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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Promotion Day || New Leader Poll || New 2ic

Bri’s Edit: Hai! Be sure to come on chat and vote for the event you think we should have next!


Once again, it is the first day of a new month which means PROMOTION DAY!

You probably clicked read more already you greedy, ignorant fool. However, the mod rank promos are now a little more strict. Well, I guess you guys are too eager to see if you got a promotion or not, so now click read more to see if you got one!

Green – Promotions

Red – Demotions

Army Ranks:

Leader(s): Scampi Bri, Wexfief

Advising Leader: Lucario564

Co-Leaders: Mgmbl311, Nightwolf, Poppymelt

——————-Owner Line——————

Head Warlord (3ic): Disco70s, Uga77, Antimatter2, Cewan

Warlord: Kingfunks4, Mattybon, Lje98, Hurricanex1, NickoCP

Major General: Beast, Etac14, Master Kyl, Dirt55, Skater123412

General: Danthemanr1, Doodygirl1, Solraida,  Goldshadow7

——————-Mod Line——————-

Field Marshal: Radwan006, Popcorn31336, Elimz, Canada83, Fluffyboy3, BuckleyBeans

Brigadier: Master Rebel

Commander: Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Goliath619

Colonel: Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird

Major: llyodbanks56, fluffyboy3dj, fluffyboy208

Captain: bulldogs5005, bakugan138



——————-Member Line——————-

Other Ranks

WW Janitor:

Advisor: Greenday9991

Waffle Lord: Vicxyz


= Owner On Chat; = Mod On Chat; = Member On Chat


If you have any issues, comment here and we’ll answer it.


Anyways, Bri and I had a conversation about the ranks Thursday. After talking about how Luc is an “Advising Leader” who isn’t that active, Bri and I have decided to get a new leader!

First of all, if we are going to have a new leader, we need a 3ic to replace that person’s spot! Therefore, Bri and I have chosen this new 2ic and it is…


Congrats Anti! Disco, don’t get dissapointed. You may be the next 2ic! 😉

We have chosen Anti because of these reasons :

  • He’s been in WW for a really long time.
  • During our fall in April, only Anti [who was a 4ic] and I were posting events. He was also really active.
  • He can lead pretty well.

Anyways, for the new leader, Bri and I have chosen only two candidates. They are… :

Nightwolf and Mgmbl311

Oh no, Bri and I aren’t going to choose the leader. We can’t even decide who should be the next leader! You are going to decide.

As citizens of the Watex Warriors, you will vote on who should be the next leader. No, this isn’t a popularity contest. This is to see which leader would benefit us the most! [Wolf and Mgm may make an edit about why they should be leader.]

To vote, comment the following:

Name –

Rank [You must be in WW to vote] –

Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? –

Vote wisely and good luck to all!

-Where Foes become Friends; -Wooooooooooooo; -Play the Game Right; -This is War; -That was then, this is now; –Together we stand, Divided we fall.

-Wexfief and Scampi Bri

56 Responses

  1. 1st

  2. Beast
    Major General

  3. good job evry one to the people who got promoted and for the demoshins get more active and start eating waffles!!!

    waffles win ~fluffy

  4. Goldshadow7

  5. Can I vote pl0x

  6. SWEM! hi. *wary*

  7. wooo i went up 1!!!!

  8. I was about to whine, until you made that sentence LOL.
    Name –Disco70s

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – 3ic (Head Warlord)

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – Wolf

  9. Oh PS: Vickyz is demoted and still the same rank XP
    PSS: Yay, my new name! :mrgreen:

  10. elimz
    field marshall

  11. Oh and Wofl, no bribing and such.

  12. Plz join my army. We look up to u guys as our role models! We are an army who loves having wars and battles and u WILL have alot of fun if u join us! U GUYS ROCK!



  13. popcorn31336

  14. Greenday9991


    Wolf *wary*

  16. Can’t edit D: but anyways.
    Campaign site *shifty*


  17. I probably won’t ever get a promo again, come to think of it. But whatever…
    Name: Lje98
    Rank: Warlord *grumble*
    Votee: Mgm. Sorry Wolf, but Mgm is more experienced than you, and has been in WW longer.
    -Long live my… never mind, this is the internet, so there’s no privacy.

  18. i cant vote its to hard mgm or wolf

  19. ~Radwan006
    ~field marshal (UN)
    ~WOLFY =D
    PS: *removed *removed why do i don’t get promo 😥 i tried to get on battles as possible as i can but when i come in i fing that the battle ended. PLZ try to understand me im telling the truth

    • oh and to wex/bri you should be proud to have a noble warrior like me….THE MOST ACTIVE WARRIOR IN WW(before school started:S) but im still the most active and i at least deserve a thanks becuz im the only one who is on CP when wex quits battles (CRS) and at the Fjord frenzy NOBODY came except me and nicko 😦

    • Rad, i got a promo cuz of my activeness on WW chat. Even though i didn’t make it to many events, it’s cuz of my activeness. Either start going to the events, or be really active on chat.

    • Rad, you’re not the most active in WW *wary*


    • but you guys are all off at that time (CRY2) WHY PPL don’t care about what i say 😦

  20. Score 4-3. Leaders vote later.

  21. Dirt55
    Wolf! Vote Wolf!

  22. Name –fluffyboy3

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – field marshal

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – wolf and mgm are both good 2ic’s but i cannot chose its to hard

  23. 1. The Beaver2
    2. Don’t have one yet, just re-joined

  24. Name – fluffyboy3

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] –feild marshal

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – wolf

  25. Name – canada83

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] –feild marshal

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – mgm

  26. 6-5 Mgm. Remember, at the end, Bri and I will vote.

  27. Name – Hurricanex1

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – Warlord

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – Both!

  28. Danthemanr1

  29. Thank you Bri.

    Name – Antimatter2

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – Head Warlord (Possibly 2ic)

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – VIVA MGM 🙂

  30. “May”?

  31. Name – Kingfunks4
    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – 3ic *d* I got demoted to 4ic when my computer broke down so I count myself as 3ic *dhat*.
    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – Nightwolf

  32. Crash(fireballds)

  33. 8-7 Mgm o_o wow…

  34. Mgm. I has no rank, but I used to be 2ic, and I am thinking of rejoining.

  35. SWEMMY. Join the Pirates again. *D*
    Anyways, I gotta vote.
    Name –Cewan

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] –Head Warlord(3ic)

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? –Mgm.

  36. Name – Braveboy
    Rank – 3ic
    Nightwolf OR MGM – Wolf 🙂


  37. Name – Uga77

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – 3ic

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – MGM

  38. Name –llyodbanks56

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] –captain or something…

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – wolf i never saw these people on chat

  39. Name- Ark428

    Rank- Retired Leader


  40. master rebel

  41. 10-12 i believe…… *wary* 😯

  42. Name – fluffyboy208

    Rank [You must be in WW to vote] – some member rank

    Nightwolf or Mgmbl311? – night wolf

  43. 1rst comment in 2011 xp

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