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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Let’s make this some fun. :D

Bri’s Edit: Province and Job registry ends January 15th!

Bri’s Edit: Once everyone is signed up, I will make a page called the E.O.W.W, a.k.a Economy Of the Watex Warriors! That will have a list of everyone, what province they live in, and their job, you can also comment on that page to change your job!

Hello WW! Okay so, I was thinking to just do this for some fun and to get us all more involved with the WW Nation!

So this is how it works. I’ll post the WW map up in this post, with the descriptions of each server. With that given, comment with your Rank, Name, Which server you would like to live in, and what job (other than being in the army) you would like to have! This my sound stupid, but it’s just for a little fun. 😀

Tundra: WW’s capital, features great Waffle & Coffee Bars along with great Pizza restaurants, great housing, and is the center of WW’s culture.

  • Jobs: Waffle Factory manager, Waffle Cook, Coffee Brewer, Pizza maker, Office Worker, Receptionist at the Capital building.
  • Climate: Warm, Sunny, closer to the Club Penguin Equator, average temperature is 75-85 degrees fahrenheit.

Snowbound: WW’s co-capital, it has been many wars and attacks, leaving some of the land in ruins. Has great night life, Cream Soda bars, Waffle House’s, and Popcorn restaurants. Not many people live here but it’s growing slowly.

  • Jobs: Cream Soda brewer, Waffle Cook, Popcorn Poppers, Club jumpers, Club managers.
  • Climate: Dry and some what cold, closer to the Club Penguin North Pole, average temperature is 55-65 degrees fahrenheit.

Tuxedo: Shared with one of the great allies, RPF. Northernmost WW province, making it the coldest. Most of it is covered in permafrost. Has some good farm land and fertile soil.

  • Jobs: Farming
  • Climate: Cold, temperatures average 15-25 degrees fahrenheit.

Mukluk: Mukluk features are low, it is mostly flat plains, and farmland. It doesn’t feature much major cities or industry.

  • Jobs: Farming
  • Climate: Dry and Semi-Arid. Average temperature is 65-75 degrees fahrenheit.

Half Pipe: One of the larger more productive provinces in the WW nation. It has great city life, it is home to the largest city in the WW nation: Half Pipe City. It’s also home to the largest performance theatre.

  • Jobs: Theatre manager, Waffles cook, Coffee Bar owner, Popcorn stand owner, Pizza Cook, Ice Cream Shop owner.
  • Climate: Tropical wet and dry, average temperatures are 75-95 degrees fahrenheit.

Powder Ball: Not many people come here to exactly live, it’s used by the army for training. It’s Tuxedo’s sister province, giving it the same permafrost land to the north, and flat lands to the south.

  • Jobs: None
  • Climate: Cold, average temperatures are 55-65 degrees fahrenheit.

Marshmallow: Half Pipe’s sister province, but colder and not as populous. Mainly where the army recruits, and mostly suburban life.

  • Jobs: School teacher, Army Recruiting instructor
  • Climate: Cold wet and dry, average temperatures are 65-85 degrees fahrenheit.

Ice Cold: Tundra’s sister province, but with different industry. Mostly used for trade between other armies.

  • Jobs: Office worker, coffe bar brewer, pizza cook, Waffle cook.
  • Climate: Tropical wet and dry, sandy beaches, average temperature is 75-95 degrees fahrenheit.

Sabertooth: Not open for settlement

Shiver: Not open for settlement

Toboggan: Not open for settlement


Also, each server is called a Province, which is a district of land in a country. The servers are not cities, they are provinces with cities inside of them. Each Club Penguin Room is like a different city within the server aka Province.


