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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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The WW is with ACP.

The Watex Warriors of Club Penguin are alongside ACP in this upcoming war. We will help ACP. The Army of Club Penguin is being attacked for reasons of the unknown, mostly jealousy.

The Nachos are supposedly declaring war on the ACP due to ACP’s government. Let me say this, the ACP do not need outsiders to come inside their walls and try to change their government. That isn’t reasonable. ACP’s ‘government’ is doing perfectly fine the way it is. Bob, Mchappy, and the other 2ics & 3ics have done nothing wrong.

The Nachos are doing what is wrong. They should actually man-up and FIGHT the ACP themselves. They shouldn’t drag 80% of the Top 10 armies with them to do the dirty work FOR them.

This war is completely un-called for. The ACP have done nothing wrong, besides in what Nachos opinion of wrong is making a few rules and reasonable ones at that for Club Penguin Warfare over a year ago. Obviously, if someone didn’t take a stand the last time ACP passed supposedly a CP army rule bill without the consent of the others in the Top 10, then there was obviously nothing wrong with them.

To you in the alliance- Really? What is the point of trying to take down ACP. ACP is where most of your recruits are coming from. ACP is where 75-85% of people in CP armies currently were trained and learned. ACP has done nothing wrong.

ACP being a supposed dictatorship isn’t a bad thing, in less the ‘dictator’ has bad motives of wrong doing. Bob, I beleive isn’t doing anything wrong harming the ACP. Although WW isn’t, and never will be a dictatorship, I think dictatorships are good for CP armies because it get’s things done, if they’re done in the right way and not the bad. Which again, ACP isn’t doing bad things.

~ Scampi Bri

19 Responses

  1. Okay.

  2. Wow, the Nachos are seriously confused once they battle

  3. Nachos are gonna be pissed XD

  4. Didn’t the Nachos specifically state that they weren’t attacking ACP’s government?

  5. i actually didn’t understand a word after ACP…is this politics? :S no rly i didn’t

    • Rad, basically, the Nachos are attacking ACP for no reason, and WW is with ACP.
      I completely agree with this decision. The ACP are our allies, don’t forget.
      As Commando would say- Fight The Good Fight.

  6. if your the leader well done

    On that post


  7. The anchos arent declaring watr for just those reasons. They are tired of ACP running over every army during every war. Everytime the nachos make an accomplishment, ACP is there to ruin it. Boomer puts bias on his posts on CPAC, on fjord you cant wear a sunbrero without being attacked by a huge green n00bfest. No ones capital is supposed to be occupied by little green idiots so suddenly. Oagal is always trying to plan ways to tear down the next largest army. ACP owns 18 servers, most of them are big servers . You cant go anywhere on club penguin without seeing an ACP troop, that is just sad. ACP even gave US a land grant for OUR capital :roll:. Nachos DON’T get recruits from ACP, incase you didn’t noticeevery person in ACP hates the nachos. ACP averages About 10 recruits DAILY, and you think any of those people who so deeply hate the nachos will join ACP? Lol. We would declare War on NW if it kept raiding our servers wouldn’t we, they are rivals right? Its the Same situation with nachos and acp. I don’t see why all of the sudden we are pro ACP, but I can tell you you’re just fighting to keep ACP number one forever,and maybe for half of fjord or sometheing.

  8. Thanks Bri and the rest of WW!

    ~Kenneth1000 ACP 2ic

  9. Thats sad, thos earent evn the reasons why hey declared war

  10. sounds like fun:-)

  11. Nachos are going to cry when we kill them.

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