27. Since CPAC decided we didn’t win, just drop the topic. I’m not saying that CPAC was right, but stop insulting Ias anyway…

  28. i made it 😀

  29. I made both and we rocked on both of them.

  30. i was there i think…

  31. i was at both

  32. i was at both

  33. holy crap again O_O awsome numbers

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