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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Improvement? Definitely. Good job.

Well, I ranted at you guys yesterday (which was then deleted). And I didn’t have the highest hopes for this battle. But you guys proved me wrong. And I’m pleased you proved me wrong. Because at times our size was a vast improvement from yesterday’s dissapointment.

If we can build on this size, then I fully expect us to be back to our peak.

So yes. Onto the battle. Well, I don’t know anyone who got pics, but we were on around 20 minutes early. And we were around 10 strong. But at the end of the battle, we were around 17/18 strong and we had a full chat, or just under, throughout.

Eventually, after 40 or so minutes of hard fought battle, both the CPC leaders and myself, Bri (for whom this was her last battle) and Pinkey agreed to the result. THe result in question: WW Win and defend Snowbound.

BP decided to crash the party but didn’t cause too much bother.

All in all, we did well. This is a good platform to build on.

ALSO- This, as I mentioned earlier, will sadly have been Bri’s last battle. So,  bye bye Bri. 😦

Don’t forget the Fjord Frenzy and I believe Pinkey is scheduling 1 or two midweek events, so stay tuned for those.

-Lje98, WW Leader

13 Responses

  1. first good job

  2. 😦 good bye bri

  3. i think im gettin a promo for promo day

  4. Yay. Btw Lje, I think we should help GT Saturday cause DCP, UMA, and CPC are invading their nation and they have a “no allies” rule when DCP use allies 🙄
    Lje late edit: Yeah, I agree.

  5. ya we should

  6. Bye Bri. We’ll see you around chat. 😦

  7. And so the story ends. Goodbye, Watex Warriors. Stay Gold. You will forever be great. Goodbye,


  8. Bah bai Bwi. Bah bai Chaos.

  9. im sorry i didnt make it to the last 2 battles becuz they cut off electricity from our building so plz forgive me 😦

  10. Whoops, I was busy so I forgot about Defence.

  11. bye choas

  12. @Wexfief: CPC is helping GT now…. Good match guys, you were definitely a formidable opponent.

  13. Too bad no one got a pic of our 2 epic waffles bombs. Bye Bri and chaos 😦

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