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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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It ends here.

Bri’s Edit: I deleted Lje’s edit due to the fact his input is not needed here.

I know I just came out of retirement about a month ago. But my time in WW is finally coming to an end.

I’ve been in WW ever since May of 2009, and except for my recent retirement, have been loyal and serving WW ever since, though someone begs to disagree 🙄

Yeah, one more thing I’d like to mention. Lje98 has officially won the award for making Zap retire. 🙂

My good friends from WW

Wii Mountain- WW leader when I joined.. You are a great leader.

Spaceybirdy- A good friend and leader.

Lucario564-Was  my CP army inspiration.

Bri- Excellent friend and leader, You’ve made WW what it is.

Kenni- My amazing gf. (: Also a great WW soldier that i’ve known almost the whole time I’ve been in WW

Waaffles/Waac/Anna- You have a lot of names. xD My bestest friend 😀

Wex- Another good friend and leader.

Skilled-Kun- New to WW, great soldier.

Etac- Are you even in WW anymore? Lol, I’ve known you basically the whole time I’ve been in armies.

Mgm- One of my first friends in WW

All WW soldiers- You are all great people that make up this army.


-Former WW Leader, Zappeh.

32 Responses

  1. You forgot me 😦

  2. You’ll be missed, trust me.

  3. You’re a great friend. We’ll miss you Zappeh. Everyone loves you. NO HOMO. I’ll see you around Buddy.

  4. We had our good times.

  5. Great sign of disrespect.. editing my retirement post then deleting me off the site. Thanks lje.

  6. Firstly, I edited the post because I wanted people to know that I was called a bad leader and more, by Zap, before I ”made Zap retire”. and secondly, Zap, why is it ok for you to take me off the site when I’m leader, but not ok for me to take you off the site once you’ve retired?

  7. I took you off the site so you wouldn’t edit this post, which you did -.-
    Lje edit: Oh, wow. I ACTUALLY SHOULD BE ON THE SITE, ZAP. Whereas you’re RETIRED. Don’t give what you can’t take, which is pretty much what caused this whole episode in the first place.

  8. Hey stupid you forgot me D=

  9. Is that all people care about? Being on the list and not caring if the person is leaving?

  10. Lol. It’s okay.

  11. Bye, Zap. You forgot me! 😦 lmfao

    Zap: No, I didn’t forget 😛

  12. LOL. He included me. 😀

  13. I knew that this arguing would lead to one of you retiring, I even told Pinkey that.

    And Vic, shut up *d*

    Well Zap, I brought you back but it didn’t last 😐 I’m pretty sure I’ll still see you around so that’s good. You’re a really awesome friend 🙂 Glad that I knew you for a long time.

    Lastly, you are allowed to choose a person to take your spot, well, if you want. I’ll respect your choice 😉

    See you around Zap.

  14. Zappeh, you should pick Kenni to take your spot if you’re thinking about it.

  15. Well, Zap, it’s sad we didn’t get to know each other better, but I appreciate the fact that we can be considered friends.

  16. Oh and Zap, I’m not a leader 😆

  17. OK, seeing as I’m not allowed to edit Lord Zap’s retirement post, I’ll COMMENT what actually happened.

    Zap, yesterday, started saying that I’m a crappy leader and stuff, and that I shouldn’t be leader because I’m from the UK (which is totally unfair, amirite?), and more stuff.
    So, I said to him ”Well, I haven’t seen you do much really” and he made some excuses.. and blah..

    So, when we were done arguing (which was quite fun actually), Zap decided to retire.
    And in this very post, the scene has been painted to suit Zap- therefore I must be the bad guy.
    Which isn’t really fair, seeing as how Zap was the one who verbally attacked me in the first place.
    So really, this is a case of Zap not being able to take what he gives.
    If you want to hear anything else that Zap said to me, then feel free to ask.

  18. awwwwwwwwwwwww

  19. Goodbye Zappy (lol Zappy :lol:).
    You only came here for 2-3 months. Very short for a 2ic (wt).

  20. Disco, I’ve been in WW for over a year now.

  21. Lje, your comment is bullshit. Quit removing me from the site, coward, You just don’t want me to be able to make any edits or delete any of your comments cause you know I’m right. Oh and btw, “Well, I haven’t seen you do much really” BULLSHIT. You said “Zap you’ve never done ANYTHING for WW, you shouldn’t be leader”

  22. Both of you: Shit happens, get used to it. Sniping at each other like trolls dosen’t help anyone.

  23. Zap, you know what? YOU’RE WRONG.
    I have a lot to say here.

    First: The reasons you believe I am removing you from the site for are the same reasons you removed ME from the site.

    Secondly, you don’t NEED to be on the site- after all, you’re RETIRED.

    Thirdly, you said the shouldn’t be leader thing about me.

    Stop being such an idiot. Seriously.

  24. :/ It seems retirement posts are the havens for the trolls.

  25. Lje, shut the fuck up and get a life.
    You have no business commenting this shit on my retirement post. Oh and one more thing, YOU’RE WRONG.

  26. Really Lje……….you do realize i’m on Zappeh’s side.

  27. I suggest you guys stop 😀


  29. @Zap if you don’t want me to correct you about what actually happened, don’t get it wrong in the first place. Everything I have said on this post, in terms of what happened, is true. I actually do have the right to correct factual errors concerning myself.

    @Gold I get the feeling you’ve always had something against me, so I’m sure you realise I’m not affected by that.

    @Vic I suggest Zap realises my recolection of events is correct.

    @Swem Meh. And it seems Zap can only troll and be blind to my correct recolection of events.

  30. And when I say factual errors, I mean stuff said on Zap’s comments.

  31. Lje you’re not making a good image on your self. I suggest you two stop.

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