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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Unfair loss: or did we win?

WW, we have been judged unfairly. AR and WW had equal size and tactics during the battle, but AR won based off of one joke bomb that happened 3 minutes after the battle ended.

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– Scampi Bri

51 Responses

  1. Biased judges these days.

  2. ikr, ww should have won

  3. Geez.

  4. Grrr.

  5. blaaaa.

  6. Ikr biased judges I should have won!

  7. well ar won (: good luck next time ww

  8. oh and btw fever uu rock i seen u on youtube even though u lost to ar u can still win just saying even though im in ar XD

  9. There is only one pic up there where it looked like you had better size.

  10. Is it even official AR won? There hasn’t been a results post on CPAC yet

  11. What the….MOTHER$#%@!ERS!! >:|

  12. -_- ar did so many attacks so they won b alot plus they one becuse ar is the best joke atackers even so they won cpac could say ar won ok? deal with it ww u lost 😛

  13. oh and btw ignore by bad spelling XD

  14. Again you are wrong Bri, Take it as a man or shall I say (women) that WW lost instead of making a big deal out of it, AR did win but no you have to go beg to jack to make it a tie just so you can claim victory all to yourself like a terrible leader would. “Unfairly judged” is how i recall this post, What a fail. 😆

    • Do you have any proof of me begging to Jack to make this a tie? I had nothing to do with him making it a tie, get your arrogant and ignorant ass out of here.

  15. ummm are u talking to me firemanhg?
    if u are thx for the info ill put the info up ur ass

  16. also im in ar u dont have to te me i have a life and u dont so ya ur a fail…. ya if u made an army it would be the idoits of cp not te fire ppl lol -Bigfoot1237 btw austin im goin find u on ar chat >:D

  17. ww lost numb! like i said on pc

  18. the nachos won

  19. ya i heard ww lost to nachos and they lost to ar ww has to be batter

  20. were allies thx to graant ~_~ man i wish we would just fight

  21. ar beat u guys u should of made it

  22. ur a noob rebal -_-

  23. ur a noob with a noob army scampi and the name is veyr gay so stick it up ur ass douchenosle noob

  24. ww lost again u guys gonna fall

  25. lol u have problems and btw its rebel not rebal

  26. ya i maybe spelling bad but at least i aint gay

  27. scampi,get a life u mother fucker stick a vagina up ur ass and tell me if ur smarter

  28. whts the mattter rebel to scared to inslut me back u noob

  29. i mean scampi

  30. lol

  31. -_- fail lol

  32. scmpi scampi ur so annyoing

  33. becuse i hate u

  34. and all cp will hate u dumbass

  35. 21 comments on one post bigfoot aka Billybob that must be a new record lol

  36. and the frist noob to make a terrible come back -_-

  37. lol any more dumbass comebacks and u betrayed ar so i would stfu before ur kiddnap >:D

  38. how did i betray AR i was in WW first “-_-“

  39. i was mistake so wht at least im no noob so stfu

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