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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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The Start

As you can all see the site sucks so we can go back to the old theme that bri made, keep this theme but make it better, or use the Acp theme you guys decide, leave a comment.

Graphics are the first things, now the second thing is the leaders. I want a meeting with every owner rank in WW, if you don’t come to the meeting don’t expect to stay an owner rank

WW Owner Rank Meeting

When – Saturday, February 26th

Where – WW Chat

Time – 10:00am pst/1:00pm est

Why – To talk about stuff

Next is….. an invasion! We will be invading an army who claims they own two of our servers and is a knock off version of the real NMA.

Invasion of Snowbound from NMA

Who – WW vs. NMA (no allies)

Where – Snowbound

When – Saturday February 26th

Time – 10:30 am pst/1:30 pm est

Comment if you can or can’t come! NOT MIGHT COME, NOT MAYBE, NOT A PERCENT CHANCE I CAN. IT’S YES OR NO.

There still are a lot of things that need to be fixed and done better but it takes time so don’t worry we’ll get there.

As for me I won’t be that active this week because I have things to do but during the week the other leaders can schedule battles, recruiting sessions and other stuff

One last thing, At the invasion I will be choosing the 3 or 4 people I will be training to become future leaders!! So be there and do your best 😉

-This is our War

-Luc WW Leader

25 Responses

  1. First! I like Freshy, keep it. =

  2. Wait…..NOOOOOOOO

  3. might come

  4. I can come to the Invasion.

  5. whats the est time for the invasion?

  6. wut df did you do to the css. omg.

  7. srry i cant come

  8. can probably come to the invasion if green ever unbans me…

  9. I can’t come to either.

  10. Is it me or is the font like, microscopic..

  11. No, I can’t come.

  12. I’ll try to come!

  13. Can’t come to both of the events, chinese school…

  14. Luc, I’d like to talk to you as soon as you get the chance. Is that ok?

  15. LOL that’s soo stupid, we aren’t a knock off version of the old NMA *facepalm*, the old NMA died, so we recreated them. Also, please could you post these invasions on our site, as we didn’t know about them!

    ~Robert1998 NMA leader

  16. Also when are GMT times *facepalm*

    • can i just add that we get 15-20 at events. WW probaly get less

    • and As the old NMA died we Made one, we have 100 troops and 30 active and we are much better than the old NMA as the old nma got 2-4 at events

  17. May be having my dinner at that time. If not, I should be able to make it. If I’m not there, it’ll be due to me having dinner.

    Oh, and…
    Callum, Drake (whatever your name is. Please do specify instead of just confusing me), you seriously underestimate WW. Sure, we’ve been through a rough time recently, what with the inevitable fall once Bri retired (I’m sorry, but it was inevitable). But anyway. The last time Luc was leader, we practically nuked (or got as close to it as you can with Disney ambushing our every move these days) the Night Warriors. Sure, that was back in June. But just before that, we’d been through a rough time.

    Morale of the story? Keep your trap shut unless you’ve got something constructive and accurate to say, or don’t talk at all. And lrn2engrish, pl0x. Mucho gracias.

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