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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Red, Green, Blue. Wake up calls.

Leader: Scampi Bri, Wexfief, Mgmbl311

Co-Leader: Nightwolf, Poppymelt, Antimatter2, Greenday9991, Cewan

Advising Leader: Ark428, Lucario564

——————-Owner Line——————

Head Warlord (3ic): Disco70s, Uga77, Lje98, Flames181

Warlord: Mattybon, NickoCP, Dirt55, Tone739, Bleu Missy

Major General: Etac14, Master Kyl, IceyCold27, Kingfunks4, Fluffyboy3

General: Doodygirl1, Solraida, FireballdsNorthwezzy, Popcorn31336, Elimz, RMSTitanic94

——————-Mod Line——————-

Field Marshal: Dippspips, Canada83, The Beaver2Hordash11, Wyoskyguy, Tw.Zonez, Harry HasHamie111Master Rebel, Mrchatterbox, BuckleybeansThano9

Brigadier: Radar77, Penor343, Jim430Welly290, Yoshi12137EmaccouxThermo199, Tilgen, Ajman9011FiremanhgPlutarch, Danthemanr1, Bottlefanta, Andre9765, Josephp3, 24keyser, Teadan

Commander: Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Konzu, Rocky25721, Jasonx1998, Goliath619, Asdfghjkl888, Jooeric, Dcpt1Grillchz200Splinterman3, 123John3, nicjackson, Kooldude 247, big guy28, Mumble85151, Ronaldy3, Darkslash, 1a3t, Limadude, kimoochin

Colonel: Drake1313, Exoman, Penny550, Khrome, Evan65702Pickle Pie34, Ktonboy98, Bigguy28Lucario9046Jed Pen, Limadude, buble 007, Cavinator2, ronaldy3, 24Keyser

Major: llyodbanks56, Fluffyboy3dj, Fluffyboy208, Bulldogs5005,Bakugan138, Tommypp, Erdl1, Trumpyjosh, Darkslash, aman, buble 007

Captain: Saka98, Mumble13322, Pengton19, Drake155

Lieutenant: Ddoragabi, Cutie70048, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird, Gjmik, Qwaszx51717, Ini 2007, Fluffy11919, Olympiaflash, Megris, Aman, Buble 007

5 Responses

  1. awesome

  2. Ddoragabi and Gjmik should be blue.

  3. You didn’t add me back to the ranks 😦

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