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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Them again. It’s time…

Lje edit #2: I will be late to the PB- sorry ’bout that.

Wex Edit: Well, I won’t be online from Saturday afternoon till Monday afternoon. Good luck against NW. Don’t die on me when I’m gone for only three days 😯 And 2ics, you were made as a 2ic for a reason so this is a good time to help out.

Lje edit: If we do lose Tundra, I have an idea which I need to discuss with Pinkey and Wex. Let’s make sure it doesn’t come to that.

Scampi Bri’s Edit: Please WW, don’t lose this. Make Wii, Diagla, Spacey, Luc, Green, and other past leaders (including me) proud. Show that WW will not be over run by the likings of another army.

…to show the Night Warriors that no matter what they do, we will not give up Tundra. Vendetta mentions he feels betrayed by our actions against NW recently (when we did not even fight them, or fight any fight in the war). Betrayed by us? What have we done to ”betray” you?

But enough of my rambling and moaning. They want a fight, presumably. So let’s give them one hell of a fight. Let’s show them what it means to mess with WW.




  • 1pm PST

  • 2pm MST

  • 3pm CST

  • 4pm EST

  • 9pm UK



We will defend our nation.

-Lje98, WW Leader.

-Wexfief, WW Leader.

-Pinkeypiebea/Pinkiceygirl, WW Leader.



25 Responses

  1. 1st, and maybe

  2. 1st and i can come

  3. meybe i will and 3rd

  4. Hell, I will do my best to make it.

  5. Jesus Christ, this is antagonising D:
    Probably can’t come, but I will try my very best to come.

  6. Dont think so but I will try

  7. ill come hmmph lets show them what we got

  8. I think i can make it if something doesnt popup…

  9. I can’t come. Well, I’m inferring that we can bring ACP, or the Tundra alliance.

  10. I will come.



  12. Im gonna try as hard as I can to make it.

  13. Coming!

  14. Vendetta lies. Always has, always will. RPF would help, but given that RPF always gets betrayed and left to die when we go on rouge support ventures, we won’t this time.
    Lje edit: WW is not like that. WW will not leave you to die and betray you.

  15. Coming.

  16. And Josh, I believe we should come and help defend due to the fact that we own part of Tundra. *ONO*

  17. The GT Chat might log-in as WW at the time of this event.

    Be There.

  18. I can’t make it…

  19. Maybe, just maybe.

  20. I would also encourage raiding fog, for im sure tundra is being raided at this second

  21. Yeah ok, lets pwn some NW

  22. I can make it a 4:00

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