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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Behind the Scenes – The WW Chat Hacking


  • Basic Info About the Hacking
  • Additional Hacking News

Well, I will just tell you how and why our main Watex Warriors chat got hacked and some background information about it.

  • Basic Info About the Hacking

First of all, if you didn’t realize already, our main Watex Warriors chat has been hacked yesterday, Tuesday night. We have easily found the suspect due to the fact that a couple of our soldiers had been online during the hacking. The suspect is… Zappeh255.

Zap is a formal WW Leader. He has become a leader twice : once during the Spring of 2010 and the August of 2010. His leadership in the Spring was successful. However, his leadership in August was not. When he was chosen as leader [by Lje98], Zap was on vacation. When he came back from his long vacation, he got into a huge fight that lasted an entire day with Lje where Lje yelled at Zap for being a horrible leader. At the end of the day, Zap retired cause of Lje and even on his retirement post, Lje and Zap were still fighting.

His hacking has not related with just this, but with Bri also according to Goldshadow7, a WW Field Marshal. Zap has blamed Bri for being leader before for by becoming leader in one day. Another reason is that he is angry at Bri for being on the Hall of Fame while Zap isn’t.

When he hacked WW chat, he wrote messages such as “Ah, revenge feels good” and on the chat subtitle wrote “Join WW if you’re an idiot.” Fortunetly, Luc has reset the chat via email. However, he has not been online yet so all WW is using http://xat.com/watexwarriors .

  • Additional Hacking News
  • I have done some additional research and found shocking news : the Crystal Warriors’ chat has been hacked as well.

    When Zap retired from WW in August, he moved to CW to become a CW Leader. He later retired from all CP Armies. Yesterday, according to Jcm21, Zap hacked WW chat due to the fact that Jcm excessively kicked him for cursing. Zap couldn’t take it anymore and hacked the chat. Of course, CW regained control of the chat.

    Well, I was going to add interviews from Goldshadow and Jcm but they aren’t online. But still, isn’t this a quality post? 😉


    14 Responses

    1. This post sucks D:<

    2. Quality post, hmm.

    3. Lol. I’m online now.

    4. Wex, this isn’t CPAC.

      • I think our chat being hacked warrants a post on our site, amirite?

      • I agree, Mr Lee Jee.

    5. hmmmmm,this is all very, weird WHICH CHAT SHOULD I BE ON?

    6. Wow. Guys, this wouldnt happen if we hadn’t kept needling him. I mean look, he snapped. Zap was a very bad boy, but even so, I still agree with him on one point: Zap has blamed Bri for being leader before for by becoming leader in one day. Another reason is that he is angry at Bri for being on the Hall of Fame while Zap isn’t.

      Yeah, really? That’s not nice.


    8. Zappeh said that Bri gave him the pass to the chat. ^_^

    9. Wow… I can’t believe Zap would do that.

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