Comment like this:

  1. Name
  2. Rank
  3. Province/Server you would like to live in
  4. Job you would like to have

52 Responses

  1. Scampi Bri
    Coffee Brewer 😀

  2. iDragon/Fivestartaco
    Half Pipe
    Coffee Bar Owner

  3. Goliath619
    Field Marshal
    Cream Soda Brewer

  4. Twizonez

    First Mod Rank


    Capital Building

  5. Master Rebel
    Major General
    Waffle maker

  6. 1. Zak
    2. Field Marshall
    3. Snowbound
    4. Club Manager

  7. 1. Lulu833
    3. colonel
    4. Marshmallow
    5.Army Recruiting instructor

  8. 1. Name Antimatter2
    2. Rank Co-leader
    3. Province/Server you would like to live in
    Perhaps Sabertooth should be a Mining Area?
    4. Job you would like to have Miner/ Part Time Brewer

  9. NickoCP
    3GS Mod
    Waffle Factory Manager

  10. 1. Disco70s
    2. 3ic Owner
    3. Ice Cold
    4. Hmmmm, Office Worker xP

  11. 1.Name Angus813
    2.Rank Field Marshall
    3.Province/Server you would like to live in tundra
    4.Job you would like to have
    waffle cook

  12. Dvddivi
    Not ranked yet
    Snow Bound
    Cream soda brewer

  13. Elimz
    Head Farmer 😀

  14. 1a3t
    receptionist at the capital building

  15. Mgmbl311
    Waffle Cook

  16. Crash
    Half Pipe
    Theatre Manager

  17. Nice idea Bri! There are some issues though…

    First of all, temperatures should be much colder because there’s snow on CP. Plus, why is Tundra and Ice Cold so warm?

    Secondly, isn’t Marshmallow the server that’s always full?

    Also, we should have departments stores, malls, and sport stores, etc! And how about doctors 😛

    Lastly, how about some athletes! We should have different teams in different servers!

    Half Pipe
    Athlete 😀

    • Wex you’re going to far ahead of your self, those were coming. This is just to start us off with, I’m planning on posting daily stats on the ‘businesses’ and peoples jobs. The better the “economy” for the Province is, the more things they can open up and then more jobs would be added!

    • And also, the reason why Tundra and Ice Cold have such warm temperatures is because they’re closer to the “Club Penguin Equator” no one likes to live in a nation that’s all cold! People have to go on vacations some where! 😛

  18. Uga77

  19. Oh also, if you have suggestions for jobs, comment them! Make sure they are appropiate…

  20. lol u forgot toboggan

  21. Here are the jobs that should be added. These are based off of CP.

    Puffle Shop Owner
    Singer/Musician/Band Player
    Tour Guide
    EPF Agent
    Gift Shop/Sports Shop Owner
    Realtor (lol)

    Also, do we need a end date? You know that people will join later on…
    Lastly, I better see you people on CP doing your job on your server *wary*

  22. 1. Swem.
    2. 2ic
    3. Tundra
    4. That asshole nobody likes, I mean come on, he must be payed or something?!

  23. 1) Teadan
    2) Brigadier
    3) Mukluk
    4) Farmer

  24. 1:josh1093

  25. here are some ideas:
    puffle player(chkl)

  26. 1. Greenblah904
    2. Brigadier general
    3. Half Pipe
    4. Coffee bar owner

  27. 1.Name Lje98
    2.Rank 3ic
    3.Province/Server you would like to live in Snowbound. The weather seems a bit like England, except it’s a bit too dry. Not complaining.
    4.Job you would like to have Club owner. >:D

    @Wex Since when did WW not own Snowbound? D:

  28. 1.Darkrider90
    2.Major General
    3.Half Pipe
    4.Waffles Cook


  29. 1.Goldshadow7
    2.Head Warlord (mod 3ic)
    3.Half Pipe
    4. Waffles Cook


  30. Mcfred1
    Powder Ball 🙂
    Well, Half Pipe doesn’t have any jobs…

    • Typo:
      *Well, Powder Ball doesn’t have any jobs…

  31. Ads354
    Dictator of CP
    The protector of Shadow’s rock.

  32. 1.Hayden70389
    3.Half pipe
    4. Ice cream owner

  33. 1. Hayden70389
    3.Half Pipe
    4. Ice Cream Shop owner plZ

  34. Don’t get why Ice Cold is the warmest province. Heh heh.

  35. 1. Kooldude 247.
    2. Major.
    3. Tuxedo.
    4. Hobo lol jk Farmer.

  36. I’m living with Uga77, and Josh1093. Wow, smallness.

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