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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Happy New Year || Promotions || Waffle Award Results

First of all, WW would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! This year has been pretty hectic with a boatload of fun! Let’s hope that 2011 goes our way!

Luc edit – Read the bottom for the extra award

Here are New Year’s Promotions! I was in a rush to do this so…


  • Promotions: Green
  • Demotions: Red

Leader: Scampi Bri, Wexfief, Mgmbl311

Co-Leader: Antimatter2, Billy Mays, Cewan, Greenday9991, Swemaj11

Ambassador (3ic Owner): 57to, Matt, Monster, Disco70s

——————Owner Line—————— 

Head Warlord (3ic Mod): Uga77, Lje98, Fivestartaco, NickoCP, Skater12312, Talyor455, Goldshadow7, Fluffyboy3

Warlord: Mattybon, Bleu Missy, Fireballds, Elimz

Major General: Master Kyl, Icey Cold27, RMSTitanic94, Cookie Cat, Ajman9011, Chrisfarley2, Tone739, Pwener1, Sneezy35, MestirSeñorz, Master Rebel, Darkrider90

General: Northwezzy, Popcorn31336, Etac14, Buritodaily, Dozy12, Dirt55, Bottlefanta

——————Moderator Line——————- 

Field Marshal: Radwan006, Dippspips, Canada83, The Beaver2, Harry Has, Hamie111, Mrchatterbox, Jackjack2006, RJm Rox, Kingfunks4, Saiyaman Xc, Flipper7706, Hpea, King Kinz10, Wonga34, Zach610, Goliath619

Brigadier: Teadan, Wyoskyguy, Thano9, 123John3, Qtgurl6, Mcfred1, Alyassa1, Doodygirl1, Solraida, Greenblah904, Grillchz200

Commander: Josh1093, Hordash11, Buckleybeans, Change, Minhazul8

Colonel: Konzu, 1a3t, Radar77, Penor343, Jim430, Welly290, Yoshi12137, Emaccoux, Thermo199, Tilgen, Firemanhg, Plutarch, Danthemanr1, Andre9765, Josephp3, 24keyser, Asdfghjkl888, Jooeric, Dcpt1, Superpaco24, Mix 1011, Mcfred1, Fire36789, Superpegu10, Nathancool1, Smartuin, Cool Dude429, Megris, Fenix01234, Candy13555

Major: Jed Pen, Super Bo Bo4, Greenoiscool, Rocky25721, Jasonx1998, Splinterman3, Nicjackson, Kooldude 247, Big Guy28, Mumble85151, Ronaldy3, Darkslash, Limadude, Kimoochin, Firegem18, Datruth, J Kid2, Ninja40901, Aaddog, Pottypop, Mumble13322, Fever Army, Kotsad111, Gjmik

Captain: Limadude, Calvinator2, Cavinator2, Bengey, Josh34676, Drake1313, Exoman, Penny550, Khrome, Evan65702, Pickle Pie34, Ktonboy98, Lucario9046, Trumpyjosh

Lieutenant: Ddoragabi, Cutie70048, Yxqgstdsgfrd, Roger628, Pingubird, Qwaszx51717, Ini 2007, Fluffy11919, Olympiaflash, Aman, Buble 007, Saka98, Pengton19, Drake155, Ricomambo1, Kcaj6, Sapphire2010, Dr. 5hadow, El Rey, Rain Bow 777, 1richgirl042, llyodbanks56, Fluffyboy3dj, Fluffyboy208, Bulldogs5005, Bakugan138, Tommypp, Erdl1, Zipyman, Duyvju, Koby2013, James30072, Bearsandcubs, Lukecharles1


Advisor: Ark428, Lucario564

Waffle Lord: Vicxyz


Congrats to everyone who got a promotion!

Lastly, here are the Waffle Award Results!

