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DCP used allies = We win, yay.

Ohay Watex Warriors. So today during our defense of Snow Bound, we were winning against DCP for about 10 minutes, then oh, all of a sudden they must have at least doubled in size, why you ask? They brought the UMA.

So, when confronted about this, Brandon said that “DCP is a colony of UMA” blah blah blah. To me, that doesn’t make an excuse. UMA never posted on their site about invading us, only DCP.

I’m counting this as cheating because DCP waited about 10 minutes AFTER the battle even started to start calling UMA.

Also, UMA has declared war on us for reasons of the unknown. If it’s going to be both DCP AND UMA in this war, then WW is getting an ally as well.

24 Responses

  1. 1RST WE PWN

  2. 1st and tht my pic

  3. AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA. Victory is sweet.


  5. i mean 2nd and 4th woot

  6. the first pic is my pic : )

  7. Awesome, we won since they broke the rule 😀

  8. I know an ally but I dont really know if they would accept…

  9. Wasn’t allies.
    We are a colony. Need proof? 😀 go to:
    http://umaofcp.com/2010/10/02/what-is-a-colony-and-what-is-an-ally/ So, there. BAM!

    • An ally is someone who helps another army though so it still counts as an ally.

    • And if DCP is a colony of UMA, then WW can be a colony of ACP. Big deal….

    • No, ACP couldn’t help WW. Because then it would be get really, really confusing. ACP is allied to DCP and RPF. And RPF is allied to UMA and DCP. Super confusing.

      Also, being a colony is something that’s humiliating. Sure you get extra protection, but you have to give in to their political ideals, you have to take orders from them, they are prioriterized over you, etc.

      It’s like marrying the chief of police in a corrupt city for protection but having to work as his slave for it.

    • Kara, I’m just trying to say that they lost cause they brought UMA to help…

    • Lol, and Kara, I guess if you’re a colony, you’re not independent and not counted as your own army…

      SO NO TOP 10 FOR DCP. 😆

    • I guess they can’t be on the Top 10 if they’re a colony of UMA.

    • a colpny is a group of bats *WARY*

  10. Oh and colonies, since they aren’t their own army, can’t invade anyone so EAT IT

    • No Colonies refers to the nations, and nations have armies. While they shouldn’t be on the Top 10 they can still invade, it just depends whether or not their overlords send help.

  11. GT will be your colony, we are at war with UMA and DCP too. 😛

  12. LOL What a bunch of losers 😛 I agree with Luc, Bri, and Wex.

    • The only question is, is it because they’re Luc, Bri, and Wex? Or is it because you thurally thought through it and decided to agree to their point of view?

      Be honest to yourself.

  13. You just don’t seem to understand what a colony is. You think of it as a term, but it is more than that. DCP is a colony of UMA not because they said they were, but because they pledged to be. With all their heart and all their soul.

    UMA now pretty much can run DCP, because they are a colony. Now DCP has to be Communist, becuase they are a colony.

    You have a completly different mindset on what a colony is, a completly propagandic one. You should not be able to use the term “colony” as though it is an ally conceled. You should use it as almost part of the army, but to different to be part of the army. More of a vassel state almost.

  14. Oh and Wwe, you just cant “claim” servers. You have to invade them. So really, most of those servers arent yours. 😐

  15. can we just get this straight? DCP lost, no harm done, ok?

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