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    Hello my name is Dwain! I joined WW in 2015 and have no history with this particular army, but I have a lot of experience having led some top armies in my time so far in this community. I intend to bring it back to it's former glory.
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New Pages and Widgets coming soon/Graphics Contest

Luc – Cewan I need to talk to you

Cewan Edit: Sorry for my inactivity, I was snowboarding with my friends in Colorado.  I’m back now. 😛

In the next few days I’ll be adding new pages and widgets to improve the site, if you have an idea for a page or widget leave it in a comment and if we use your idea you could win 100 xats! So comment!

The next thing is, we need some new graphics because the site fails right now, compared to everyone elses. So we’ll start by getting new buttons. If you don’t know what a button is look on the CPAC or Acp site, they’re the things on the sides that say home, ranks, nation and other stuff and if you click them they take you to a page =o

Here are the rules of the contest,

Buttons can be any dimensions as long as they fit on the side

Buttons must be made for all pages that are on the site right now, new ones won’t count

Buttons must have something that represents WW (like a penguin, or the words watex warriors)

And be creative! You don’t have to use squares

The winner will be chosen on sunday and that person will get 300 xats. Good Luck!

Yeah nvm about that, just go to the events


Also Leaders don’t forget about the meeting –

WW Owner Rank Meeting

When – Saturday, February 26th

Where – WW Chat

Time – 10:00am pst/1:00pm est

Why – To talk about stuff

Green Edit: Wex & Cewan I’m going to need to talk to you about something at the meeting.

And everyone else, don’t forget about the invasion of NMA I’ll be choosing the 3 future leaders here!!

Invasion of Snowbound from NMA

Who – WW vs. NMA (no allies)

Where – Snowbound

When – Saturday February 26th

Time – 10:30 am pst/1:30 pm est

-This is our war

-Luc WW Leader

25 Responses

  1. LOL I THINK NOT ARE YOU -censored-

  2. Er…. 3rd? Well anyways, I say let’s conquer. It is our time to come back and be the true waffles we were born to be. :mrgreen:


  3. yay

  4. 5th *NO* not on the podium

  5. Coming!!!!

  6. Digg 3 theme was better you have side bars and everything this one is just weird o.o

  7. real mature bri *TEEHEE*

  8. Srry, but in my future, I say no. I have a dentist who works a hour away from my house and I’m going there at… 12:45 PM I think. So there are no chances I can come.

    • Change of plans: I can come since my dentist appointment is cabceled (personal reason). I might be upset for some apparent reason (something with school), so I might be throwing a tantrum or argue againest something rapidly.

  9. Great, Luc just came back as a dictator.

  10. Can’t make it

  11. hello i am the co leader of the army BPA
    A army called CPFBI keeps bullying us and is now getting loads of armies to help them in the war and we need help so please can you declare war on CPFBI.

  12. Too late, can’t come.
    Also, start posting UK times -.-
    Also, get the site back -.0

  13. Please help CPFBI againts BPA, they are being jerks… and trying to turn all our allies against us… http://www.clubpenguinsuperpalfanclub.wordpress.com

  14. Sorry, couldnt come.

  15. NMA dont want further war, we are in a tourny and are very busy

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