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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Meeting Chats

Luc edit – I like the idea but it could use… a lot of work

Hello all! Quick post.

Thanks to one of our great 2ics, Mgmbl311 has made our 3 meeting chats. One for each of our 3 branches of government. If you don’t know what the 3 branches of government are, go to the nation/government page to find out!

Committee of Owners Meeting Chat- http://xat.com/wwcommittee

Commerce of Moderators Meeting Chat- http://xat.com/wwcommerce

Council of Members Meeting Chat- http://xat.com/wwcouncil

If you’re in one of these branches of government (you can find out by going to the nation/government page), then you use these to go to meetings for your own group. If you’d like to schedule a meeting for your group, tell someone on the site and they’ll post the info for you.

21 Responses

  1. The last two are the same.

  2. And cant we use watexwarriors ?


  4. You’ll need to put these links on the Nations Page. Besides, is this really necessary? It’s unlikely that there will be more than one meeting at a time.

    • Yes, it is necessary. These aren’t for when there’s more than one meeting at a time. They’re for each organization to meet with them selves and discuss what they think should be changed, etc.

      This is giving troops lower than owner ranks some responsibility to make scheduled things and take up a larger roll in WW.

      I mean, The House of Representatives and the Senate don’t all meet in one huge room together, do they?

  5. We might need to add temp. contributers in case something is wrong with the nation or something like that. We COULD add in case, but I’m guessing it’s not need. The leaders of each branch might need to post something about the mods or members. It will be a little easier to do it (it might be easier, I don’t know).

  6. im in the council of members 🙂

  7. No they don’t. Point taken. But since none of this applies to ME, why should I care? I mean wtf, I have no athourity. I’m not even on the counil of mod or whatever. Really? Wtf??

  8. We should have a meeting for EVERY group to owner everyone on their group’s chat.

  9. im in the council of members 🙂

  10. DAMMIT BRI I’M JUST BITTER. How long do I have to wait for my high rank while new people who I’ve never heard or breeze right by me?

  11. I’ll be there?

  12. Dirt and cewan. I dont know who the eff dirt is. Cewan hasnt been on in a few months. They can’t compare with my activeness. AND BOTH OF THEM CANT COMPARE WITH MY TIME OF SERVICE ANYWAY.

    I can only conclude that either

    1. You are Insane

    2. Dirt and Cewan either begged for extra power, or they’re your friends

    3. You just don’t care, and make random decisions

    I don’t see the point of giving un-active people more power, and then complaining about 3ics and people who don’t do anything. Really. Also, I did a bit of thinking, and I’ve found that I HOLD THE RECORD OF KEEPING ONE RANK FOR INDEFINITE PERIODS OF TIME. NOBODY HAS KEPT ONE RANK FOR A LONG TIME THAN ME. And what do I get? A mod rank with no power, except to ban people who will be unbanned by leaders in the next second. I was an owner rank once, I did fine, and I can again.

    Yep, I’m ranting. DEAL WITH IT!

    • Rant again, you’ll ruin your chances of even being in the commerce.

      1. Dirt is Coolmusicboy, he is on chat a lot, who are you to judge if he’s active or not because you’re not on chat all the time.

      2. You said you don’t care about any of the government so why should I include you

      3. If you actually read the nations page, it’s one person from each ranking. So the real person you should be fighting your spot over with is Disco, not people ranks below you.

      Oh and, maybe if you mature a little i’ll add you to the commerce, but for now you’ve proven me with no reason what so ever to do so.

  13. Do we get to be like mod in teh chat of member council? *wary*

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