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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Chat Problem.

Cewan edit: Plan is underway.  All leaders and 2ic’s check it out under the page column, it is currently drafted.

I have noticed that our chat is inactive when we don’t have events. I think we need to change that. I’d like to propose that we schedule chat rallys, chat raids, parties, etc. If you agree with me I would appreciate a comment. ALSO if you have ANY SUGGESTIONS on how we can make our chat more active I would love to hear them! No suggestion is stupid. Well let me rephrase that, ALMOST no suggestions are stupid. There we go(:

~Greenday9991 WW Co-Leader

Green Edit: One more thing. Don’t just say “OH YEAH GREEN I AGREE WITH YOU” and do nothing. I personally want something done about this. I also dont want to hear excuses. OH I HAVE A S*** LOAD OF HOMEWORK TO DO!!!!! Yes I am in high school. I do have a lot of homework. I come on here. I get my work done. I know for a fact that elementary school and middle school have less homework than high school. I don’t care if you’re in all honors and AP classes. Find some time to squeeze in on chat! I will be scheduling events on chat. They will be like battles in the sense that if you don’t come you have a greater chance of getting demoted/not getting promoted next promotion day. These events will NOT be very long. (most are going to be under 30 minutes long) These events include chat rallys, chat raids (like the good ol’ Oprah raids with Wii), etc. The reason why I’m doing this is to promote activeness in not only the chat but activeness in the army.

11 Responses


  2. Didn’t bri make this post?

  3. Don’t complain if it means that more people come to our events!

  4. @Elimz: im just reinforcing what she said because apparently nobody cares.

    @Anti: It makes us look small/inactive when other armies come onto our chat and see that only one member is there or more likely no one is there. Im not complaining. I’m just pointing out a problem. Also having no one on chat means we get more people at events? I think not.

    • In Anti’s defense, sometimes people can only go on chat during events because their parents don’t allow the kid on the computer that much.

  5. I agree. I come on this chat alot and wondering where everyone is at. I joined this army cause I came on once and saw alot of people on chat. Then I came on everyday and then there are less people on everyday then nobody was on…I started re-thinking me joining but WW all the way!

  6. Well we could go on cp during chat parties and have sled race or play connect four. We could also raid random igloos.

  7. hmmm sounds like a good idea rebel

  8. I’ll join in, but I might be afk DX
    I’m on chat all the anyways. [playing games on a different tab]

  9. I’m not on a lot. I can’t be. -.-

    • thats completely fine. but would you be able to come to a few scheduled chat rallys? if you cant that is okay.

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