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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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We aren’t scared of you, and no we aren’t calling in any allies. In less, you do of course. You can raid all you want, we don’t really care about raids because they don’t really do anything.

You’re actually being really immature about all of this, when WW isn’t even doing anything. You’re making up immature nick names, coming to our chat and camping when you’re banned forever, and commenting on our site arguing. Are we doing that to you? No. We don’t really care about you DW.

– Scampi Bri

To DW:

9 Responses

  1. Exactly. They’re just a bunch of immature losers.

  2. that I agree with 100%. Were not afraid of those idiots and if theyve made names I got many for them DW can be tons of bad names. DW are 5 year olds!

  3. we’re ganna kick ass

  4. Bri, we called in TG because you called in RFW.Don’t deny because a lot of our troops saw them.The truth is, you are scared.You dun wanna fight on weekdays because you know that WW would get pwned.Either WW comes to our events and fight, or you guys lose both and we get Snowbound.WW will probably fall right out of the Top 10 and die.If you change, or delete my comment.There will be more of invading you.We will invade you and end you.This is your chance to surrender.All of us know you can’t lead Bri.Give up now and save your army from a major fall, or continue fighting and die.Your choice and if I were you, I would choose wisely.Save your army, or kill it.
    ~Motoxjohn DW Dark Lord

    • LMAO, YOU IDIOT I WAS ACTING LIKE I WAS RFW FOOL. Dude, TG was online before I was even acting like them.

    • TG was there before RFW got there. Nice try though. And I don’t want to fight on Weekdays because WW is horrible on weekdays, and I never said WW wasn’t going to come to ANY events.

      Srsly, i’m not scared. Stop trying to threaten us because you’re just embarrassing your self.

      And I can’t lead? Wowsers. If I left this army it would fall, like it did a month ago.

      You seem to use the word die a lot.

      And your comment just proved that DW is in fact only attacking WW to get me out of place when I have done nothing to you Motox.

  5. First of all I wanted to say Shut up Motox your an idiot you act like your a leader of the strongest army of clubpenguin but your a leader of a weak army. WW have done nothing to you or DW. Bri is doing a great job of leading us or there would of been complaints. You guys are the scared ones you were weak on clubpenguin so you called TG because DW and you were afraid we had bigger numbers than you in the middle of your little raid then you were too scared to fight and whined to TG. DW you are a power hungry army but your too weak to fight you showed up (when I was there) with two people and grew on that then you called TG and we just logged off because there was no point to fight back. DW are just a noob army obivously there power hungry noobs. We aren’t afraid of you power hungry noobs.

    ~Mrchatterbox WW Field Marshall

  6. Earlier in the morning, me and popcorn were on against DW, then Popcorn left. I pwned like 12 of them by my self. I was E+T ‘ing them, WAFFLE bomb and they really weren’t doing anything to me. I agree with you Mrchatterbox. Bri is doing fine. Without Bri, we couldn’t do anything. Smack talk all you want, but dont get cocky. If you get cocky, you’ll lose and die. You choose to raid when everyone is at school, thats a very stupid choice. We’re just gonna get you back in invasions and events. You guys are so stupid, dumbasses.

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