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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Training Session

Bri’s Edit: Wex, I deleted your post because those events won’t/didn’t get good turn outs and you can’t come to either of them so what’s the point?

Hello WW! I do not look at the performance you guys showed today in a bad way. It could have been worse, we could have had 5 people instead of 13. And I apologize for not coming when I said I would; something important popped up.

Anyways, i’ll be scheduling a Training Session. Now, this isn’t your ordinary training session. This Training will not only help us improve our tactics, but so we can at least prove that we are still number 5.

*~*~*~*~ TRAINING SESSION ~*~*~*~*

  • When: Saturday, October 30th
  • Where: Powder Ball
  • Times: 1 pm PST, 2 pm MST, 3 pm CST, 4 pm EST, 9 pm UK

If something else pops up like something to do with the current up rising ‘World War’ then we’ll un schedule this and attend the battle. Either way, we can show our true size in which I know we have.

We gotta lose some to win some.


~ Scampi Bri

34 Responses

  1. yes

  2. We’ll see as time goes on!

  3. isn’t next saturday the 30th?

  4. I believe I can.

  5. i can probably come

  6. I will come.

  7. Hey guys its me dark i got meh computer fixed so ill be able to come i was wondering if i can still have my same rank?

  8. October the 30th…..I’m on vacation D= But I may make it

  9. I can’t. Hockey.

  10. I MIGHT COME 🙂

  11. I can come (but I might get ready for Halloween).

  12. I should be there.

  13. Got it

  14. I have a 80% chance that I can come

  15. yes

  16. of course!!! 🙂

  17. As far As I know I can come. but something may pop up.

  18. nope that is the day my vacation starts

  19. It is quite possible that I don’t know if I cannot come. However, of the slight chance that I maybe should not come is quite understandible considering I’m not going to specifically not show up for reasons that I maybe don’t know. If that possibility proves correct, I cannot decide whether I will not be there even if I couldn’t in the process.

  20. I think I can come!

  21. I CAN COME 🙂

  22. Sorry I haven’t been so active lately 😮

    I will most likely be able to come to this

  23. Hello. You may not have heard of us, but we are the club penguin detectives. We are inviting you to attend a ‘fight for fun’ tournament, which many other armies will be taking part in. If you wish to join this event, then here are the details:

    Server: Crunch

    Date: Friday, 29th October


    •2:oo EST
    •1:00 CST
    •12:00 MST
    •11:00 PST
    •7:00 UK
    here is a link to our site:


    We hope you come and enjoy yourselves

  24. I should be able to make it. P.S. add me to the ranks I just joined

  25. khimo be coming *awe*

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