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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Putting you all on the right track.

❗ You must comment here by Thursday or you will be demoted to Lieutenant ❗

Okay, this is the only time i’m going to give suggestive resources to you all. Here’s my list I will be covering in this post.

  • Active Count
  • Enforcing The Government
  • Head Bureaucracy Meeting

Active Count

I know you were planning an active count Wex, but i’ve decided to bump it up to today. Deadline for the active count is Thursday, February 17th 2011.

  • Name
  • Rank
  • Active/Loyal.


Enforcing The Government

The government in WW is very important, to other armies their government may not be as important. But in a time like this, it just goes to show that the organization of government is needed. The Head Bureaucracy is the ONLY way to change things, etc. You must hold meetings weekly in times like these to discuss plans and the future era of the WW. Click the link to go to the Nation page and read more about what the Head Bureaucracy can/cannot do (basically it can’t cannot do anything, for it can do everything related to WW). So pretty much, you must hold a meeting about everything that you’re planning to do.

No drafted pages, or posts, etc. Saying your plan, hold the meeting and get it across the core of WW quicker. Anyone in WW is aloud to attend these meetings, so the meeting chat would have to be put on spectator mode/disable guests from talking so troops will not interfere with the meeting, they may watch and see what is going on so nothing is a secret from them.


Head Bureaucracy Meeting

  • When: Sunday, February 13th (Wex Edit: Bri, get your freaking days rights.)
  • Times: 3 pm PST, 4 pm MST, 5 pm CST, 6 pm EST, … to late for U.K
  • Those invited: Only bureaucrats will be able to talk and discuss at this meeting, any troops in WW (no outside army troops aloud) are aloud to spectate.

39 Responses

  1. Goliath619
    Field Marshall
    I’m active and loyal to Watex Warriors.

  2. KotSad111


    Half active and loyal.

  3. 1a3t
    im active and loyal to watex warriors

    P.S what happen to the site?

  4. Mgmbl311
    75% active and completely loyal to the Watex Warriors.

  5. Wexfief

  6. Vicxyz
    Head Waffle

  7. Aznkid124
    I’m mostly on chat when im on this site

  8. Name Shad or Fadsa

    Rank Field Marshall

    Active/Loyal. Always on chat when I’m on the computer

    P.S. Sunday is February 13th not 14th. The 14th is Monday.


  9. Zach610
    Field Marshall

  10. * Name Antimatter2
    * Rank Co-Leader
    * Active/Loyal. Yeah

  11. Name: Disco70s
    Rank: Ambassador (Owner 3ic)
    Activeness: 7 and yea I’m loyal,

  12. Oh and I can’t join the meeting. I’m leaving from church and I get home around 6:30 PM EST.

  13. Megris
    half loyal and active

  14. idk if i can come BTW who changed the theme

  15. and

    mod 3ic
    VERY VERY VERY active =P

  16. Mattybon
    I am not active during weeks because of school and parents but during weekends I am here and loyal!!

  17. •Name


    Half active/loyal

  18. Master Rebel
    Major General
    Very Active and loyal

  19. •Name Angus813
    •Rank Field Marshall
    •Active/Loyal 9

    I think this retirement will be TEMPORARY because Disco70s is right about everything I am planning on making it Temporary but I will let you know when I come up with my decision.

  20. Why does every damned event have to be crap for UK.

    Name: NickoCP
    Rank: Head Warlord
    Activeness: 8/10

  21. RMStitanic94
    I am active and loyal.

  22. Ohaider

  23. 57to

  24. Poppymelt
    retired owner

  25. Well I made my decision I am retiring forever from WW and all clubpenguin armies. I hope WW will rise and be 1st in the top 10 just believe in WW be active and go to events. All those Bri followers this is a new era time for us to shine and we need your help so please rejoin WW and work together and get promotions to make WW rise. I am not one of the bri followers I am just getting busy and its time for me to leave. But Everyone please be active you could achieve leader someday so please be active.

  26. Teadan
    Kinda inactive/loyal

  27. the water team would like to be allies


  28. I’ve been very inactive, but I’ve had 6 different projects to finish and a late night swim meet. Swim seasons over now, but now track begins. In other ways:
    Why have we come to this point? Our site looks terrible (no offense), and we have a bunch of people who can’t come to events. There should be the end of line right here, your righting motivational and “get together” posts, as if it will help. I’m sorry, but a comment doesn’t mean activeness, after all I’ve commented 2 days late.

    a. Comments get us nowhere.
    b. Getting on chat gets us nowhere.
    c. “…on the right track” I’m sorry but we aren’t the Serbian government, we are an army, troops should listen to orders, and those who don’t , leave.
    d. The only thing that gets us somewhere is recruiting and winning wars, then a., and b., go to work, until then you guys are trying to jump a step over the staircase.

    My solution is to have 4 recruitments, One on a U.K. friendly Saturday time. The Other is on a late Saturday time. The next one is the next week, on a wednesday. The final one is on the following saturday, about 3:00, or on sunday, any date works for the fourth really. Anyways if you can’t come to one, out of the four, unless your an active U.K. troop, you get a demotion or double demotion, pending on which the owner chooses (not chosen for just one, chosen for everyone who didn’t come. Some will say, “I’m going on a cruise” or “I’m going on vacation” A two week vacation, in the middle of February? I dont think so, unless you got the flu or are sixk, there would really not be an excuse.

    To Close off, my ” Active Count.” I wont bash “active” just because I commented, I’m giving true activeness, I’ll bring it up…

    40% Active

    • Having an active count gives WW a estimate of their troop potential. So, after this they can move onto having events and what to expect, and what not to expect. You really shouldn’t criticize for something already being done. This is a process Uga, and it’s step by step.

    • Comments prove nothing in war… and no we aren’t doing anything but some guys are saying “bri followers leave OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SHIFT111!!!2!2

  29. I don’t see how I missed this post the first 5 times I checked the site. xD anyways, here it is.

  30. Hey I just joined. So here is meh active count!

    1. Keith09

    2. Not yet ranked.

    3. I will be active and loyal to this army.

  31. Hurricanex1

    Retired 2ic

    Active 😀

  32. BioncleX


    Ultimatly, ACTIVE: :d

  33. elimz

  34. 1:josh1093
    3:yes and yes

  35. Name: Mcfred1
    Rank: Brigadier
    >Active: Somewhat
    >Loyal: Yep

  36. Name:Darkrider90
    Rank:Retired Was Major General

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