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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Well, well, well.

Hello all! I’m here simply to do some simple “advising”.

Here’s some things i’d like to comment on:

1. Chat

Many of you do not come chat at all during the weekdays after school or whatever you have to do. I understand that is because of some after school sports, homework, homework then dinner, hanging out with friends, etc.


I’m sure days aren’t always like that. Also, I don’t see our good friend Lje on chat much. I come home from school at 2:30 CST, I do my homework, then come on chat at around 2:45 CST, and that is 8:45 UK, a time in which Lje usually would come on, or still be on.

Now Lje, i’m not trying to call you out or anything, but pick it up. Stop arguing with people on chat, do not get defensive when someone jokingly insults the UK, and quit with the rants. No one enjoys being around a person like that. Now, you don’t have to listen to me. I advise you do, but you probably won’t. Now my next subject…

2. The Site

Okay, so i’m doing some site updates this weekend. No, i’m not doing the events widget because I don’t want to update it every time theres a new event. That’s the responsibility of Pinkey, Lje, or Wex. No, it doesn’t have to be a graphic like it currently is. Some big orange text with some information would do just fine.

3. Seriousness

Everyone, stop taking everything so serious. This is a game, although games should have some serious times, they don’t need to be ALL the time.

4. Leadership

Okay, sooooo. Coming onto leadership. Just a few tips for the future, don’t jbomb a lot, remote to WAFFLE bombs. They are large and epic. 😆 Also, do random smiley charges. Also, don’t always use E+9 as a defense. Those are getting old.

5. Soldiers

Now for you soldiers, quit being lazy. You can’t keep letting a enemy army win battles against you and let them get away with impunity. You have to fight to keep the servers you own, and you have to fight to be proud.

6. Other

Nearing to the end of my post, i’d like to say: YOU DON’T ALWAYS HAVE TO MAKE AN “EDIT” TO A POST TO GET WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY. And, don’t use the SITE as a fighting ground. I noticed how Lje and Tomb had a little argument through the WW and NW site posts. no. Don’t do that, that’s just immature. Leave the fighting for battles.


I hope I got everything I needed to say in.. Meaning I hope I didn’t forget anything. 😀

Anyways, WW, stay sexy, stay strong, and stay… sexy.

~Scampi Bri 😉

15 Responses

  1. Ugh. >.< I said "also" in two sentences in a row.

  2. Awesome post, heh.


  3. more than half of it was cussing lje WOW

  4. Goldshadow7: LOL.

  5. Oh btw Wex, two armies own Wool Socks, my suggestion is to call off teh invasion to prevent future mishappings.

  6. Good advice ._.

  7. Actually Bri i couldnt come on chat becuz of religion things *WARY*


  9. Stay sexy? eww wierd. well, i am kinda lazy but not rarely. i can only be on chat friday,saturday,and maybe sunday.

  10. One thing ^^
    I retired on Monday. So, no more CP Armies for me.
    If you want me to make a retirement post, i already did from last time but ww were so lazy they didnt bother to post it.
    I’ll miss bri and lje..and a few others

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