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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Promotion Day

It’s the first day of the month, so you know what that means 😯 PROMO DAY!

Of course you probably clicked Read More already but if you haven’t, click Read More to see if you got a promo!

Green : Promotion

Red : Demotion


Orange : New Supreme Dictators

Purple : Failz


Leader(s): Pinkiceygirl, Lje98, Wexfief

Co-Leaders: Mgmbl311, Nightwolf

——————-Owner Line——————

Third in Command: 4455ashpie, Kingfunks4, Fivestartaco, Disco70s, Mattybon, Uga77, Kenni Tram, Antimatter2

Head Warlord: Poppymelt

Warlord: Saiyaman, Etac14, Danny9632, G Crocousci, Waddles0

Major General: Zayer, Flipper, Khimo98, Reacon, NickoCP, Cewan, Rachie, Lsund, Beast, Solraida, Kanye East

General: Panthers Bas, Speed 79, Mrtchy, Icecicle5000, Jim430, Ohile, Danthemanr1, Dirt55, Skater123412, 57t0, Doodygirl1

——————-Mod Line——————-

Field Marshal: 123callum2, Thano9,  Rjse1, Jet Nugget,  Todd3646, Ice Partyer, Smoco, Radwan006, Goldshadow7

Brigadier: Lollowilla, Radar77, Gem566, Trogthegreat, Scythmaster9, Itz Jazz, iluvpuffles5, Popcorn31336, Logn3, Turtpip, Dino68270, Indytig10, Number10Pen, Sea, Darkrider90, Cometi, Immaclarkeyy, Harry Has, Crazyhightec, Moonlight632, The Beaver2, Elimz, Hamie111, Super Boy137, The Hammers, Ponyo1115

Commander: Imaboss77, Immaclarkeyy, Sharp Ninja, Joshua9999, Talex831, Hulkstir24, Flames181, Flameguy36, Bluesockwa2, Side Kick ,Dustin Fever, Jay756, Eldeanho, Zainp, Brownieman7, Jen4evr, Diegobnm, Canada83, Fluffyboy3

Colonel: Willalexande, Jps541, Ninja15536, Monkeybob12, 123callum2, Eitak13, Raymondsix, Mttt7, Zeered, Lizzy0611, Sparta00, acdcguy, Felipe115, Will I am 67, Gjmik, Samirakiwan, Mizzvampy7, Speedy guy 9

Major: Cryo5, Wabbles754, 81 closter, Boulder 66,  iluvpuffles5, 81 Closter, Boulder66, Splashbud556, tydog1999, Rockhillrock, Macita23, Lulu833, Pieman4000, Skreebel, Jojo1843, Captincool, Oyo8, Fo24, Mommacat, Menelik, Zman321, Gokhan137, Ronaldo54470, Aerwghy, Rocky25721, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Lowman7

Captain: Gator 894, Chatosush, Erici98, Club boy1 2, Timmy6118, Tap Dancer36, Aswsome J, Miley4140, Todd3646, nicolas65432, Greg2002, Ship30, Rasberry7896, Slipnslushy, Samrocks, Icedude01, Skyfish, Chrisangel64, Struedel Man, terric,  moonlight632, Awesome088, Phoenixfury8, shelltoucan

Lieutenant: Indytig10, downes2, 2344blakie, Puffle Man22, funrookie, Qjx2b, DUNNOANYTHIN, Bubbles66382, Clappy 09, Diggly123, Bawhop, Scotty9100, Mew6, evan65702, samirakiwan


——————-Member Line——————-

Other Ranks

WW Janitor (0):

WW N00b (1): Wabbles754

Recently Retired Leader/Advisor: Scampi Bri, Lucario564

Second Advisor: Vicxyz, Greenday9991


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat


If you think you deserve a promo, comment the following : 

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Why you should get a promo

Congrats to those promoted and… uh, be more active for the ones demoted.

– Wex, Lje, and Pinkey

22 Responses

  1. *doesn’t comment*

  2. Can I also be the WW Janitor?

  3. yay i got a promo

  4. Congrats to those who got promos!
    To those who got demotions, work harder.


  5. ya congrats to ppl who got promos

  6. I don’t think I should be demoted because the only reason i have been innactive is because school started for me like 2 weeks ago so if you dont understand dont but i try to be as active as i can

  7. I should get a promo since i retired. (wary)

  8. XD

  9. 😀 FIELD MARSHAL!! yay.

  10. Sweet, Major General *goo*

  11. How the fuck does Skater have a higher rank then me!?!?!?!?!?!? ._. Fucked up to me. ._.

  12. But atleast he ranked up and i did too.

  13. Poppymelt
    Head Warlord
    I come on chat alot and im cool.

  14. Rad is beating me barely……. (shock) i remember before promos, he was behind me in Brigadier. (shock)

  15. Watch the language…

  16. wow thanks! im promoted yay!

  17. Wex your a mean person…
    Lje: Yes.. yes, he is.

  18. LOL

  19. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA i got promo =)

  20. I can taste mod now. *licks lips* Taste like Cherries.

  21. meh you guys need to update the ranks page *chew*

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