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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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C’mon, step it up.

*Read the posts below this*

Hey guys, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this site. You might be wondering where I’ve been. Well, no where really, just doing nothing with this army to be honest. But about the army, I’m not happy with what I see.

C’mon guys, you have to step it up. Just because a marvelous leader (Bri) retired doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care for this army.  To be honest, you can really do anything you want. You can stay in the army and be inactive, which will result in you being demoted, you can retire, or you can stay dedicated and be active and step it up. It’s all up to you. But if you want to retire, or go for a break, and you want to keep your rank, you should first tell us, because the air can’t tell us whose on break and who isn’t.

Now, part of the problem is that we don’t actually have owners that are constantly online. And the ones that may be online aren’t the best owners who know what to do in certain situations compared to another owner (basically, higher owner ranks aren’t on that much, and the lower owner ranks aren’t experienced or active enough). All I want to say is, owners, if you want this army to live, get active. Get active and stay active.

So, you could consider me a hypocrite, because I’m an owner rank, and I’m not on that much. But here’s why I stopped being active (believe me, I used to spend every spare time I had on chat, or on armies). Yeah, I decided Armies were kinda pathetic for a 13 year old. Yeah, I decided I wanted better grades. Yeah, I wanted to have more time to spend with my friends, but look at the state of WW right now. It is completely screwed up. No owners are on. That leads to no soldiers being on chat, because no one is on chat. Even I don’t want to be on chat, because there’s no one on to talk to. That’s why I stopped, because WW was alright. But WW isn’t alright, don’t say it is. We need to pull this army up from the pit it is in.

I’m going to suggest that the people that want this army to live to be as active as possible. You want this army to live? Then do something about it. Standing around won’t help. Get on chat. You don’t have to completely focus on it, check on it every few minutes, see if someone is on it, if there is, make conversation. More people will eventually come on and look, it’s not an empty chat anymore.

For those who don’t really care, sure, go ahead and leave. For those who want there real lives to be top priority, sure, I’m not a dictator, go with your real life. It’s for the people that care that will bring this army up. Sure, we might lose some excellent soldiers that want to have a life, but I don’t blame them. Heck, this army is for fun. But it isn’t fun if you see it fall. That’s why I’m making this post; to do something about lifting this army from the ground.

For those who feel motivated now, comment below say you will be active. You are feel to leave, retire, or go on break at anytime. I won’t chain you into this army. But I want the people who are willing to help this army grow to be active. If you don’t give a crap about this army, I’m sorry to say this, but you shouldn’t be here then. Sure, you can go on chat, but you shouldn’t be in this army if you don’t want to be in it.

Okay, that was a long rant. If you want to help this army rise, then let’s have it rise. I won’t rush you to make your decision, and don’t feel guilty about leaving, because I want you to be happy. No one should be doing something they don’t want to be doing (well, except for ****ing communists), and I believe in that. I want to see a difference in this army. And I want to see it rise.

WW Forever


15 Responses

  1. Ohai Vic! Those damn commies D:<

  2. well put. Ive been active since I joined about 3 weeks ago! WW FTW!!!

  3. i’ll become more active but no one is on chat so i dont see the point on going on.

  4. I know when I am going to events. Weekday events aren’t my thing. Yea, I am sorta inactive, but I still know what is going on. All I can say is that I’m ACTIVE, but too many things happen to me which causes me to miss a lot. I will find some ways to become very active.

  5. im always on WW chat

  6. ill be active but no one is on chat when im on

  7. Im on all the time. Ive seen people get on and leave so im always on.

  8. I’m extending my break to February 11th or longer I will be back soon and I may extend my break but if I do I will let u know

  9. I care about WW too and once I end my break I will be the active soldier I am but I need to catch up in my life too i am planning retirement soon but my retirement will probably in late February or February 16 maybe earlier but I will probably comeback at 1 point. I will make a bit of the training session then my break will start.

  10. I’m active. Read my post to see mai opinion 😛

  11. Enough is enough. Everyone, if you’re going to be in-active, then I suggest you leave (besides Wex). WW doesn’t need dead weight. They need the dedicated soldiers who are willing to help raise a new era for WW.

  12. Do not look at this as a “fall” look at it as the beginning of a new upcoming era for WW. Just like when Luc & I came back before summer, WW got maybe a little over 10 at events, but eventually… it rose into a new era. This is not the time to give up hope, it is the time to put all your hope into WW to make it a strong and powerful army.

  13. I’m an active soldier! WW will raise to great heights with Cewan, people just don’t realise what he is capable of doing. Who knows, maybe he’ll be as great a leader as Bri, or maybe even a bit better.

  14. i am always active…but with bri gone we are soo going down hill….D=

  15. I’m gonna be active.

    But can I just say that posts which waffle on at the troops just make the troops feel down and then they dont bother being active coz they think the owners will be grumpy. You guys need to be positive and not rant on at us for being inactive.

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