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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Spice reads way to much into things.

You betta watch yo self before you wreck yo self.

Edit: It really is sad how the soldiers at TG don’t realize their leaders are horrible…

Okay, firstly LOL, ROTFL, LMAO. Spice, you’re reading to far into things.

  1. I didn’t post a racist post. It was a STEREOTYPICAL PICTURE, I didn’t expect you to write a racist post back.
  2. I never asked Playa to post anything on CPAC about this whole “racism” thing…
  3. WW and IV don’t have a close relationship, I don’t know why they’re invading you, I had nothing to do with it.
  4. We don’t have to listen to your rules. 😆
  5. I haven’t asked any army for help against you.
  6. Again, you’re making up rules about how an army can’t have a battle without the other side agreeing… What’s an invasion then? If you don’t come to the All or Nothing event, Snowbound, Ice Cold, and Shiver are ours. No matter what you say.
  7. If we can’t fight then how did we win Shiver.
  8. I’m not afraid of you 3 retards in command of there.
  9. Thanks for calling WW a pretty girl ~ appreciate it that we’re pretty and TG is the ugly lesbian.
  10. Lol; “depression”
  11. We didn’t ‘stomp’ on you while we were falling, we stomped on you because you’re a sh*t talker who can’t even back up what he says. Spice if you have the balls, don’t fight us on a Weekday. 😉

– Scampi Bri

21 Responses

  1. Calling TG lesbiens is racism also the score is ww2 tg1 ww is the winer of who is more racsist.Check out TGS new funny pics.


  3. Hay Bri can I have a rank now as Liutenant plz I’m dyin

  4. Yes TG are dumb noobs, and lol at the picture, but can’t we just act in a semblance of maturity and stop the argument at some point =P.

  5. TG are communists. They trap poor noobs and kill them by doing army labor.
    WW is the freedom country. Do what u gotta do. We don’t care. Just play nice and you’ll get a nice playground area.
    For now, TG needs to get out or I will start going hyper crazy with these guys.
    TO SPICE: You are the worse (I’m not being me. I hate being mean but I gotta make u face the facts), cruel leader of the generation. Probably the world, the galaxy and Lil’s Vend’s fish tank :lol:. Face the facts Spice: retire early, get a life and grow up. Actually, you can’t because you don’t know how to and you are like 15 or 16. This is why I quit TG. Bring.It.On. Anything that goes against me is used back.

  6. Sexy.

  7. Hmm, don’t you guys remember what Spice did to Disco when she left TG? That shows how messed up Spice is.

  8. tg actually fails big time 3rd largest army got beaten by iv who werent even in the top 10 at tht time and now they have forfited against iv again! so that just proves you cant back up what u say tg

    i did an angry post on tg site but it failed so i writ it on ere xD

  9. Tg fails again go ww

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