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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Wii Mountain’s Opinion: We were victorious, too bad we are just WW

 Hey, it’s mii, Wii here. Wow, haven’t said that in like…a year. It’s cool, I’m typing stuff, and it shows up in this box, and then when I hit publish, it magically goes on to the website. Like…awesome!

Anyway, onto a serious note. Yesterday, we had a battle vs. the Nachos. We were pretty damn big, bigger than I’ve seen WW since about March of 09 when Me and Luc were leading.

Anyway, I’d like to thank the Nachos for the battle, it really was a good one. I’m not putting any of this on them, they fought hard.

But sadly, we lost. Now here’s the thing. We were leading until the 17th Minute of the battle. Just look at the clock at the snow forts in the picture on CPAC’s website. So it was quite even. But as the picture proves, and even as the judge says, we were in the lead for the first 17 minutes ( at least ).

One huge problem. We are WW. We aren’t the Nachos, we aren’t ACP, we aren’t IW. We are WW.

That my friends, is a huge problem.

You ask why? Well this is why. See, since I started leading in Jan. of 08, we were always considered a small army. In our prime ages, we almost had the same amount as the nachos ( who were huge at the time ) but not ACP of course, they were too big. Anyway, we were absolutely gigantic. But no matter how hard I tried to persuade everyone that we were the #2 army, no one listened. We were listed at 7.

Finally, one day, we were listed at #3, by everyone. CPAC even listed us as #3. It was sick.

That lasted two weeks. Two whole weeks. Woop-De-Doo.

That’s the thing. We are WW. No matter how good we are. Everyone will consider us as just…just…WW. We are a small army. A nothing. A waste. That’s it.

Don’t believe me? Think about this.

I am not on the CPAC’s “Legends Page”. Now I’m honestly not bragging here at all, but I did lead WW to its absolute prime age. Dialga did good, but he led for two months, with only about 15 people per battle ( which was great at the time…now it isn’t so much). Anyway, I led for one and a half years, with an average of 25 people. I also brought WW back with the help of a few friends in August of 08. And made it a pretty large army. I stuck with WW. I have led with Luc, and me and him ( although i hated him at one point) did really, really great. But yet, that doesn’t matter. Because I didn’t lead IW, ACP, Nachos, or any of those armies to IT’S prime. I lead WW. And that doesn’t matter.

So ya, none of you will ever go on their legends page most likely. Because we are WW. And we don’t matter to the sacred CPAC. Now don’t get me wrong, I probably have great friends that work their, but the point of the matter is, we have always had to fight to even be considered great.

So what do we do? We probably just lost that battle, because according to CPAC,  who cares that WW had some pretty good numbers. But the nachos…well they are nachos, it’s supposed to be Nachos vs. ACP every final. That’s how it always is. And if WW wants to come along and have an upset…well that just can’t happen, now can it?

So, all we can do is keep fighting. Keep battling. Keep going. Because to CPAC, the best website ever, we will never win those major battles; We will never come on top; rise to #2, or even #3 to that matter.

And the CPAC, well I really didn’t like them when I was leading, and I don’t really like them now. They should be a news site, that’s all. We don’t need them telling us that we are not as good as this, and not as good as that. They are just some people who sit at their computer, and show their opinion, just like me.

But that doesn’t mean we should give up. We keep doing our own thing, and who gives a damn what those people at CPAC think. We know we have done just fine. So who cares if none of us ever make it on that “Legends” page. Who cares we aren’t on the top three of their “List”. Who cares.

We are WW. We do what WW does. We go out, every damn day, and try to prove everyone wrong. We don’t care what they have to say, because as long as we go out there, and show that we are a great damn army, then Who cares what they have to say about it.

Who cares about CPAC

Who Cares?

Play the Game Right ~Wii Mountain

28 Responses

  1. Absoulutely Epic post, Wii.

  2. Aww Wii, you’ll always be our sheep 😀

  3. Thanks man. That’s why I wake up every day, because I know that when i get online, I am a hell of a sheep.
    One hell of a sheep indeed.

  4. take over again you should really if you were the best then be the best i would vote for you

  5. Damn it Wii, you’re absolutely right. As the saying goes, no one has the right to judge you except yourself. In my honest opinion, WW is way more than the crap CPAC tells everyone >.>

  6. Epic post is as epic as the epic speech that black guy made.

  7. epic, epic and, oh, i forgot EPIC

  8. Take over WW and make it a dictatorship :O

  9. Well said. Well said.
    And did anyone else know that Wii was a sheep? Person abducted one of our best ever leaders 😦

  10. “AWSOME”


  12. epic EPIC EPIC EPIC

  13. Good work man. However, it dosent have to be that way all the time does it? I hardly think CPAC is gonna be potheads all their life, I mean, if the was an upset, that would be exiting! Very! And The authors there can’t last forever. Nachos vs Acp every year is boring.

  14. But as well, YEAh, we are a GREAT FRIKKIN DAMN ARMY so GET OUT OF OUR way, cuz WE DUN CARE WHAT CPA SAY!

  15. There’s no such thing as “just” ww, you gotta be epic too 😉

  16. You just had to edit this marvelous post Lje.

  17. Lje made a uber long edit that killed a lot of this post *ono*

  18. 😀

  19. I still want to eat you

  20. Like usual

  21. We can beat the crap out of any army. WW is UNSTOPABLE.

  22. Nice Speech *chew*

  23. Well said

  24. maybe you should return to WW and bring them into a big four spot (since NW has the #4 spot) return to your army and save it

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