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Stuck-Up Pricks

Well it seems that Club Penguin is hell-bent on keeping our name banned, so I politely asked them why (No, really, I was polite). Of course, they just stuck their middle finger at me. I will now attempt to translate their bureaucratic nonsense into Common:


“We will not be unblocking the word ‘watex’ from our word filter. Translation: Stfu Noob! We have our own reasons for blocking this word and we will not be discussing this matter further. Translation: Nyah Nyah! You are welcome to create a new name for your group that will be allowed through our word filter. Translation: Your problems are not our problems, asshole. Keep in mind that it is against the Club Penguin rules to encourage other players to visit websites other than Club Penguin. Players disclosing other websites risk being banned forever.Translation:Thinly veiled warning to screw off if you know what’s good for you.


Well it seems Disney isn’t very open-minded now does it? Oh well. Anti-Disney riot anyone?


Haters gonna hate  -Antimatter2

21 Responses

  1. First :D. You jelly Secondpeople?

  2. Wow… :]

  3. It’s not Disney who says this, it’s the Club Penguin branch. It’s not like the board of Disney replied to this…

  4. The CP branch are stuck-up pricks then.

  5. we should all try to email them about this

  6. riot ya lets plan tell cpac or something.

  7. Let’s remind ourselves that the majority of Club Penguin does NOT do armies, or at least that’s the way they see it, so they will have no problem banning people affiliated with the riots against disney/club penguin.

  8. Cp was good armies were battling blah blah blah… everything great until! D-I-S-N-E-Y COME AND RUIN IT!

  9. Tell em how they keep Mimo’s name up.

  10. have you ever felt like seperating the world words so it shows? Like Wa-Tex Warriors like when UMA was banned we had to say U-MA so try that its not perfect but hey its better then waffle warriors or something?

  11. Waffle Award for the best post title 😀

  12. Disney sucks =D

  13. Eh, don’t care. Do something about Watex. Ex: WAT EX, WATE X, W A T E X, etc.

  14. God damn Disney >.<

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