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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Retirement of Scampi Bri(do)

I did my part, I came to do what I needed, i’m leaving you all in good hands. I’m retiring as advisor, meaning i’ll still come on chat but not lead at the battles, etc. I’ll advise the leaders and give them advice on the right things they should do and not do. I’ll be advisor for about a month. *I WILL NOT QUIT XAT WHEN I QUIT BEING ADVISOR*.

Nothing has made me retire, it is just my time. I came to help Luc in his journey. I gladly helped. I did my part, and now it’s another’s turn.

Now some short history about me:

I started CP armies in October of 2009. I found them through Twitter while browsing for “Club Penguin” on my Club Penguin Cheats site Twitter. Of course, someone tweeted about ACP, and how they were having an event that day. I searched ACP and my quest began.

When I quit the ACP, I made my own army. The National Club Penguin Army, under the name of Texasgirl27. I then merged it into Blaze Warriors, then they merged into Fire Warriors (now known as Roman Fire Warriors). But during that same time, I had joined the HSA. I quickly flew up in the ranks soon becoming 3ic at least 2 weeks after I joined.

I then made a army called Burritos. (FAIL), Merged it in the merge with Bacon Flavored Army, and Fritos, which formed Bacon Flavored Fritos, (ew). We soon came up with the idea to change the name, and I proposed the new and future name of Snow Troops. Snow Troops were successful but then merged into WW for the potential, WW soon flew up the top 10 reaching number 4 top army. We were a speed machine.

I retired from WW in about February or March, retirement was gooooood. Then in May/June Luc came and ask me to help bring WW back. I agreed. The first week was iffy. Then we decided to restart WW, and that plan worked, with thanks to Vic.

Anyways, i’ve done my job, and i’ve done it well. If I must say so myself. But now it’s Lje and Pinkey’s turn.

Now, my list of people and what not: Not naming any because you know if you would be on the list if there WAS a list.

33 Responses

  1. Oh yes, and i’ll be there to help at the CPC battle, but that’s it, and Wex is taking my spot.

  2. 1st 😦

  3. damn u bri!!!1

  4. 😦 aghhh comon so many ppl retireing

  5. Meh. Idk what to say really. Except I probably wouldn’t be on the list.

  6. I hate when my friends retire. 😦

  7. We’ll see you around Bri. You were a good leader and you still will be in the future.

  8. Ahaha, I loved those days in HSA. Well, I wanted to be leader with you but I guess that’s not gonna happen… Well, good thing that you’re still gonna be on chat 😛

  9. i dont think ill be on the list

  10. I don’t know if i am, but i think i am.

  11. im very sorry Bri becuz of me i made you retire i just couldnt make it
    Lje edit: Rad, it’s OK. I said what I said in that post *now deleted* because I was pretty disappointed because I know we can do better.

  12. Cya Birdo

  13. D: Buddy D: 😦

  14. I was in Burritos, I remember.

  15. Well, we’re gunna miss ya Bri.

  16. mmhmm

  17. Can we pick someone else to be leader out of a hat

  18. Well, see ya around chat my Pinay sister xP

  19. Noo Bri….. 😦


  21. Bah bai bri.

  22. Oh and congrats Wex.

  23. bye bri

  24. T_T

  25. Farewell Bri…

  26. bye Bri you werea great leader and friend

  27. K bye Bri. Thanks for being a great friend even though we had those little arguments here and there about stupid things, but still I’m sorry.

    I wish you at least accepted my last apology because I was really sorry. 😦 Bai

    Btw it’s been almost 9 months since I first met you.


  29. Bye Bri :(. An awesome friend plus high topping leader.

  30. true

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  32. Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.
    Finally you quit.
    Lol jk jk.
    I love you mai girrafe zebra thingy<3 [:<

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