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We lost…

Wex Edit: Listen, NW had about 25-30 people, which is a little smaller than expected. If at least 20 people came, we may have been able to save Tundra. Unfortunetly, about, or maybe even less than 10 came.


…because barely any of you could be bothered to actually turn up.

I don’t mind losing with dignity- you know, at least putting up a real good fight of it. But losing like this? Pathetic. None of you care. None of you give a damn.

None of you really deserve the promos given out just 3 days ago. None of you can be bothered to turn up to the defence of our capital. IF YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO TURN UP TO THAT, THEN YOU CAN’T BE BOTHERED TO TURN UP TO ANYTHING! AM I RIGHT?

As for NW? You will pay. You will pay dearly. For I don’t care what Bri tells me to do, because it’s gonna embarrass us or whatever. You will pay. No-one takes our capital server and walks away without harm.

NW, soon will come your endgame. Soon you will be reduced to rubble. You could have avoided this. But you chose the wrong choice, Vending Machine.


24 Responses

  1. *doesn’t comment*

  2. No comment here

  3. *doesn’t comment*

  4. I was at a lunch thing with my family .-.

  5. I apologize for not coming. I had stupid fencing. D:

  6. well MAYBE you shouldnt make teh Uk times so, um, late?! i might aswell start a uk rebellion army. 😡

  7. Beaver, I agree totally, but it wasn’t our leaders who decided on the times, because we were defending, not invading. It was Vending Machine and his nooby little friends who chose to make the times so pathetic…

  8. beilive me Lje i was there before the battle with 15 mins and i was on CP too

  9. (nw) They banished me from their chat. i will make sure to see the end.

  10. football. it seems like every time you have an event football football football. If you can, we need MORE RECRUITMENT SESSIONS (some UNSCHEDULED), and get sneaky, we should raid tundra, for the vending machine needs a lesson.

  11. Lje, you don’t blame the soldiers if they couldn’t make it in that way. Some people were doing something else.

    As for myself, I was enjoying myself in NY…

  12. I got an idea. September 11th NW are having a practice fight with Nachos. Matterhorn. Town.
    4:00 P.M EST

    3:00 P.M CST

    2:00 P.M MST

    1:00 P.M PST

    9:00 P.M UK

    We could raid it?

  13. I don’t get why you guys are so angry. Yes you lost your capital,but it is not the end of the world. And is it really fair to blame NW for your loss?

  14. Please boys and girls, vending machine is a nice guy, it’s Vengina we have to be pissed off about.

  15. guys you lost its over get over it :

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