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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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As many of you know, I cannot be active due to the business of my schedule. However, I am sick today so I will be making this post. Bear with me as you read this.

First of all, I am retiring from every single army except the Watex Warriors. My schedule is way too busy and I cannot be active in Club Penguin Armies. I am terribly sorry. These are the armies that I have been in other than WW:

  • Fire Warriors
  • Army of Club Penguin
  • Ranger Troops

The Fire Warriors have been the 3rd best army I have ever been in. When I joined the Roman Fire Warriors, I mainly just followed Pringle64. However, I would have never known that the army would be as great as WW and HSA. I became great friends with many and having a close relationship with FW led them to become one of our two top allies. Without joining FW, I would have never met people such as Pochoma123, Crash, Latte, and others. Maybe I will rejoin this Summer if I have time, who knows?

I was never that active in the Army of Club Penguin. I only came to unscheduled events once in a while. However, I met many people in ACP such as Kenneth1000, Noka8, and others. Due to the fact that I have been great friends with Mchappy2 ever since we met in the Watex Warriors, the ACP has remained as our other top ally.

I wasn’t even active in the Ranger Troops. All I know is that I can see this army get into the Top 10 soon. I will be watching and waiting for that moment 😉

I would like to thank these armies for my time.

Secondly, I would like everyone to know that this will be the time of revival. I have a few things planned for this army, but time will take its role in this situation. I would just like to tell everyone not to plan any invasions against any army unless that army declares war on us. However, I will spoil three of the ideas:

  • Cleaning the Ranks
  • Elections
  • [continue reading to find this third one]

This Friday at 12 AM EST, an active count will be published. You must comment on this active count or you will be taken off of the ranks. This active count will end next Friday night. This is more than a week so do not make excuses.

I’m going to be making a couple elections, but what ranks will these be for? Elections will come out later in February.

Lastly, I need to address something.

Why are we saying that Bri’s retirement is going to kill this army? When Luc left WW during the Summer of 2010, Bri held this army together. We didn’t fall or stay the same size, but what happened to WW was that we rose. No, I am not saying that Bri is almighty and powerful. But what I am trying to state is that we don’t need to be dependent on certain people. Luc was one of the foundations of WW. When Luc left, Bri held the foundations. Back then, Bri wasn’t as popular as today. But every soldier in WW kept their heads up when Luc retired and moved along as Bri became more and more beneficial to this army. No one knows who is holding the foundations now. But a new Wii, Luc, or Bri will rise and hold onto them. Do you want to keep your heads up and wait for the new Luc, or do you want this army to crumble down and die?

Also, the excuse “I have a life” is invalid. Start coming on chat when you can. You can be idle and be doing homework, I don’t care. But the chat issue is a domino effect. If one does not find another person online, that person will leave the chat. And this effect goes on. I’m not forcing you to go on chat, but do your best to.

Lastly, don’t complain about ranks. Armies are all about fun. Just trying to get up the ranks is not the fun I want you to have. I want you to start making friends, having fun at events, etc. If you’re trying to become an owner rank to lead, not for the powers on chat, tell me and I may start creating “You Lead” events. Part of my revival plan is trying to bring power down to the member and mod ranks so everyone can feel like a big part of this army! So please try not to complain about ranks.

I am not one of those sadistic leaders that have fun using their army to destroy other armies. Neither am I a ravenous, power-hungry one that just cares about getting the biggest army. I am one that just cares about this army and everyone in it.

Keep your head up WW. Be optimistic about this army. Look on the bright side.


7 Responses

  1. Well I dont know if my other comment posted but I am resigning it may be temporary or Forever so please keep me on the ranks if u wanna post this I would like it.
    Greenday great leader hilarious person
    Wexfief A great leader you gave me tons of experience
    Scampi Bri you helped me through the paths of WW
    Fluffyboy3 Great guy one day I think you’ll become a leader
    Master Rebel Dont know you much but your hilarious and a great guy
    Cewan great leader and a great guy I don’t know you much but your a good guy
    WW mods helped me fit in and were great people
    WW recruits listen to leaders orders and go to events and you’ll get promotions
    WW troops listen to your leaders and be active

    WW is the best army ive ever been in out of ACP,FGR Defense of CP, Warriors of cp, UMA, CPEQ and more.

  2. A message to all:
    If you are the ones resigning or quitting, think carefully: is it the right time? If you are active, but very ticked off at a lot of stuff, try to make it up. If you are inactive but you need to rearrange your schedule, try getting a tiny break and coming back. if you are a couch-potato, leave right now because you are wasting your time here. We need awesome people in order to survive. According to my research, WW struggles during the beginning of the year. That SHOULDN’T happen because it’s the new year. Get fresh, get something new. No more excuses, no more complaints, because you can’t make ANY excuse. So get up and get motivated. You join, you get active. You are being lazy, you are being kicked with Bri’s, Wex’s, Mgm’s, Luc’s or Green’s foot. So break the bad-luck-beginning-of-the-year record. Make a change for once.

  3. Thank you Cewan. Your points are all lucid and well-thought. OPTIMISM FOR THE WIN!

  4. Smart one, I made the post -.-

  5. Sorry wex XDD. That was a complete accident.

  6. Seriously, It was xD

  7. Bye Wex. Good luck with whatever.

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