  • Leader of the Year: Scampi Bri
  • Noob of the Year: Hurricane1x
  • Retired Leader of the Year: Lucario564
  • War of the Year: War vs. Night Warriors (Summer)
  • Battle of the Year: Legends Cup Quarterfinals vs. Nachos (August)
  • Ally of the Year: Army of Club Penguin
  • Enemy of the Year: Dark Warriors
  • Worst Owner Rank of the Year: Poppymelt
  • Most Likely to Become WW Leader: Fluffyboy3
  • Sexiest Soldier of the Year: Scampi Bri
  • Moderator of the Year: Elimz
  • Member of the Year: Bottlefanta
  • Retired Soldier of the Year: Kenni Tram
  • Fial of the Year: Wwebestfan
  • And the Soldier of the Year is…

Congrats to everyone who got an award and to those who got nominated as well! All except the War, Battle, Enemy, and Fial of the Year will get a Waffle Award! Yes, it is edible! 😀

(Eat it Luc, this is much better than the Waffle Award you made last year.)

– Like Luc said last year, a lot did come this year! Thanks for an awesome year WW, and let’s hope for the best!

– Wex WW Leader


Luc Edit – (oh look luc made an edit for the first time in months =O )

Yeah congrats to everyone who got an award, and for those who didn’t there’s always next year right? But the reason im here is to give a special award, one that you didn’t need to vote for because it was too obvious. So without further a due… the

Best WW Leader of All Time Award

goes to…..

Take a guess

cmon guess

I bet you won’t guess right

even if you try

because this person

was in WW way before most of you were born

ok maybe not that long o.o

but he did what no other person

has been able to do


if you think its me

your wrong

I wouldn’t go to all this trouble to give an award to myself

that’s something a vic would do

oh and i’m just stalling you now





if you read every line give yourself a pat on the back because it was pointless

The best WW leader ever goes to…. the person who tought me everything I know about armies and one of the orignial WW and of course someone we will never forget…


If only he was here to receive the award… he would say something like, “I love you all but I dedicate this award to my love colleen, and the Chicago bears will win the Superbowl, get it!”

I guess that’s it… If WW needs me, you know where to find me

-This is our War

-Luc Ex-WW Leader

41 Responses

  1. I am sorry about the delay of this post. I had just recently found out that the site’s time zone was MST. I changed it to EST.

    Anyways, Happy New Year!

  2. Waffle looks burnt on the top left and right edges. (WARY) Jk lol.


  3. I got demoted. 😦

  4. I did not get a promo. Oh well I will ,next time

  5. Welldone waffle winners
    Thanks fir the promotion 😀

  6. son of a b*tch…….i wish i got soldier of the year. D; but its all good. woot im a 3ic! :3

  7. Awesome, I got a promo not long ago so I wasn’t expecting one, therefore I’m not fussed about not getting one now.
    Congratulations to everybody who won an award, you really deserve it!
    And, last of all,


  8. No promotion ._. And you spelled *Fail wrong…

  9. lolwut i am the most to become leader TAKE THAT CEWAN

  10. do i download the award

  11. Hurricanex1 =


  13. Bah, Cewan is never around.

  14. *wary*
    i think im gonna be general forever

  15. OH WERD? Promo!!!! And I actually won waffle awards. lmaothatssofunny.


  17. *grumble*
    I think Bri and Wex are determined that I never become owner ever again.

  18. ….

  19. I would like my old rank of Warload back. Thanks.

  20. … well, at least i didn’t get demoted

  21. Thanks for the promo and congratulations to everyone who won a waffle award!

  22. Fail xP U guys spelt Fail: Fial

  23. Wex, that award sucks you should’ve let bri make it

  24. congrats to those who got promos and awards and lol @ demos

  25. Damn straight boys. Damn straight.

  26. awesome, im member of the year.

  27. I didn’t get nominated for anything 😥 and i got no promotion 😥 😥

  28. 1. I read every line of that *wary*
    2. Where do we find Luc if we need him? xD

  29. I knew I was most likely to become leader 😀

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