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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Practice Battle with LT

Hello, I am your new commander-in-chief, Cewan.  I intend to show the CP Army Community that the WW are not just another miscellaneous major army, and that we will take that step up to the number 4/5 spot despite our somewhat ridiculous army name.  But at the position we are in right now, with lazy veterans, inexpierienced recruits, and inactive leaders, we are going to have to become more active.  So I have planned a practice battle.

Ok, before you go, “LT? Who CENSORED are they? Why are we PB’ing a small army?”

LT HAS proven their size, and has gone equally/won against DW, and are expected to be in the next Top 10.  We’re going to give them a wakeup call by showing them what a real CP Army power is.  To arms, soldiers.


Saturday, February 5th





12 PST



Your new commander in chief,


Green Edit: Please read the post below also. Thanks!

47 Responses

  1. Most likely.

  2. not 100% sure

  3. I can make it

  4. Congrats Cewan on the leadership! I should be able to make it

  5. Ill come for WW cause I HATE ioioluk and he created this army and its reaaly AR ppl in disguise.

  6. Hm, 70% chance I’ll come.

  7. I Should be able to make it

  8. Maybe, not sure. Also, wanna watch your language? xD

    Promotion Day is delayed till this Saturday for this event!

  9. I’m coming

  10. COming

  11. I’m coming.

  12. I may be able to come

  13. O_O LT is light troops btw.

  14. Hmmm, I can come for sure.

  15. saturday is the 5th…

  16. Not sure but maybe LT uses clones *wary*

  17. I might

    • I take that back, I can’t make it. [I might be able to come, but its gonna be like 10 minutes late.] I have this musical festival to go to.

  18. Probably be able to come.

  19. Coming, I hope.
    Oh, and getting clones just got much eaiser.
    Could you get into the habit of telling us what the names of armies mean (Like, stand for).

  20. I can probably come.

  21. i might come

  22. but if i do im neutral

  23. i think i can come

  24. I can’t come. Stewpeed saturday evenrs.

  25. 1st i can come

  26. i am soo 100% coming

  27. Not coming, gone from 3 to like…I dunno

  28. Nope, no computer atm

  29. 90% sure i’ll be there!

  30. atleast member me on chat i joined

  31. Well, I should come.

  32. I am retiring from this army.

    Because im to old for CP armies and im getting to much school stuff (homework)
    Harryhas signing off

  33. cant make it, and sorry i have been inactive as i have been busy. I will try to be more active from now on.

  34. Cant come, sowwy D:

  35. I will be skiing.

  36. Ignore my other comment I am planning to stay in WW for a while.

  37. i am coming

  38. Well last time I was thinking of retirement and I have made my official opinion I am retiring but at one point I will come back soon and thanks to WW for making a great cp army experience for me I will be back soon. Anyways here is the people I would like to thank!
    Greenday great leader hilarious person
    Wexfief A great leader you gave me tons of experience
    Scampi Bri you helped me through the paths of WW
    Fluffyboy3 Great guy one day I think you’ll become a leader
    Master Rebel Dont know you much but your hilarious and a great guy
    Cewan great leader and a great guy I don’t know you much but your a good guy
    WW mods helped me fit in and were great people
    WW recruits listen to leaders orders and go to events and you’ll get promotions
    WW troops listen to your leaders and be active

    So I will be back soon and I would like my exact rank field Marshall when I come back if anything bad happens I will come back early

  39. No prob fluffy I am deciding to return to WW after us not showing all are size I’m coming to the training session and one day fluffy you will become leader.

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