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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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1000th WW POST/Luc is back?

Well well well, it’s been quiet a while since I’ve come on chat, and it’s been about 3 months since I’ve retired, but my fall is approaching which means 2 weeks with nothing to do =/

So then I went on the WW site and saw WOW WW FELL A LOT. I went on chat and asked a few people what was going on. The answer I got was the same every time, “Lje has killed ww” and stuff like that so that is why all of the leaders have come to a decision.

Trial Info

When – Tomorrow (Saturday September 18th)

Time – 10:00am pst/1:00 pm est

Who – WW owner ranks ONLY

Why – To talk about WW leadership

Were – Chat will be announce on WW chat

Lje will go on trial tomorrow and it will be decided if he is fired from WW or not, if Lje can’t attend or he makes up any reason whatsoever that he can’t go he is automatically guilty and fired from WW.

Anyway, on a positive note, tomorrow at the trial, it will also be decided if I return as leader or not, and if I do believe me, we are going to be in the top 5 again. that would mean I would’ve brought WW back 5 times!!!! After leaving and coming back NO ONE IN ARMIES HAS BROUGHT BACK THE SAME ARMY 5 TIMES TO THE TOP 5. So lets see if we can do it 😉

I bet you guys didn’t expect this for a 1000th post

-This. is. War.

Luc… WW Leader?

36 Responses

  1. You better come back or Imma kill you *d*

  2. Me here


  4. Oh yeah blame the Brit 😥

  5. Oh Hell. >.<
    And I'd be interested to know just who actually said I was killing WW.
    And what exactly have I done to kill WW? I know it's probably a case of ''You haven't done ANYTHING, that's how you killed WW'' and I'm genuinly sorry.

    So yah.
    And one last thing- would I be allowed to rejoin WW (Idc what rank)?

  6. And what if I actually can’t make it? Not saying that I won’t be able to, but it’s slightly unfair if I actually have a genuine reason and I still get fired…

  7. And it’s been just over two months since you retired Luc!

  8. wow the truth on why you have cancelled the battle is that ww are failing epicly my army are larger then ww by 20 troops and im sick of saying it because my army would win mukluk so you cancelled it because ww in the past month have being failing very very epicly and as i said if you didnt show up on mukluk i would claim rooms.

    • The truth we cancelled it is because we can’t even afford to waste time againest some n00b army that claims they have so much people and has no join page. And you can’t even comment. Fix your crappy site.

  9. Crystal Warriors are Invading Powder Ball
    Date: Sunday September 19th, 2010
    Times: 6 Est
    5 Cst
    4 Mst
    3 Pst
    Cyas there good luck!

  10. XD THAT WAS THE SUPRISE THAT WEX was talking about

  11. Why am I being trialled when Pinkey does nothing AT ALL? Luc just wants me gone, end of story.

    Poor Lje.

    We should have a poll to decide whether he goes or not, because it is NOT FAIR if you owner ranks decide. We are the soldiers of watex warriors. You are not in control. We are.


  14. Its not my fault lje im going through something right now -__-

  15. Lje probably never did anything activly wrong. Maybe he was a bad leader, but you can’t put someone on trial for incompetence. -.-

  16. You shouldn’t fire Lje. You fix a problem, not make it worse. You should give Lje advice! Just talk to him and than maybe he’ll get the Picture.
    Good luck, Lje.

  17. well you can give lje advice good advice

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