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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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Never Say Never

The title is talking about Never say never by the fray of course because Justin Biber is just some little girl who made a movie and now thinks she’s all that.

But the point is WW, Never say Never

Never Say we will never rise again because we will

Never Say we will never have people on chat because we will

Never say we won’t be back in the top 5 because we will

Never say there won’t be another leader like Wii, Spacey, Me or Bri because there will be

Never say we Oagal will never get a life because… nvm that’s not going to happen XD

Never say luc will never come back because he just did

And NEVER EVER say we aren’t the best army because you know we are haters.

After about 9 months I finally have some extra time so what better time to come back than now? Many of you probably don’t know who I am so if you want to find out just ask people because I don’t feel like saying everything I’ve done. Before I can make a real post to fix this army I have to know If WW really wants me to come back because if you guys don’t then there’s really no point, so I’ll leave it up to WW to decide.

If I do come back I only have 2 goals and that is, to train 3 people to be better leaders than me, and to get WW back in the top 5

The poll ends Sunday night (tomorrow)

Leave in a comment –

1. Do you want luc back as leader or not?

2. Why?

I guess that’s it for now

-Luc WW Leader?

30 Responses

  1. 1)Yeah you should probably come back to WW
    2)Because you revived WW a bunch of times, why not do it again?

  2. 1. Yes

    2. If you come back and revive us and train people to become great leaders, then I think WW could thrive without you.

    Welcome Back, Luc 🙂

  3. Let’s do this!

    1. Yes

    2. Your awesome. BRING US BACK.


  4. Wow…nice post but why’d you name it after the JB movie. *ono*

  5. Right when I saw the title I started singing Justin Bieber. 😳

  6. 1. Yes
    2. Although I would like to see WW stand up without the likes of you, I have to agree that you being back good for WW.

  7. Wow Luc. Sudden optimism much?
    1. Do you want luc back as leader or not?
    *Dunno. I don’t like having to rely on icons to get us people, but whatever. Maybe.
    2. Why?
    Why not? I suppose we could use you now. Just try not to be over-pompous about it ok?

    *Amounts to a Yes (Collectively)

  8. Oh, and the Steelers Suck 😀

  9. Can’t Fault your motivational speaking skills though

  10. 1. No.

    2. I would love you back in WW but I think you should start off as a co-leader. Just because I was a former leader and came back and they wouldn’t let me be a leader just yet.

  11. oh and don’t be bullsh**ting about the steelers. I know you don’t like em. Do you see me saying the packers suck? NO cause I respect them.

  12. Yes I do but he has a life so I want him to just come back for like 2 months then get a life again
    Because he was like the greatest thing that has happened to WW


  14. And so the Cycle begins again…

  15. 1) same as anti. whilst it’s best in the short term, not so much in the long term. yes, luc you can come back.
    2) we need something to help us in the short term, and it sounds like luc has a plan for the long term as well.

  16. 1. Do you want luc back as leader or not?
    I do.
    2. Why?
    You know, if WW needs a good leader, now’s the time. If he helps us rise to the top five, we can gain soldiers. If he trains future leaders to be good future leaders, we won’t end up like this again(well, at least not for this long).

  17. See i ill never ever ever never ever ever say nevah xD anyway yea even though im not in the army anymore i think Luc should come back

  18. 1. Yes
    2. Even though I’ve been in WW since February/March 2010, I think Luc has enough vacation time from his retirement. He’s on more often than usual so I think he should come back for a while until we are ready to move on.

  19. Thus the disloyals crawl back to ww hoping to get their rank back after just quitting…

  20. 1 luc may come bac to lead WW

    2 idk

  21. Sorry, I am currently away. I’ll be back in a few days.

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